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"You're a liar…" Ano muttered under her breath, looking away from me.

"OH!" I faked a hurt expression. "How can you say that to your own father?" I hold my hand to my heart as if she her accusation pained my heart.

"Dad." She began with a haughty expression on her face. "Do you seriously expect me to believe this? I mean c'mon, you want me to believe you died? Twice?!"

"It's true, and I met Agni and he put me into your mother's body." I smirked at her.

"Urrgghh!" she threw her hands above her head like the six year old she is. "That's it, I want mom." She folds her arms across her chest and waited. I had to hold back my laugh.

I shrugged. "Okay, wait here then."

I start to chuckle as I head to my mothers garden, where I was sure she would be. I navigated my way through the maze of halls. I passed the portraits of my ancestors and I stopped to consider why I didn't destroy these things when I first became firelord. It's not like they deserve to be up there, they were horrible leaders. They don't deserve to be memorialized. Thanks to these guys, many innocent people died. A whole civilization was exterminated. These people were the ones who started the wild goose chase that was to capture the avatar. But overall, that's not a bad thing, well…the whole war/killing thing was bad, but without that experience I would have never met Katara.

I waved a few servants away and walked into the garden. Katara was sitting beside the pond, feeding the turtle ducks. I knelt down behind her and snaked my hands around her waist. That make her smile and lean back into me. I let out a long comfortable sigh as we sat and watched the family of turtle ducks swim. I sighed again as I remembered what I came here for. "Honey, I need your help." I said and kissed her lightly on her neck so she knew nothing was wrong. "I was telling Ano the story of when I met Agni, but she doesn't believe me. She wants you to tell her that I'm lying or something."

Katara smiled and looked at me. "Well, if I wasn't a part of it myself, I wouldn't believe it either." I stood and helped her up. We walked hand in hand to our daughter's room. We knocked gently and waited until her to tell us to come in, and then we sat on her bed.

"Mom, dad is trying to say that he died and was brought back to life in your body." Ano rolled her golden eyes at me. I had to suppress another snigger. "Tell me the truth." She demanded. Katara raised her eyebrows at her. "Please?" She added sheepishly.

Katara cleared her throat. "Actually, everything your father said was true."

"Even the part about you punching him?"

Katara smirked. "Yes."

"What about the parts when daddy fought the lion bear, and killed it with his bare hands?" And asked skeptically.

Katara looked at me with her eyebrows scrunched together. Her eyes narrowed and she had to try to suppress a laugh. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders as if to say 'I got a little carried away, so what?' Katara chuckled and gave me a look that clearly said 'Alright, I'll indulge you, but you owe me.' She turned back to Ano and replied. "Yes, he sure did."

"WOW!" she looked at me with wide eyes. "That's so cool!" She jumped up and down a few times on her bed. "But you know what I don't get? Why did you punch daddy if you love him?"

M wife smiled and laughed. "That's because I didn't. I hated him." She looked at me in the eye. "You're father was annoying and I couldn't stand him!" She said to Ano while looking lovingly at me. "He chased me all the way around the world, he tied me to trees, and he almost killed me a few times. He even stole the necklace I gave you." She fingered the blue pendant hanging from Ano's neck.

"Hey, I didn't steal it, I-"

"Then why did you marry him?" Ano said cutting me off.

"Young lady-" I warned her, but was again cut off, this time it's Katara. Damn, do I have any respect in this family? Nobody seems to be listening to me, and their talking about me as if I'm not even here. Maybe it's just a woman thing. Once they start talking about romance and stuff like that, it's like nothing else exists. Not even a husband and father like me.

"I married him because he changed. He went from an insensitive jerk, to a loving man. To put it simply, he grew up. We all did." Katara smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me. Her soft lips moved against mine gently, and I smiled into the kiss. I loved kissing this woman, she was indeed perfect. We both pulled apart as we heard a small grunt. I looked at Ano and her face was that of pure disgust. She wrinkled her nose at us and turned away. I looked at Katara and winked at her. We would definitely finish this later. "I grew to love this man." Katara continued once Ano stopped gagging.

"When did you realize that you loved him?" Ano asked curiously.

"Well, let me see…" she thought carefully for a moment. "It was during the final battle. When we were fighting I was worried about everyone, but I couldn't stop thinking about Zuko. I couldn't stop wondering to myself if he was okay, if he was injured, I was afraid that something might happen to him. At first, I thought nothing of it, you see we had become friends after he joined the group, but after a while I realized what it really was. Love"

"Ewww…" she pursed her lips. "Can I play with uncle Iroh?" she asked excitedly. It was then I realized what all of these questions were really about. She just didn't want to go to bed.

"No you can't; it's already way past your bedtime. You can play with him tomorrow." I said firmly. She turned her head hopefully to her mom. "I said no." I said loudly, she jumped and quickly scrambled under her blankets. Katara kissed her cheek and I did the same for her forehead. "Goodnight." I whispered as I neared the door.

I took Katara's hand after we closed her door. On out way to out bedroom, we stopped by the kitchen to get a midnight snack. Usually I would be expected of us to get the servants to do this, but that's not how she was raised. She was taught how to do things herself, and she hated it when the servants tried to help her. I learned to live with this. I put my hands around Katara and held her from behind as we walked to our room. I put my mouth to her neck and kissed it lightly. I inhaled her scent and sighed, she smelled just like rain. We walked in comfortable silence until we reached the hallway that connected to our room. She stopped and looked at me. "Why did you tell her about that story? Why not the one about Oma and Shu instead?"

"Well, she wanted a funny story, and I personally thought that whole experience was hilarious…" I said sarcastically.

She chuckled lightly. "What are you going to do tomorrow?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, don't tell me you forgot!"


"Sokka and his family are coming over along with Toph and Aang. Remember? We've been talking about this for a week."

"Oh no, Sokka's bringing his family?" I really had no problem with Toph and Aang coming here, but Sokka was going to bring his wife, Suki, and their five kids. His kids were monsters. They took after their dad in all of the worst ways. I remembered last time they came over, and it wasn't pretty. They ate almost all of our food, and practically destroyed the gardens. I grunted to myself and cringed, I couldn't believe I forgot something like that. "This is going to be a nightmare; I'll have to send for the gardeners…"

Katara laughed. "They're not that bad, what about Toph? Last time she was here, she decided to challenge all of the palace guards to duels."

"Well, that wasn't bad. I actually found it extremely entertaining." I chuckled and opened to door to our room. We walked over to the bad and sat down on it.

"You might have thought it was funny, but the guards sure didn't." We lie down and she snuggled into my chest. I smiled and combed my fingers through her soft hair.

"Katara?" I asked. I extinguished the candles that gave us our light.

"Yeah?" She sighed and leaned further into my warm body.

"I love you." I whispered and kissed her just below her jaw.

She giggled. "And I love you too."

I smiled and kissed her once again before I fell asleep.

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