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‛Wow, London sure is amazing!' thought Yugi Moto, stepping out of the airport.

Yes, it sure is. And it's pretty busy too.' responded Yami from inside his soulroom.

Around Yugi and his friends, Joey, Tea, Tristan, Bakura, Duke, Mai and Serenity, were people, mostly men and women in business suits, hurrying across the streets, coming in and out of buildings or talking on their cell. In the distance, they could see Big Ben and the parliament.

‛Well,' Mai said, yawning, ‛If this whole thing isn't true, we can always do a little sightseeing. The tickets for the plane were free anyway.'

‛Yeah, but we'd better check it out first. I can't believe it, my friends and I being accepted in some wizard school, den battling some monsters or something. Dis is crazy!' Joey exclaimed.

‛Oh, big brother, this is so exciting!' squealed Serenity.

Her brother nodded, smiling. Yeah, it sure was exciting.

‛So, where is supposed to be this ‛Leaky Cauldron' place?' asked Duke.

‛I don't have a clue dude, but I think that the letter said that it was a pub or something like that.' answered Tristan.

‛Ok, but WHERE is it?!'


‛Guys, I think the best way to know where it is is to maybe ask someone.' sighted Tea, putting a stop to the unnecessary argument between the two boys.

Tristan and Duke looked at her with round eyes, not knowing what to say. Yugi watched them a few seconds, laughed and finally went to see a nearby man to ask him politely where the pub was.

‛Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me where I could find the Leaky Cauldron?'

The man, a tall guy in is mid-thirties with clean brown hair, looked at him weirdly. He stared at a blushing Yugi from head to toe, frowning at the sight of his hair. After two long minutes that seemed to be like an eternity to the poor purple eyed boy, he answered:

‛Sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about.'

He turned around and started walking away. Bakura put a hand on the still crimson Yugi's shoulder and said to him in sympathetic voice:

‛Don't worry, Yugi. I'm sure we will find someone that knows where it is.'

Yugi looked up in his friend's friendly hazel eyes.

‛Thanks Bakura. Come on you guys, let's go.'

The gang wandered along the city for about an hour, looking for the pub and asking people if they knew were it was. Surprisingly, not one person they talked to knew about it.


Harry, Hermione and Ron were walking around London, trying to find something to do. School was starting tomorrow and they would have to take the train to Hogwarts. He had already passed at Diagon Alley to buy his school supplies. Even though Harry was eager to go back to Hogwarts, he wanted to enjoy his last day of freedom with his best friends, who were staying with him at the Leaky Cauldron on their last day.

‛So. What do you guys want to do? Maybe get an ice cream?' asked Hermione.

‛Na, it isn't hot enough for that today' said Ron.

Harry and Hermione looked at him, surprised. Usually, Ron Weasley would never miss a chance to eat.

‛But we can go at the movie theatre and have pop-corn.' he continued.

His two friends looked at each other and smiled. Now there was the Ron they knew.

‛Oh, but Ronald, it's such a nice day! We should stay outside!'

‛Look you two, we can go get an ice cream AND go see a movie!' Harry said. He was always there to stop his friends when they were bickering.

‛Hmm. Hey look over there.' whispered Ron.

He was pointing to group of people sitting on a nearby bench or standing around it, all of them with a look of discouragement on their faces. They were eight teenagers, all about Harry's age. Five boys and three girls. One of the boys was short and had weird, spiky and tricolored hair. The next one had messy, dirty blonde hair, the third one brown hair shaped like one big spike, next was a boy with black hair tied in a ponytail and the last one had long white hair. As for the girls, they were all kind of cute. One had short, brown hair, the next one had long golden blonde hair and the last one had long auburn hair. They looked lost.

Harry decided to go help them out.

‛Hey Harry, where are you going?' asked Hermione when her black haired friend started to walk towards the gang.


‛Look Yugi, someone's coming towards us!' whispered Joey to his best friend.

‛Hey, I saw you guys hanging around here for a while, looking lost, so I wonder if I could help you with something.' said Harry.

Ron and Hermione caught up with him and stood behind him, eyeing the strangers.

‛Well, maybe you could. Do you know where we could find the Leaky Cauldron?' asked Yugi.

‛Wait a second. How do these guys know about the Leaky Cauldron? Only wizards and witches are supposed to know about it!' thought Harry to himself.

‛Err…How do you know about it?' asked Ron, who thought the same thing as Harry.

‛So you guys do know about the Leaky Cauldron!' said Tea.


‛You see, we got a letter saying that we were accepted to this school for wizards and that we had to report there today.'

‛In that case, we should tell you all. We are fellow wizards and we do know where it is. Muggles don't know about it because they can't see it.'

‛Muggles?' said Mai, confused.

‛Muggles are normal people, the people who aren't wizards or witches. By the way, my name's Harry and these are Ron and Hermione.' said Harry.

‛I'm Yugi and this is Joey, Tea, Tristan, Bakura, Duke, Mai and Serenity. We're from Domino City, in Japan.' Yugi presented his friends.

‛So you guys are exchange students. No wonder you don't know where the pub is. We'll show you to it.'

‛Thanks Harry.'

And so, all of them began to walk towards the Leaky Cauldron. In the lead was Harry, talking to Yugi, Tea and Bakura. Then came Duke, Tristan and Serenity. The two boys were one again bickering over her, while Serenity ignored them. Behind them, Hermione and Mai were listening to Duke and Tristan's argument over Serenity, both quite amused. Finally, Ron and Joey were chatting in the back, probably about food.

‛Here we are, the Leaky Cauldron,' Harry announced proudly, ‛We'll be leaving you right now, but we might meet up again on the train or at school. See you!'

The gang pronounced their good byes to Harry, Hermione and Ron and walked in the pub…


The eight friends looked in amazement at all the activity inside the pub. Wizards and witches were sitting at tables, reading a newspaper with moving, black and white pictures or talking about broomsticks, wands and other magical stuff.

Snapping out of it first, Yugi turned around to face the others.

‛Now, we have to find a man named Hagrid. He's supposed to tell us more about this, even though Harry informed us quite well. But we don't know what this man looks like…'

‛Huhh… Yug…' said Joey.

‛…We'll have to ask other people in here if they know him…'


‛…But this should be easier, since everyone here are wizards…'

‛YUGI!' all the gang roared.


‛Man, you should look behind you…' said Tristan.

So, Yugi turned around, slightly annoyed, which is rare for him. He soon found out what was, or who was, disturbing his friends. He gasped.

In front of him, was a man. But no ordinary man. This man was at least three meters tall. He had long black and frizzy hair and a long beard that was the same colour as his hair. To top that off, he was dressed and smelled pretty weirdly.

‛So, ye that group of exchange students from Domino City, Japan?' he asked in a big voice.

As scared of him, the gang closed in together.


‛Well, then follow me.'

‛Are you Hagrid?' asked Duke.

‛Ye, that's me.'

Hagrid started to walk towards the back of the pub. Yugi and his friends looked at each other and followed him. People from the Leaky Cauldron stared at them while they walked.

‛And they think we're the weird ones…' thought Yugi with amusement.

Remember, you and your friends are now like them, Aibou.'

Yeah, you're right, Yami'

‛Errr… Sorry, but I think we're missing someone.' Hagrid's voice interrupted Yugi's thoughts.

‛WHAT!' they all cried.

‛Ye see, Dumbledore sir told me to come pick up nine young new students. And you are eight.'

They then heard the front door to the pub open with a bang. A tall young man came walking in. He had clean brown hair and icy blue eyes.

‛About time I found this stupid pub…' he mumbled to himself.

‛KAIBA!' yelled Joey, turning red.

‛He's the ninth student?!' cried Tristan and Mai, pouting.

‛Humph, if it isn't the mutt and the gang of dweebs.'

‛Good, ye seem to know each other. You must be Seto Kaiba. Now, that you're all here off to Diagon Alley for school supplies.' said Hagrid, not noticing the animosity between Kaiba and Yugi's gang.

‛Diagon what?' asked Duke.

The tall man continued to drag them towards the back. When there, he stopped right in front of a brick wall

‛What the…?' started Seto.

Hagrid took out an umbrella. He then taped it against some of the bricks of the wall. Under the nine exchange students' astonished look, the bricks moved out of place to form an opening in the wall. Through it, a big market place with mostly witches going through it, shopping for school supplies for their children or just shopping for themselves. Hagrid faced them.

‛Welcome to Diagon Alley, kids!'


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