Peter split from Darcy who gasped and cringed, "Emma."

"Shut up." Emma sternly said, glaring at Peter but speaking to Darcy who was just going to come up with the worse excuse.

'I didn't mean to' 'I'm sorry' 'I thought it was you'

"Get out." Emma finally looked at Darcy who nodded and got up, running by her and up the stairs

Peter sat there and looked right at her and she slowly went over to him.

Peter sighed and stood up, "How's it-"


Emma shook her hand a bit by how hard she slapped him across the face, "how's it FEEL?" she snapped, "Was that what you were going to say?"

Peter looked away from her, rubbing his cheek.

Emma snickered at him, "You're pathetic." as she walked away Peter glared.

"That's what you get for cheating on me." he confirmed.

Emma laughed bitterly and turned, "Sad part is, I didn't." she shrugged, "I shoulda." she admitted and looked up in wonder, would of been worth it with the guy on her mind. she looked back at Peter, "We're over."

She turned again and walked up the stairs but as she walked out her door, he grabbed her, even infront of everyone at the party.

"we're not over until I say we're over, Emma." he snapped.

Emma glared harshly, "I'm pretty sure we're over Peter, you didn't even deserve the chance to begin with." she snapped.

Some people looked over and glanced at the scene and around at another, wondering if they should split it apart.

"Well isn't he teaching you how to have a smart ass mouth." Peter angered and then his mouth dropped painfully when a hand went on the back of his neck, hard, and lurred him away from Emma

"She's always been a smart ass." Jay assured, standing there now.

Emma's mouth dropped and looked from him and back to Peter. Jay threw him away from Emma and into the other wall so hard he even fall, crawled up and held his shoulder

"Slut." Peter sneered and went to walk off.

Jay tilted his head, oh yeah? Jesus this guy ever learned. He went to chase after him and Emma grabbed his wrist

"Don't." she begged and he turned, bothered that she wouldn't let him but sighed, and nodded.

It was going to take a while to cool down himself though. No one called his Greenpeace a slut.

"Party over." Jay yelled out and everyone groaned but started to form out.

What was left was him, Emma, Manny and Spinner who was looking around frantically as he walked over to them threw all the left over trash from the party.

"Have you seen Darcy?" he asked.

Jay shook his head no as Manny shrugged, Emma bluntly replied, "Last time I saw her she was making out with Peter on my bed." with that, she turned and went down back to her room.

Spinner's mouth fell and even Jay blinked, woah

"Night guys." Manny said, patting the two on the back and left down the stairs to follow Emma.

Emma was lying down when Manny got to her and sadly laid down beside her, hugging Emma from behind.. the girl was crying

"Em, Peters a lame ass." Manny confirmed

Emma laughed but still trembled, "Not crying over him." she admitted and sniffed, "Crying cause I tried to be the good person and I missed so many chances to be with.."

"Jay?" Manny guessed, hugging Emma tighter as the blonde closed her eyes and let the tears fall.

After a few moments, Manny tried to wonder what could make her best friend feel better.

"Jay's drug dealer was here tonight." Manny said and smiled softly when Emma instantly sat up, worried, "'re in love." she declared.

Emma wiped her tears, "That Aaron guy?" she asked, but Manny knew that wasn't the question she wanted to ask.

Manny nodded then answered the mystery question, "Jay said no and shoved him away."

Emma smiled sadly and her heart sunk for him. Good. She then saddened..

"How do I know if he even wants me anymore?" she asked Manny about Jay, "He could be over it, I even said I couldn't.. then kept shoving Peter into his face."

"You gotta try." shrugged Manny.

Emma frowned but nodded. Try. Like Jay was trying for her.

Manny had left and when Spinner left too it was just Jay trying to clean up the mess when Emma came out of her room now wearing her white tank top and comfortable plaid pj pants. She looked comfy.

Jay smirked, "Partied out?" he teased but gave her a worried look as she seemed, upset.

Emma took a deep breath and just nodded, grabbing a few beer bottles and throwing it into the trash he held.

He watched her look around for more trash and kept cleaning and tilted his head, "he's an idiot." he softly said.

Emma saddly tossed more stuff into the garbage before lifting her eyes up at him and got lost into his piercing grey eyes.

She just shrugged and nodded, going back to cleaning. She didn't want him to think he was rebound so she'd wait a bit til she could finally say something to him, maybe not say anything til he was completely clean for atleast a month.

She watched him at the corner of her eye going back to cleaning up the party she threw. she didn't want to be the girl who swears to everyone he's changed, he had to of really changed

Only time can tell.

how stupid could I be
a simpleton could see
that you're no good for me
but you're the only one I see

(sarah mclaughlin- stupid)