And now, the finale.

The Diary of Alvyne Vierahealer

The Wood has been very quiet since Mjrn's wedding. I'm happy, Myko is happy, and Rubeus is happy. I've got myself a Reena male, even though it will be about a hundred years before we have puppies, and everything is going well.

We got a letter saying that Alja had a healthy daughter, and also that Tjla has taken a real liking to the kit and to Alja. She's speaking to everyone now.

Jote doesn't seem to be too traumatized; at least that I can see. She should be fully healed fairly soon. It's a good thing. Vinka, as it turns out, is as hyperactive as Myko. I wonder if Jote was hyper when she was a kitten.

Atlas was spotted on Mt. Bur-Omisace recently according to the Moogles. He wants to make up for his past crimes, and he's an errand dog for a Viera named Relj. She doesn't want him to be, but he insists the only way to atone for his crimes against Viera is to help one for the rest of his days. He's a good doggy now, and that makes me happy. One of these days I'm gonna take Ruby to visit him, since Atlas is not allowed in the Wood ever again.

I'm a full-fledged healer now. In fact, some of the Viera say I'm better than Zara. Rael has been having me do check-ups on Rain every time the kit hiccups. She means well. It's hard to believe this is the same woman who used to call me "Wolfy" and harass me every chance she got. She calls me by my name now, and she has been very polite otherwise.

Myko enjoys training with Marl and Kjrs. She's still determined to be a wood-warder. Rael sometimes helps with that too, but she's usually taking care of Rain. I don't remember the last time she's mentioned Rush, and I seriously doubt she's stopped seeing him altogether. She loves him, but she knows he's not a good Viera. Kjrs still spends a lot of time with him, however.

Janzyn and Mjrn are doing well. I have never seen two Viera so happy. Janson and Slya are ecstatic too. They all found themselves a place, leaving Hjen and Pheytah to their place (Oh my. I just realized something. Poor Hjen is toast!) Pheytah and Krjn are pen pals. They both like hunting a lot. It keeps Pheytah calm, and that keeps Hjen alive another day.

Balthier and Fran are well too. I haven't heard anything new about them, except that Balthier is trying to get Marisa to synthesize Viera hormones for him. I don't really know who this Marisa is, but I think she's related to Balthier somehow. All Fran told me is that Marisa is a half-Viera and is Ivalice's leading expert on all things Viera. That sounds like it's a good thing.

I'm content, and the world is finally at peace again. I've finally found a place in the world. It's too bad the other Reena didn't realize this was the way to live.

--Alvyne Vierahealer

The End