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Basically this is set just after Living Doll. I'm not planning a character death but you never know, Ecklie might trip and fall of a cliff.

Chapter 1

Grissom stormed out of the interrogation room and let out a growl of frustration. Brass came round from the double-sided glass to see his friend leaning against the wall, breathing heavily as if he had just run a race.

"Gil?" he ventured cautiously, realising Grissom's temper was on a short fuse after seeing him shake Natalie.

Grissom looked round, his eyes sparkling with tears.

"I'm going to head back to the lab Jim" he replied, trying his best to keep his voice even. "Can you keep interrogating her", he gestured to the room where Natalie was in, "and call me if you get any news".

It wasn't so much of a question as a demand. No, thought Brass, it was more than that, it was a plead.

Without waiting for an answer Gil left for the car park.

When in the front seat, he leant back in his chair and, facing the ceiling, took three calming breaths. Then he started the car and began his drive back to the lab.

"What the hell is going on!" yelled Grissom as he stormed in the break room, to see Warrick, Nick, Greg and Catherine sitting down, drinking coffee. "I've just been looking round for one of you so you can update me on the situation and I find you in here relaxing!"

"We need a break," Nick murmured carefully and Grissom's breathing started to slow down. "There's still no evidence!"

Gil looked away and felt his anger return in full form. "Is that all you can do, is that all she means to you! There's no evidence so we'll just stop looking!"

"Griss, we need a break," Warrick reinforced, his voice level louder than usual.

The rational part of Grissom's brain understood this but the larger, unreasoning side, which was currently in over-drive, just found this information made him angrier.

"How many breaks did you take when Nick was stuck underground? There was no evidence then but you didn't stop looking for it!"

Greg and Catherine felt all the colour drain from their faces, Nick looked away, all his concentration aimed at the floor but Warrick's face bleached in rage.

"At least we knew he was still alive," he shouted, and to his surprise found himself standing. "At least we knew there was some hope! The rescue teams are already looking for Sara's dead body"

Warrick' outburst echoed around the room and the full impact became apparent when a tear slid down Grissom's face.

Warrick felt the need to apologise. He hadn't meant to say those things; it had been the anger talking. Now he felt stupid and foolish and needed to correct that.

"Look, Gil, I didn't mean …"

"Natalie said she didn't kill Sara" Grissom said bluntly, cutting Warrick off mid-sentence. With that, he turned and journeyed back to his office.

Catherine was the first to react, and she stood up and followed him, leading the guys. They entered to see Grissom, head in his hands, crying at his desk. No-one had ever seen Grissom lose it before and they felt like they were intruding on something very private. Catherine edged her way forward and stood on the other side of his desk. She bent down and took hold of one of his hands.

He looked up at her with sad, distressed eyes.

"We'll find her Grissom, I promise. We'll find her", she whispered softly to him and he slowly nodded his head in acknowledgement and trust.

In the middle of the Nevada Desert there is never a lot of life, especially human. There's hardly any rain either.

Sara's hand scraped at the sand, trying her best to do the impossible and to dig herself free from the unimaginable pain and torture that was occurring with every second she was stuck under the car. Her hand was moving slowly, all her strength had left her long ago and her breath was laboured.

And then it started to rain …

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