Duelists in Hogwarts

What if Yugi's gang was sent to Hogwarts and met Harry Potter? That's the question I asked myself and here's the fic. Maybe I'll add some pairings in other chapters… This is my first fanfic ever, so PLEASE don't flame me if it sucks… TT

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Chapter 1: Mysterious Letters

Beep! Beep! Be… A young boy with spiky tri-colored hair turned off his alarm clock and got up from bed. On his desk was the brand new Duel Disk from Kaiba Corp. a weird necklace, and some cards. They were all staked up very neatly to form a deck. It was the deck of Yugi Moto, King of Games. Yugi went to his dresser, switched his pajamas for clothes and put the necklace around his neck. Instantly, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle materialized in front of him.

‛Good morning, Yami!' Yugi cheerfully greeted his darker side. ‛Today we have to meet with Joey at Domino's Games Café!'

Games Café was the brand new hip place to maybe take a hot chocolate and play Duel Monsters. They had built several dueling arenas inside the café.

‛I know Yugi, but I think it's more for the 2 for 1 doughnuts special than for dueling or talking to you.'

‛You got a point, there…'

Joey was, of course, known for being a finalist for both the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City tournaments, but for his friends, he was the same old goofy blonde with an attitude… and a big stomach!

Yami went back to his soulroom and Yugi went downstairs for breakfast. His Grandpa was probably working in his shop, even at the early hour. He poured himself a bowl of Monster Munch (maple syrup flavored cereal shaped like Duel Monsters) and started to eat slowly, thinking of what the spirit had said to him a few minutes earlier.

‛No, Joey's my best friend, he would never do that,' the sixteen years old thought to himself, ‛He knows I need to talk to him about something important.'

He finished his cereals and went to outside to get the mail. One of the letters particularly interested Yugi. The envelop was yellowed, like if it was very old and a beautiful coat of arms was illustrated on it: it was divided into four sections. One of the sections had a silver snake dawned in it and the background was green. Another had a black badger with a yellow background; the next one had a bronze eagle and a blue background and finally the last section had a golden lion with a red background. But what intrigued Yugi the most was that his name was written in black ink in the front of the envelop.

Yugi put it in the pocket of his jeans, deciding to read it later, and went off to Games Café to meet Joey.

I know it was short, I know there weren't a lot of dialogues, but the next chapters will be better. Yugi, you do the honors!

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