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(Mel's P.O.V.)

Shoving empty boxes, I was searching for movies for tonights movie-thon at Reid's. Glaring at the boxes I huffed and kicked them spilling the contents, which happen to be the movies, on the floor. Grinning I bent down and picked up a couple of Ryan Reynolds movie and shoved them into the black bag hanging from my shoulder. Sighing in relief I sit on my bed and surveyed the room. The floor was covered with boxes, some opened spilling the contents on the floor and some still taped up. I guess I will have to get these later.

Laying back in the half covered bed I thought about the lie I told Reid. Okay so it wasn't exactly a lie but it wasn't the truth either.

I was in Ireland but for different reasons then what I told him when I left. I went there to be trained by the Watcher's council. I left when I was 12 and trained since. It generally sucked leaving Ipswich behind but I had to cause it was my duty. But after trying to convience the Council to let me come back to Ipswich for the last 5 years, they finally gave in. But for a different reason. Apparently Ipswich has been experiencing a lot of paranormal activity as of late. And being the lucky gal I am I get to be the slayer of these here regions. It's me against the baddies, well unless you include Walter my Watcher. Which is literally what he does, he watches me get my ass kick and does nothing to stop it. He's a sadist when it comes to training.

Knocking jarred me out of my thoughts, getting off the bed I find myself face to face with Tyler Simms.

"Tyler what are you doing here?' I asked kinda confused at why he was standing outside my door.

Smiling sheepishly Tyler said " Reid told me if I didn't come get you then you would be lost and someone would kidnap you. He said bad things always happen when your by yourself." I stepped back to get my bag off the bed, giving Tyler a view of my diasterous room.

"Reid wasn't kidding." Tyler chuckled.

Glaring at him playful, I pushed him out the door and closed it. Walking besides him when made our way to the student parking lot, where Reid was leaning against Tyler's black Hummer.

"Ah, seems like you didn't get kidnapped or hurt yourself." Reid said smirking. Passing by him I punch him in the arm, running quickly I hop in the passengers seat and locked the door.

A frowning Reid banged on the door," Dammit Mel that hurt, where did you learn to punch like that?" Window still closed I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Well get out of my seat you can sit in the back." Reid said banging on the door again. I just stuck out my tongue and laughed. Tyler started the engine and acted like we were going to pull away. A defeated Reid got in the back seat of the car. Laughing Tyler speed out of the Spensers parking lot.


Sarah jumped on me when Ryan Reynold's character in Amityville Horror killed the dog. Laughing I try to get loose from her death grip. " Hey Sarah you squeeze any harder and my boobs will pop." This got everyones attention. Sarah let go with a blush on her cheeks while everyone laughed. Reid smirked and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"Yea we wouldn't want those gorgeous boobs of yours to pop" He leaned back dodging the punch and making me hit Caleb in the leg.

"Ow" Caleb jumped and turned to glare at the offender who hit him. He looked at me and I pointed at Reid.

"DAMMIT REID" Caleb jumped on Reid and started wrestling, soon the others joined in.


A black SUV drove dangerously fast on the road. The windows all tinted black the only brightness coming from the headlights. Inside the car was silent except for the occasional snore from one of the four people in the back seats. The only two awake were the driver and the passenger.

The silence was broken when the passenger whispered "Hey boss, do you really think what that vermin said was true?"

The driver didn't even glance at the passenger and spoke in a cold voice "If I didn't believe him then I wouldn't be driving to some small town, now would I?"

The passenger flinched at his voice,"No Boss you wouldn't. But why are you so insistant on getting her. There are some many other people out there for you to ravish?"

'The Boss' just glanced at the passenger before answering,"I don't care about anyone else but her, I will try until I get what I want."

Exasperated the passenger threw her arms in the air " She has already kicked your ass twice, she could have killed you so why don't you just stop and continue on with life."

" They say that third times the charm." Madly grinning 'the Boss' pushes on the pedal harder, passing a sign that read:

Welcome to Ipswich, Massachettes.


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