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It had been a long day.

A very, very long day.

For the lowly school representative today had been the longest day of his life.

I can't stress that enough.

His mission had been a simple one. He just had to obtain permission for his school's students to use a large amount of land for camping.

But not just any small portion of land would due. It had to be an area so large that the students stood no chance of escaping back to the city for the camp that he needed this land for was a survival camp.

He had even gotten up at four in the morning to get ready for the three and a half hour flight out to the ideal camping grounds.

His plan to get this permission, however, had hit a snag.

The property that he considered perfect for the school's use just so happen to be owned by a xenophobic owner.

He had tried several ways to entice the owner but she never budged an inch. She had some crazy thought that a camp on her property would disrupt her "baby's studies" or something like that.

Not that he blamed her though. Having a group of self-absorbed teenagers camping in his backyard was not his idea of a great time. In fact, he pitied the poor souls who had to deal with such creatures (coughcoughteacherscough).

And now, with his latest attempt at success thwarted, he finally decided to bring out the big guns.

"How much can we pay you?"

That did it. The owner practically had dollar signs in her eyes. Now came the hard part: finding the right price that would sell her soul…err…I mean gain her permission.

"How much would you consider taking care of our students?" the representative asked.

"Ten thousand."

The rep. couldn't believe his ears. This woman was willing to take a bunch of obnoxious brats for only ten thousand zenny! This was too easy. There just had to be a catch. "For the whole group?"

"Per student."

There was the catch. "Um, let me call my superiors to discuss this offer."

After a brief call, and some very happy school officials who were quoted as saying "Pay the woman! We're getting off lucky! Any other sane person would at least ask for five times that amount!"

"It seems we have a deal Mrs.?

"Son. Chichi Son."