It was finally time. It was the day that all of the OSH students would be returning to Satan City; returning to their every day lives, returning to their families, returning to…whatever else I haven't mentioned. The point is they were returning to the place they called home. If you think I left something out…

Too bad.

It had been five days since the Golden Boogeyman incident. Sharpner was just returning to normal or as normal as he could get. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what's normal for Sharpner. Since that event had happened, Sharpner had been keeping his distance from Videl, always thinking that if he wrapped his arms around her, she would turn into the blond haired man.

Too bad it couldn't last.

Videl had been enjoying herself immensely. She didn't have to worry about Sharpner making the sneak attack, lovey dovey crap he always pulled. It was like she was floating on air until that last day.

When Sharpner launched his latest wooing attempt.

Putting his arm on her shoulders, Sharpner once again tried to sway her with sweet nothings. /sigh/ some girls have all the luck. "Hey babe, I know it's been awhile, so why don't we make up for lost time, eh?"

Where was that frying pan when she needed it?

Resorting to her good old fashion fist, Sharpner was given a one way ticket to the nearest tree, courtesy of Videl's fist-in-face express.

That should hold him for a couple hours.

Even though nothing of note had happened, rumors of a handsome blond man that were circulating throughout the local gossip groups were still very popular. After hearing Sharpner's twisted version of what had happened that night, many of the guys thought that they could take the blond guy down due to the fact that they were Hercule trained fighters.

I don't think I need to tell you how delusional that line of thinking was.

The girls were a different story, however.

"How handsome is the guy?"

"Do you know where I can find him?"

"Is my hair alright? I want to look my best if he comes back."

"Is he…you know…big?"

And other such…things…were being said by the girls. Search parties were formed to find the mysterious guy, but to no avail. No one could find hide or hair of the guy, much to the dismay of the fangirls.

Wait a second...what was that last question? ...Uhh, never mind.

Now on to more important news.

The air jet was just arriving with the teacher that had abandoned…err, oh what am I saying, he did abandon them…at the helm of the plane. As the soon-to-be ex-teacher landed the air jet on Son property, the students gathered around, each student wanting to be the first on said jet. That was when the sun hit the shiny exterior of the plane, blinding all of the students.

It's official; not only were the Sons trying to blind everybody, but the Sons' property had it out for them too.

And they say nature doesn't fight back.

As the teenagers painstakingly tried to regain their vision, the teacher had just decided to talk. "Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great time! I know I did without you demons annoying the hell out of me. Now get your annoying butts onto the jet so we can go home. I'm late for my two o' clock waxing as it is," he ordered the semi-blinded students.

…I...I can't…say anything about that. That…mental image is…just too disturbing.

After a couple of traffic jams when all of the teens tried to enter the jet at the same time, everyone was finally on the plane, ready to go. After the teacher gave Chichi the money that she was owed, he dove into the air jet and took off.

Good riddance…I mean, so long suckers...err, that wasn't right either.

Anyways, the Son family just waved as the jet disappeared in the distance.

"Well, I'm glad that's over," Gohan said as he dropped his arm to his side.

Goten, still waving his arms in his ever happy state, said "That was fun! I hope we can do that again!"

Gohan's face fell. There was no way he was going through that all over again. Taking a look at his mother, he was glad to find that Chichi was too enveloped with the envelope of cash in her hands to take notice of…well…anything. Gohan and Goten could have been dancing naked around her and she would have never known.

Not that Gohan was going to do that anytime soon...but Goten might.

It wasn't until later that night that Chichi managed to find her voice or brain for that matter. Where they were hiding, she didn't know, but it didn't matter now, she had found them and that was that.

It was amazing to watch her throughout the day as she cooked lunch and dinner, cleaned the house, did the laundry, watched her soaps, and completed her other household chores while holding the cash, her eyes still engrossed by it. Chichi was so spellbound that she never noticed that Gohan and Goten had run away for the whole day, only coming to the house when it was lunchtime.

It was that night that Gohan uttered the fateful words that would determine his future…not forever of course, but for a long time.

A very long time.

"You know? I kinda miss all of those guys. It seems a little quiet around here without them," Gohan said out loud.

"Do you really feel that way?" Chichi asked as she was counting her money for the one thousandth time that day.

"Yeah, I never expected to feel that way. Weird, huh?"

"That's perfect!" Chichi shouted, still engrossed with the money. "What would you say if I sent you to school with those darling children?"

"I'd say you have a screwed up sense of what's darling."

A cold glare was all that was needed to shut him up. If it wasn't for that glare, Chichi probably would have kept staring at the money for the rest of the night.

So tragic.

"Well too bad. I've decided to send you to Orange Star High at the beginning of next semester."

It took a whole minute…make that two minutes…for that to register in Gohan's mind.


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