Journey of the Avenger

Destination 03: Red Moon Guardian

It was their guardian, their strength,
Their memory, their tragic despair,
A sight that took away their breath,
Bringing foreboding beyond compare.

The only thing left of their home,
Which threatened the new hope,
Of those who, this world roam,
Forced to be, unable to cope.

Watching, guiding, taking hope,
It is their curse, crimson blood.
Some may wonder if they know,
The city won't escape the flood.

The avenger and the moon,
Flow dear river, to wash way,
All that's near that will be soon,
Swallowed up, gone, betrayed.

Fall red moon and take us all,
Remind us of where we belong.
Fall proud city, don't stand tall,
Our time here will not be long.

Come avenger show the way,
Do not let him have his say.
Before our entire race falls prey,
And life is left in shades of gray.


Disclaimer, I do not own Avenger.