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This is the story of after Edward's and Bella's wedding, but when Edward refuses to transform her she runs away back to the other Cullens, but when Jasper is the only one home she is forced to wait to become a vampire. And where has Edward gone, why isnt he looking for Bella? Bella falls into the confusing trouble of an affair, as she tries to figure out if she truly loves Edward.


Edward looked deeply into Bella's eyes. He longed for her, lusted for her. Life was so unfair never had he loved anyone as deeply as he loved her and it hurt to lie to her.

He promised he would make her a vampire, to bite her once they were married, but he knew he couldn't. She looked beautiful in her long white gown. It was covered in soft white lace.

The church bells rang softly and Edward found it hard to concentrate to the pastor's words as he wed the two. Bella smile was radiant and beautiful against her pale human skin. It was easier than ever to be with her.

He wasn't even hungry for her even though her scent was inviting and warm. He resisted reaching out and touching her while the priest continued to talk, when Bella said, "I do."

And he snapped back to attention. The pastor looked at him,

"I do." said Edward.

"You may kiss the bride." The priest said as Bella's and Edward's lips connected and the churched smiled warmly.

Bella pulled back smiling into Edward's face. She turned and looked around the small church.

The wedding had been held in the small and only church in Forks, because once again it rained outside. Bella spotted her mom sitting next to Emse.

She couldn't help but look over to the back of the church where Jacob and his family sat. Jacob was scowling his face grim and tense.

Why had her father invited them, only if he knew the trouble he was causing by having the Blacks and the Cullens in the same room.

Well at least the Cullens were acting normal, but the Blacks sat away from the rest of the people in the church and didn't even once pretend to be happy for her. S

he wished they had never come, but secretly she felt bad for Jacob, who was forced to come by his father. Bella's eyes swept the church all of her friends were there and even Mike smiled as Bella walked hand-in-hand down the aisle with Edward, her husband.

Edward opened the door to the limo as Bella climbed in. He had to smile because he had wound up with the girl. He had over come the other suitors and he and Bella where ment for each other he just couldn't help but to smile smugly at Jacob as he and his family stood watching the married couple.

Edward slid in next to Bella and took her hand in his once again. "I love you." he said in a whisper reaching out and running his cold pale hand against her warm face.

After a few minutes they arrived at the Swan's house, were the wedding reception was being held. Edward and Bella stood at the front of the house as everyone congratulated them and took a thousand pictures.

Bella stood with Edward a smile frozen on her face. The camera's flashes were blinding her and was glad when Charlie herded everyone to the back of the house were the food a music was.

She gazed into Edward's eyes she had gotten her Romeo at last, and tonight she would become a vampire. A million memories flashed though her mind of all the times she had begged Edward to make her a vampire before tonight.

A lot had changed since Edward had made that promise. Alice and Jasper were long split apart. Mike had a steady girl friend and had a scholarhip in collage.

Jasper had grown stronger and the akwardness of her party seemed stupid now. Bella and Jasper were stronger than ever. If it wasn't for him the wedding might not have happened.

She could wait a few more hours to becoma a vampire, she hoped. She was broken form the enhancing grip of Edward's eyes as she heard the familiar noise of the motorcycle.

She turned to watch Jacob speed down the road. Her heart sank slightly. Jacob was so depressed and forlorn looking. He pulled up feet from where Bella and Edward stood. He dismounted and nodded at Edward,

"I know we made a pack for the wedding not to fight and we would all gather peacefully, but that doesn't mean if you bite her today that i will let it slip."

Bella gasped, she was shocked, but she knew she shouldn't be. Edward just stood smiling smugly, "I'm not afraid of you, Jacob. Trust me I could read your mind as you pulled up. And you're right she cant stay human forever, even though I wish she could. She wouldn't let me, but I'm not against you on that one buddy."

Charlie turned the corner and yelled,

"Bella, Edward Come on people are waiting, come dance. You too Jacob!"


Bella twirled in her father's arms, the father daughter dance. Other couples joined in and Edward dance with her mother while Phil sat talking to Mike.

Bella looked up at her father; he smiled and nodded to someone standing behind her. She stopped and turned around, there Jacob stood. Her father twirled her and gave her hand to Jacob.

"May I?" he asked not really waiting for an answer.

Bella wanted to break away from him, but she didn't. Jacob frowned,

"I am sure this is the last thing you want to here on your wedding day, but you can't let him bite you. You can't do that do yourself or me. It will be throwing your life away." Out of no where Edward grasped Jacob on his shoulder and form the way he slank back it had been one hard squeeze.

"Thank-you Jacob I am sure she knows what she is dealing with." said Edward bluntly.

"Thank-you." Bella whispered to Edward. She took his had and they danced, drank, and talked until the party came to a close.

Edward booked a hotel in Northern Washington right along the border. Supposedly it was quite romantic and Bella couldn't wait to be there.

Once there she planned on making Edward bite her and for the next three or so days she would be transforming into a vampire with Edward there helping her get through it... or so she thought.

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