This is a dark story, that is your only warning. Standard disclaimer rules apply. The Reena-Kaana are all mine though. There will be violence, and some lovely citrus content. A Reena child named Alvyne "Vieraslayer" attempts to continue what her race has been famous for (See "History of the Viera" for details) and then begins to do what very few of her kind have ever done: question eating Viera. I have been planning an M rating story for a while, and simply cannot wait any longer. Pairings include Balthier/Fran (Even though Alvyne develops a crush on Balthier), and Vaan/Alja (you read right). I realize Alvyne is kind of a Mary Sue, don't remind me. I deliberately did that, but she's cool too so she isn't like Myko. Every other chapter will be Alvyne's diary. Review please. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMES! DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ, SIMPLE AS THAT!!! Not for anyone under 18.

Diary of Alvyne Vieraslayer, Reena-Kaanan Viera Hunter.

I don't remember the last time I saw a Viera. I don't remember the first time either, considering I was a mere puppy. I know, I'm still not an adult by Reena standards, but I'm talking about a little puppy. We Reena would use Viera to nurse our young. I was practically raised by a Viera my father kidnapped and… well, he pretty much used her for his own amusement, if you know what I mean.

I lived with a few Viera kept for breeding purposes, and a small handful of Reena. Only very few of us survived the Vieran assault on our race. See, we eat Viera.

Yes, that's right. We eat Viera. Or we used to. I never knew why we did. We just did. The prey decided that they had to fight back, and realized that they were stronger than us. We killed a bunch, but we were reduced to double digits in number, and we lost a lot of our Viera. We kept Viera to breed. We weren't stupid, you know. We were like Hume farmers and their food animals.

I was raised by this Viera. Off of her milk. Viera females fed Reena young to give said Reena a taste for them. She had a young child too. This girl was like my sister. We used to play together.

And then came the day I was to be taught how to use my instant kill bite on a Viera.

We killed Viera, yes, but we didn't want to hurt them to do it. We were humane about it. A good bite to a certain part of the neck… it was all over. And female Reena like me were well known for this tactic. I regrettably still haven't exactly learned how to perfect my killing bite.

Now, this day was a special one for a Reena. I didn't know until they brought her out that the Viera that would be sacrificed as a learning tool was the child of my Viera nurse. The same girl I used to play with when I was a puppy.

One of the other female Reena protested even. She didn't want me to see my mother kill the child I was raised with. I never saw much wrong with it. Children only know what they are taught you know. I still don't see anything wrong with it. Viera are food, that's a fact of nature. I ate quite well that day.

And now, I'm starving and alone. I suppose Giza Rabbits will do as food. Viera are like rabbits. I don't want to kill the wolves. They are the closest things I have to relatives anymore. Humes have made the mistake of shooting Reena, believing them to be werewolves. We are not werewolves! We are far more intelligent.

And besides, I think we look far more like Siberian Huskies.

--Alvyne Vieraslayer

I know this chapter is very boring and such, but I promise it gets better. Much better. And darker. The citrus will be enjoyable to write. It might take a while to get more out. I just wanted to get this posted. I have other projects I'm working on.