A tough decision

"Better than that, I think I found the guy we were searching for".

"Are you serious , Reid ?" Morgan asked looking at the young genius who had a hopeful look on his face and was smiling a little . The BAU knew that look .. it was going to bring them good news .

"So , don't keep us waiting , genius , just tell us " Morgan said .

"Well , this guy" he showed them a picture "is very weird . Every person I interrogated said he could be suspicious , because he was always talking to the victims , he basically knew everything about them . Yeah , I mean , I talked to him too and , when I asked him where he was when Claire got kidnapped , he didn't say a thing . This makes him pretty suspicious , don't you think ?" Reid sat on a chair and took a deep breath . "also , when I asked about where he was when the others were taken , he told me nothing . He was very nervous during the interview , he didn't look me in the eyes . And I know he wasn't working when the abductions took place . This makes him a very good suspect ." he poured himself a coup of coffee while the other were thinking and analyzing his words .

Emily wrote down on a piece of paper the important stuff and took the file of the guy . His name was Roger Mauler , he was 40 years old and had been working at the club for 10 years .

"Well , if you think that way , Reid" Catherine smiled "I think we should go and investigate this Roger Mauler and see what we can get"

Andrew was trembling and shaking , like he had just gone into shock . When Alma touched him , he pulled away his hand and looked at her with scared eyes , like an animal who was just going to be sacrificed .

"Not me … it can't be me …" he said "why me ? not me … this is a dream … wake up" this were the words he was repeating over and over "I can't die … my pictures , my expositions … worked so hard … forty painting … my life …I don't want to lose them all …"

They looked at each other and couldn't even say a word . The same thoughts were haunting their minds at the moment and it was scary . Very scary , and the darkness surrounding them was making things worse .

The hunters were staying at the table and playing poker . Mike won three times in a row and stopped playing because he didn't want to lose the money . He was watching the others playing and looked at the watch on the wall . It was 11:45 pm , so they had another hour until the game will begin .

"Something to drink , guys ? To get ready for the next game ?" he laughed like a wild beast and the captives in the basement heard his sadistic laughter that made their blood freeze .

"Some scotch , Mike "

"Okay , wait a second ."

He went out of the room and took the bottle and some clean glasses from the table . He put them on the table next to them and went to take another bottle of drink . After pouring the scotch in the glasses , he sat down next to them and looked at the watch . He smiled seeing it was soon going to be fun .

"How much until … ? I'm starting to get bored . "

"Calm down , boy , down . " Mike said with a smirk . "But prepare your riffle . In ten minutes we are going to start . And I decided something: there will be two prays . How does it sound ? Than Andrew boy … and I'll go see who else volunteers !"

He poured the liquid down his throat and lifting from his chair went to the basement . After opening the first door , he went downstairs and unlocked the second door . After opening it , he heard some sounds made from the prisoners who weren't used to such much light and he laughed .

"So , the next hunt will begin in ten minutes . But this time things are gonna be a little different . The rules of the game are changed . "

He saw every one of them was shaking with fear and the smell of it made him feel good and happy . He was somehow a sadist who loved torture, it didn't matter if it was physical or psychical . To see people suffering was one of the greatest distraction ever for him . To see how this feeling was making rational people act crazily , driven only by their own madness , how the fear was incapacitating them was so fun that he was mad he didn't have more captives .

"How are they changed ?" Michael asked , with a loud and demanding voice .

"Simply . Tonight , we will two of you to have fun with . " he laughed "one of them is Andrew , because so it was decided . And because I want to show you how good I am , I will let you choose the other victim . "

He then closed the door and left without other words .

The captives looked at each other and began to think … but it was obvious none of them wanted to die .

"You should be the next victim , Michael , you should volunteer to go with Andrew …" Johnny talked . "You're so old and you're already lived your life and all …"

Even though hew was a very calm man , the thought of dying scared him so much that he stopped thinking rationally and yelled .

"Why me ? I don't have a death wish … you go if you want … I don't wanna die ! Leave me alone kid !!! All of you leave me alone !"

He went to a corner of the room and started kicking the wall … he didn't want to die …

"Then who , who will be the next victim ?" Johnny yelled "I … am … I am so , so scared . " he put a hand on
Michael's shoulder . At the touch , the firefighter began to tremble and gave the boy a punch , throwing him on his back . He was shaking and sweating .

"Who will go ?" Johnny was crying , staying on the floor "who ? And what is going to happen if we don't choose anyone ?"

"I don't want to die … " Alma heard Jack saying . She felt the same thing .

"Chandra , Michael , Ken , Alma Selma and Jack and me" Amelia spoke , for the first time in the last hour .

"What are you saying ?"
"I wrote our names on a paper piece . We should pick one of the pieces and the person who's name is written on it should go …" she said calmly . "I don't think there is another way ."

They realized she was right , so they kneeled next to her . Maybe it was better to bet on luck .

"I think you are right , girl … " Ken replied . "Maybe this was we will stop the fights between us "

The girl put all the paper pieces on the ground and , after all gathered around , she picked one of them . She took the lighter from her pocket and looked at the name written on it . Except for one of them everyone breathed in relief .

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