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Prompt: Someday

Yazmine of Trebond leaned against the balcony railing to gaze out at the sea. How beautiful the aqua waves frothing at the shore appeared in the fading light! How steady it was - wild and free yet reliable; changing yet unchanging for all eternity. The young woman's mouth trembled as she struggled not to cry.

"It's alright, Yazmine," murmured her husband, Sir Forthran of Seabeth and Seajan, wrapping his arms around her lean body. "There will be other girls; other girls who dream of fighting and defending their country."

"But the King has forbidden lady knights forever," Yazmine whispered as her dark eyes filled with tears. "He's changed so much in this month, ever since Aline died." Her mouth quivered. "When he spoke to me it was as if I were to blame for what happened to Aline - as if I don't berate myself day and night for what I could have done." Her voice cracked. "I think he wishes me dead so that there will be no more lady knights to remind Tortall of what used to be. How can he destroy the dreams of so many? How can he forbid girls to take up arms?"

"It'll be alright," Forthran repeated soothingly. He gently kissed her cheek. "Laws are laws and kings are kings, but when all is said and done, dreams and hopes can never and will never be destroyed. The King has forbidden girls to try for knighthood or even to become a warrior, and most girls will lose all the will to fight against this injustice and try for a shield, that is true. But there will be one girl - a girl touched by the Goddess - who has spirit and courage and will risk everything for her shield."

"How do you know all this?" Yazmine asked softly. "I want to believe it...but..."

"Because I of all people know that girls are not weak and silly and unfit to be warriors," returned her husband tenderly. He stroked her gleaming dark hair. "Because I know that dreams can never and will never be suppressed forever. Someday, that girl, will come, and she will give other girls the bravery they need to fulfill their dreams too. Someday, lady knights will once more be sung about in the ballads as great heroes - as ones who bring as much glory to Tortall as could any man."

Yazmine wrapped her fingers around Forthran's hand and gazed out at the beautiful sea - always changing yet forever remaining the same. "Someday," she whispered.