"Still feel achy?" Jays husky voice asked, wrapping his arms from behind Emma who chewed on a carrot she was chopping up in the kitchen.

Emma chewed and smirked, cornering her eyes at him behind her and shook her head no.

"Good." he smirked.

Emma couldn't believe it, the night before she finally gave it up, her biggest pride, to Jay Hogart. She didn't regret a thing.

Emma swallowed hard when his hands roamed around her hips to the front of her stomach and bit her lip. He could be so seductive.. she then gasped when the door bell rang.

Who had to interrupt this NOW? Of all times.

She giggled when she even heard Jay growl and groan, leaning on the kitchen table when she turned and walked over to the door

"Yeah?" Emma opened the door and looked up at two police officers. Her heart began to race

Jay tilted his head but couldn't see what was at the front door.

"Emma Nelson?" the officer said. Emma tied her hands behind her back, trying to motion her finger at Jay to go out the back door.


"Jay Hogart happen to be staying here?" as soon as Jay heard those words, Jay took off, but the other bigger police officer heard Jay's eager movement and pushed past Emma.

Emma's eyes widened watching her back door fly open with the police officer chasing after Jay.

Jay jumped Emma's fence easily but so did the officer, and he couldn't even make it passed the driveway when the other officer with Emma caught him by surprise and caught him, slamming him up against the cop car.

"Stop struggling and you won't be charged, we just wanna get you some help with what you're mixed up in." the cop told Jay.

Jay breathed heavily but looked down sadly and stopped, this must of been about feeling the hospital after his overdose. He felt the cuffs go around his wrists and tighten, he cornered his eyes as the cop backed him off the car and opened the back door. Emma was on the porch, tears in her eyes and arms hugging around herself as Manny ran up the steps.

"what's going on?" Manny asked breathlessly, eyes bulging out.

Jay couldn't even look at Emma as he sat in the cop car. He felt like an absolute disappointment.

Jay now wore green hospital pants and a white v neck shirt, his hair brushing against his forehead as he sat at a white table.

He was in rehab.

Three months they gave him, since he ran off from the hospital and then the cops again.

"93 days." sighed Emma, sitting across the table from him and setting her purse down. She didn't look as hurt as the last time he saw her, more stone cold.

He stared down at his hands folded on the table.

He didn't belong here, he belonged with her.


"Why three months?" she cut him off, tilting her head and then he saw it, those tears threatning her eyes, he felt so bad his heart even stopped and he swallowed hard.

"One month for running from the cops.." he coughed, hearing his voice a bit crackily, "another for running off the first time after my O.D.." he drifted off, not being able to look at her.

Emma nodded slowly, "And another for what?" she wanted to hear him.

Hear him say it.

Jay's eyes read pain, it was full of it. She knew. She must of talked to a nurse...or his doctor. Maybe he did belong in here if not with her..

But how could he not belong with Emma? He couldn't see himself happy without.

"Because they found it still in my system.." he whispered, shutting his eyes when he heard her chair shriek back and her foot steps walking away.

He looked up after a few moments of cursing himself to see Manny leaning on the wall on Emma's side, she must of come with her for support.

"We all thought you stopped." Manny shook her head at him and came over, sitting down.

He exhaled, "The day Emma made horrible pancakes." he laughed but looked so sad and frowned deeply after, looking back down.

Those were 'his..plans'. that day.

"I just wanted a little, just a little so it wasn't so cold turkey." Jay tried to explain.

"You were doing okay off it!"

Jay shook his head no, he wasn't, "It was on my mind as much as Emma was." he knew that wasn't right.

"You couldn't pick her over it?" Manny saddened.

"I was!" snapped Jay madly, "I.." he drifted off and confessed, "I did it when Sean came back, and I went to Spinners house, remembered I had it, thought she was going to pick him over me, so I did it.."

"The night of the party."

Jay nodded and rubbed down his face, he was so upset and run down.

Manny slowly nodded, kind of understandable, "maybe you need this." she confirmed, pointing around the hospital.

"How am I suppose to make things right with her while being in here?!" hissed Jay. Three months? That wasn't fair!

Manny shrugged, "the first thing you should be doing to win her back Jay, IS this." she confirmed, standing up.

"then what?" Jay asked desperately, looking up at her hopefully.

"You figure it out." she said and left.

Jay stared off into space until he put his head into his hands. A screw up, that's what he was and everyone was right.

A nurse led him back to his room and Jay stood in his room, staring at his white bed with white walls and his own little bathroom with no door.

Almost seemed like jail.

Jay felt heart broken. Weak. He leaned his forehead on a wall and tried to take a deep breath, then tightened his clenched fists. He leaned back quickly and punched a hole right into the wall and the nurse ran back in.

Jay's hand shook and it was all bloody.

"He's an addict Emma." Manny sat with Emma in the Dot's booth.

Emma shook her head fast, "I don't want to talk about it." Jay had fooled her, said he changed, and she believed him

She was so stupid! Every night this week she had to go bed, alone, crying her eyes and heart out.

"Doesn't matter how much anyone means to him, an addiction is an addiction Emma." Manny actually said quite seriously.

Emma couldn't look at her because she was right, but she thought love could conqour all.

"Love can't beat everything." Manny whispered to her, "Not when you have such a problem you have to take care of first."


"I told you he had to go to rehab."

"Ok Manny!" she exclaimed but took a deep breath, "Maybe it's not realistic of me to think love could of been enough, maybe he does need serious help but.."

"But are you going to help him through this the right way or not?" Manny challanged.

Emma looked down, Manny was right, Jay needed her, he was going through something Emma had no idea about.

Emma smiled sadly to Manny, "When did you get so smart.."

Manny smiled, "Hanging with you I guess." she teased.

Emma frowned deeply, "I don't feel so smart anymore." she began to cry, and wiped her tears. Jay had her world upside down.