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A/N: Feeling slightly less angsty than usual; I also promised to write a happy drabble for once. As I was scrolling through my stories I realized that I had not written anything about Daine and Numair! So this drabble is for Daine/Numair lovers and for everyone who's stuck by me and my story for so long. Thank you all so much!

Prompt: Reincarnation

"Do you know the meaning of reincarnation?"

The beautiful black cat rolls its turquoise eyes. "You're going to tell me, I'm sure."

The mage fondles the cat's ears fondly even as his eyes light up with scholarly craze. "It is the theory that the soul of a being, upon death, will dwell in the Peaceful Realms. If he or she is deemed worthy, or just out of the ordinary, the soul will return to the Mortal Realms in another body or form, with no recollection of his or her previous life."

The cat purrs contentedly. "You believe that?"

"Why not? Could it not be possible that you and I have lived several lives before, together, and that we just can't remember?"

"Not likely. I would always remember you."

He smiles lovingly at the cat. "If for some reason you were unable to return in human form, I think that you would come back as a cat, Magelet. Clever and subtle but loyal and fierce. Cats make their own way in life, and rise due to their own abilities. They don't need anyone except themselves."

The cat shifts under his hand, gazing up at the mage seriously. "I need you."

"Well," the mage replies with wry humor. "Maybe I'll come back as catnip."