Missing people

A dark wood . Far away from the city . The moon was shinning on the night sky . Everything seemed quiet . Just some birds flying , or other night animals searching for food . There was nothing unusual. Except for that night .

The waves of cool air were freezing even the birds . The green leafs of the trees were reflecting the moonlight , so the forest looked strange . There was darkness under them and light on . Everything looked creepy , sounds that made blood run cold .

A car's lights appeared next to the forest . The light of the truck was making things easier to see .Next to the forest was a road . A highway to be precise . Cars were rarely passing through that area . Only trucks or buses , but nothing too often . That forest had been for a long time a good place for people to walk or relax , but it was sold to some guy . He just came , asked for the price and bought the property . He said he wanted to buy the whole forest that had over 2000 ha and he paid the money . A couple of hundred million dollars . But it was his right to buy whatever he wanted . Rumors said that the man was a serial killer or something , but people never actually believed what they said . They knew the guy was in love with solitude , and he rarely was going into town . He preferred , probably , the silence of the forest and the cool air in there .

He had some friends , casino owners , rich guys who came visiting and were staying at his house for days . No one knew how his house looked like , but they weren't intrigued by this guy . In Las Vegas nothing is surprising .


Some voices were heard in that killing silence . There were at least ten people , probably men that were running .

"You saw the animal ? Shoot him !" one of them yelled "don't let that get away ! We ran enough after that bastard ! "

"I don't see it , Johnson ! " a shoot rang in the air and something like yell echoed . "you killed him , Mike ?"

"No , the beast escaped ! "

That was , maybe , a haunting . But the question was what animal were those guys haunting ? Probably it was an important prey if they were running after it like that .

"You hurt it ? At least .?"

"Yeah … but not in the head , nor in the heart ! Those fucking beasts ! I'll kill them all tonight ! "

"No , we only hunt this one tonight , so that we can have fun daily ! I love to go hunting animals like those !"

Probably the guys were the owner of the forest with his friends . One of them turned his head , with the shot gun in his hand . He saw something moving in the bushes and headed over there. The leafs were ,moving faster while he was approaching and he thought he caught his prey . But the animal jumped quickly and ran in front of him before the hunter had time to react . He cursed , spit and went to join the others .

"I almost had it !" he spat "I could've killed it , but it was too fast !"

The others laughed hearing the story and asked him where the animal went . He pointed to the South . All of them took their shot guns , bags , hats and looked at each other with a decided look : that was the last time the animal would ran away from them . The one called Mike was leading the group of ten people . The light of their flashlights was blinding . Probably that was perfect to catch their animal .

But still , so many people for just a little thing like a deer or a rabbit ? Who knows what kind of beast they were hunting … but it wasn't bigger than them .


-meanwhile at the CSI lab-

Greg and Sara just arrived at the lab . They were late and they knew Grissom was going to be mad at them for not showing up when they had to . They were expecting the worse when they saw their bosses scared face , but then they realized it was something else .

"Greg , Sara ! God you're here !"

"Sorry , Grissom , we are late "

"That doesn't matter now . We have very important case going on ! "

"Important ? Serial killer , what ?" Greg asked while he and Sara followed Grissom in the lab all the team was in . Everybody seemed frightened and didn't even look at them . All seemed to be working hard on some photos .

"Grissom , what happened ?" Sara asked him "what's with the rush , the fear I feel ? I know it's something wrong , but what ?" Grissom just pushed them and showed them the screen .

"Eleven people disappeared in the last five days ! eleven ! "

"Wow " Greg replied "eleven? That's a lot of people , right ?"

"And we don't know anything about them , we will have all the teams searching for traces from the kidnappers . I don't like the stuff at all . So , all of you , get ready , we are going at the families of the missing people"

Greg and Sara looked at each other . And then they looked at the others and on everyone's face was the same expression : fear . Deep , painful , killing fear . Eleven people disappeared without a trace .


Sara and Greg went together at a family , Carters . The knocked at the door . A young woman opened .

"Hello ! Mrs. Carter , we are from the crime lab , we are here to ask you some questions about the sudden disappearing of your husband . May we come in ?"

"Sure … come in" she was crying , hot tears were rolling down her cheeks .

"Okay . When you last seen Peter ?"

"Three days ago " she pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them . "He was supposed to go to work , but" she wiped away her tears "his colleagues told me he never showed up … no one has seen him since he left … that night …" and she told them all the story about how she found out that her husband disappeared .

"Okay , Mrs. Carter . We won't keep you awake longer . Just tell us if Peter had any enemies ?" Greg asked .

"No … he's a good guy …everybody loves him … he has no enemies "

"Okay , we'll leave now . If you remember anything at all that could help us … " Greg handed her a card "call us , alright ?"

"Okay … I hope you'll find Pete … or at least his body …" the poor woman whispered .


"Hello , Mr. Porter . I'm a from the crime lab . I came to talk to you about your wife "

" Yeah , I know who you are . Come in" the man said to Nick .

"So , Mr. Porter …"

"Call me Liam "

"Okay , Liam , when did you last see Selma ?"

"Yesterday … we went out for a dinner , at Beanie's and she said she forgot her keys in the car . She went out to take it , I … waited for her almost half an hour … I went to see what she was doing … I only found her purse on the ground next to the car"


"Johnny said he was going out with his girlfriend" one of the victim's mothers said to Catherine "But they didn't come home that night … " the poor mother was crying . The girl's parents were also there ."We waited for them to came back … we checked hotels and everything .,.. someone found his car … nothing more … nothing more from my baby !"


"She was just 17 years old ! She didn't hurt nobody ! She vanished from her school . She didn't ran away or so , she was happy with us here . I want my baby girl back"


"I only found his car … nothing else … just his car , abandoned outside the city . My brother …. I need to know what happened to my little brother , please find Chris , please !"


And so they interrogated all the persons whose friend or family members disappeared until that night . The cases apparently didn't have nothing in common .Except they all vanished without a trace . They were from different parts on the city . They didn't know each other except for the two students .

They had eleven victims .

There were 5 girls and six boys missing . From different places . Different ages .

The thing was really scary . No one saw anything , no one heard anything .

There wasn't any lead , not even a little print or the smallest drop of blood . Nothing ,zero , nada .They still had to process the samples in the last two cases , but there wasn't much hope .

Only the cars that had nothing to help them and the people that realized the guys were missing . This was one of the creepiest cases the CSI ever met and they were decided to find out what happened .


All of them loaded their weapons when they heard a slow moan coming from behind a tree . They knew the animal was injured and it was the easier for them to catch it .

They slowly approached the place the sound was heard . . They didn't use flashlight , because the animal would have run . The beast heard them , but he just couldn't move . He rose his face a little And looked at the man that was pointing a gun at him . He knew it was the end . In that bush something was curled and only the eyes were shining like two stars in the darkness . It was not that small , like a rabbit or something .

"We got him ! Kill the animal , George ! Kill it !" their tones were scary , the whole thing was creepy . The happiness in their eyes seeing the animal that was going to be shot .

The gun was approaching it . The hunter put the gun on it's forehead and looked at him . The shooter smiled . The adrenaline that killing an animal gave was amazing . He felt more happy and more alive than he ever did in his life . All his blood gathered in his hands that were holding the gun . He felt the satisfaction .

He just watched and enjoyed the last moments of the animal's life . He pressed the gun tighter and pulled the trigger . A load sound ripped the silence of the night and a couple of birds were flying scared . The gun left the barrel and embedded in the prey's head . The animal fell to the floor with his big eyes opened . What eyes … almost human .

"Way to go , George ! " one of them greeted him "you're good , man ! We are proud of you , you're a perfect member for our hunting club !"

"Yeah , I can't wait tomorrow night to se what does Jim have in store for us …"

He put the light of the flashlight on the senseless body of their prey .But the view was … horrible . George hit the dead body with his foot

On the cold ground wasn't an animal or a bird . There was the bloody body of a thirty-year old male , that had a bullet hole in his head . His shirt was cut all over , his jeans were soaked with still warm blood and his innocent eyes were staring at the darkness .

The prey was a human being .


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