A collection of short stories about the anime Avenger. LaylaxSpeedy

Journey of the Avenger

Destination 01: Burden

"Layla!" No matter how much he called out to her, she wouldn't stop. Wasn't her journey over? Volk was defeated, a new era had begun. Why did she have to go?

Cross had told her to find the true meaning of her journey and she wouldn't stop until she did. Defeating Volk was only the beginning.

"Layla..." Nei watched her walk away. She wanted to run after her too, but she could only stand there. Tears flooded her eyes. She looked towards Speedy wondering what he would do.

He had thrown the symbols of Volk City into the newly formed river. He knew Layla wasn't the kind to settle down into a city, but to walk away so soon and without waiting for him and Nei? He was upset, maybe angry, even more so hurt. To be thrown away just like that. Had he been a burden all along?

People started to finally move, to walk around and to find shelter. Vesta, who was once called a goddess, joined them as another human being. "Master Speedy?"

Speedy looked at Nei. She had grown taller and her body slightly changed, but she was still a child and he had to protect her. "Just Speedy; you're not a doll, remember?" He smiled, it was a forced smile that could barely battle against the sorrow. He should be happy. Happy that Volk was defeated and happy that Mars had new hope, but he wasn't. Layla's journey was just beginning, but it seemed that his journey had ended. At least his journey with her had ended. Of course that did not mean he had to accept it that way. "Let's go, Nei."

Nei nodded. She and Speedy joined the other survivors, but they would not stay for long. Their minds were made up. They would follow her, they wouldn't get in the way of her journey, but they would follow. "Speedy..."

"What is it?" He had been staring at the skies lost in thought, wondering what Layla could be searching for now. She lived for revenge, she lived to fight Volk, what was she working towards now? Or perhaps her goal was to find a goal, the true meaning of her journey.

"Were we a burden to Layla?" Nei's question matched the question Speedy was thinking of.

"No," he answered automatically, possibly too quickly.

Nei gave him an uncertain look.

"We weren't," Speedy insisted. "Because I know that Layla is not one to put up with a burden." They had gone that far together, even if she was used to traveling alone. Maybe after a while, she would once again welcome them in her new journey, maybe.

End of Destination 01

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