Chapter 11: Royal Duties, Enforcer Duties and Being a Father

After all the celebrations were over, the wedding party finally returned home to Megakat City. Feral was grateful to get back to work but wasn't looking forward to the workload that faced him. Zulara faced the same problem but was still buoyant about being married. Their wedding night had been incredible and she would never forget it.

As they got back to their routines, they settled into wedded bliss more easily than Feral thought they would. They were comfortable with each other, he had mentioned that to his wife a week after they returned and she just smirked at him and said 'I told you we were meant for each other.'

He sighed and had to admit she had been right. He still had to get used to being called 'your highness' when he was doing royal duties and back to 'Commander' when he was in his enforcer office. Some days it did get confusing when the two duties sometimes crossed paths.

Hard Drive had caused havoc at the United Nations building for reasons they hadn't been able to determine. An investigation was on going and Feral was being required to handle it in both his positions. One as Duke Ulysses, Royal Consort to Princess Zulara when dealing with the upset delegates and as Commander Feral trying to investigate the reasons behind Hard Drive's raid on the computer handling all the business of the United Nations.

Sometimes during this trying time, he didn't know what hat he was wearing until he was addressed by someone. It was really aggravating.

"Feral!" Came the strident call from Mayor Manx who had rushed over to try and soothe ruffled feathers and to determine what had happened. His reputation was on the line if the problem wasn't solved quickly.

"Yes, Mayor," Feral asked, mentally gritting his teeth. This he didn't need right now.

"I want to know what you're doing about finding that miscreant Hard Drive?" He snapped tensely.

Before Feral could answer they were interrupted by the representative of the Sayben Bay Federation. 'Your Highness!" He said anxiously.

"Yes, Director Maon?" Feral asked politely.

"My government is understandably concerned about the possibility that sensitive data may have been lost or stolen. Can you tell me if you have determined what was done to the computer?" He demanded.

"I'm still waiting for a report from my computer experts on that very thing, sir. I'm afraid it does take time. I will report, in open assembly, my findings as soon as I know them. Please be patient, sir." Feral told the irate delegate.

Snorting in annoyance but knowing he wouldn't get any answers right now, the delegate merely nodded and left abruptly. Feral sighed and rubbed his temples.

"You'd better stay on top of your experts Feral. We need this solved as quickly as possible." Mayor Manx jumped in again. Unless he had to, Manx refused to give the Commander his royal title which truthfully he should have as long as Feral was in the United Nations building because he represented the Princess by his presence here. It was incidental that he was also functioning as the Chief Enforcer. But Feral didn't bother to call him on it. It just wasn't worth it as he turned on his heel and headed for the computer room before he could be pulled away again.

Walking into the huge computer room, he made for the group clustered to one side.

"I need answers, does anyone have anything I can tell the delegates before I have a full scale diplomatic incident on my paws," he said without preamble.

"I'm sorry sir, Hard Drive blitzed the system and its taking time to get it up again then it will take time to find out just what had been taken. We simply can't go any faster than the computer is willing to go." An enforcer specialist in computer sabotage said apologetically.

"I thought that might be the answer but I've delegates and the Mayor breathing down my neck for something. Just do your best and I'll try to keep them off your backs." He told them then muttered to himself, 'Wish someone could do the same for me." He turned away and headed back out to the controlled chaos of frantic delegates and security.

Two hours later, he had the delegates calmed and departed for their embassies. His unit was still working on the computer problem and the SWAT Kats were hunting Hard Drive. His enforcers were too but they simply didn't have the weapons to capture the elusive criminal.

He was exhausted but still had a desk full of work to complete before days end. It was a couple of more hours later when they finally discovered why Hard Drive had crashed the computers. Apparently, the electronic thief was working for Dark Kat and that omega had been seeking some specialized information from the Republic of Jeetar. They were developing some new kind of energy and Dark Kat wanted info on where the work was being done.

Using his new diplomatic ties, Feral called the leader of the republic and put her on alert. Dark Kat had not foreseen the Chief Enforcers new marriage could put a crimp in his plans. He had expected the confusion, then bureaucracy to further hamper the law before he got his paws on the data. All he succeeded in doing was alerting the authorities to the danger which increased the security around the facility doing the research.

Feral was elated to have finally gotten the jump on that particular omega. He went home that night feeling triumphant. What would have made his victory sweeter, was to have caught Dark Kat but he'd settle for having gotten Hard Drive in his jail. The SWAT Kats had succeeded in corralling the creep.

When he met his wife in their bedroom, the only place they could reasonably be alone, later that evening, he was still in a buoyant mood.

"Something good happened after that fiasco at the United Nations, love?" Zulara asked as she dressed for dinner.

"Oh yes!" He smirked happily and related the events leading up to Hard Drive's incarceration and stymying Dark Kat's plans.

"Why that's wonderful, Uly. Glad it was a successful day. The delegates will look favorably on you as well and that's going to help you in the future as well as be useful to me when I might need a favor." She said smiling warmly and giving him a kiss.

"Hmm, I hadn't thought of it that way. So glad you're pleased." Feral said in amusement.

"I am and I'll show you how pleased tonight," She said coyly.

His eyes lit up as he also changed for dinner. When they were ready he escorted her down to the dining room.

Later that night, he discovered why she was being so amorous. Her heat cycle had begun. It turned into a fiery night he'd never forget.

A few months passed, Zulara was glowing with good news for her family. She was expecting. Feral was excited and nervous. A typical male, he tried to be protective and was put in his place by his military minded mate.

"I'm not helpless, just pregnant, Ulysses. Stop hovering over me!" She snapped one day, both angry and amused by her husband's antics.

"I'm sorry, I just worry about you," he tried to be conciliatory, failing miserably.

She just sighed and shook her head.

Some months later, when she was trapped by Viper in one of his endless schemes to take over the city, Feral was beside himself with anger and fear. His anxiety was such, he willingly used the SWAT Kats to rescue her.

"I need your help and I intend to go with you!" He snapped at the belligerent face of T-Bone.

"We are better off doing it alone, Feral. You'd just get in the way!" The pilot snapped.

"It's my wife and unborn kitten that's in there. I will be going in!" Feral snarled, fear making him angrier.

Razor ended the squabble by shoving his partner back. He understood why Feral felt such an intense need to be in on the rescue mission. He'd be too if his mate was involved. "He's going, T-Bone. Let's go and stop arguing about it before Viper has time to do something to her." He ordered.

Grumbling to himself but no longer arguing, T-Bone took the lead with Feral between himself and Razor as they slipped into the BioTech Labs auxiliary laboratory near MASA. Viper was after a special bacteria that had been discovered on a moon rock. The Princess had been there to view the research for her country.

Viper actually had several hostages besides the Princess trapped in one of the offices while he had his plant mutations hold off the guards as he procured the rock.

In a three prong attack, Feral and the SWAT Kats had snuck up to the area Viper was in, discovered the hostages were safely in another office, then burst into the room before Viper could escape. The SWAT Kats took out the mutations while Feral lasered Viper, wounding him in the leg.

With the successful completion of the rescue, Feral sought his wife. He wrapped a relieved arm around her in joy at finding her unharmed. The next moment he was alarmed when she revealed she was in labor.

"SWAT Kats," He shouted before the pair could take off after the enforcers had come in to take Viper and help the other hostages.

Eyeing the Commander in surprise they came to his side.

"I need your help. My wife is in labor. Please...can you take us to the hospital?" Feral asked urgently.

"Of course, let's go. Can she walk okay?" Razor said without hesitation.

"I'm fine, we still have enough time." The Princess said reassuringly.

"Great, come on then," T-Bone said leading the way out of the building and to the Turbokat parked not far away.

Loading the pair in the cargo area, they were soon in the air. T-Bone was careful not to push the g's for the Princess' sake. They arrived at the hospital within ten minutes.

Waving off thanks, the SWAT Kats helped them offload then took off.

Feral held Zulara's paw during her labor and rubbed her back whenever a contraction was too strong.

Three hours later, their new son was born. Feral was thrilled and a bit overwhelmed. He was a father. It was a lot to take in.

He spent the rest of the day contacting all those that needed to be notified. His in-laws were ecstatic and demanded they come to them when the kitten could travel. He sighed but promised they would as soon as it was possible.

The newspapers had a field day announcing the birth of Prince Brendon.

Holding his new son in the comfort of their home, Feral stared down at the miracle in his arms. He was a beautiful kitten with his father's dark fur and his mother's eyes. He leaned down to kiss his beloved wife who watched him with shining eyes of warmth and joy. He was the happiest kat in the city.