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Chapter 1: Spaghetti Dinner

Numbuh 5 of the Teens Next Door was sitting on a couch in the living room of Sector V's tree house, dead bored. She looked at her friends. Numbuh 4 was playing video games with Numbuh 2 but they both looked bored. Numbuh 3 was absently brushing her hair, staring into space. Numbuh 178 was writing in a diary and Numbuh 1 (of course) was working on a mission report for the last mission they had had but he obviously wasn't getting very far. He kept banging his head on the table.

Numbuh 5 rolled her eyes. "Um guys? Numbuh 5 suggests we do something before she and all of you for that matter explode from boredom."

Numbuh 1 looked at his girlfriend. "Like what?"

"Er... Well... Hey do you guys remember when we had a spaghetti dinner at my house when we were 10?"

"No." Numbuh 178 said.

"You weren't with us then." Numbuh 4 said.

"It was so embarrassing." Numbuh 3 added.

"What happened?" Numbuh 178 asked curiously.

Everyone shuddered as they remembered that embarrassing day.

"It started like this..." Numbuh 2 started.


"Daddy is that spaghetti sauce ready yet?" Abby asked her father.

"It will be ready in a minute Abigail, with the onions and the tomatoes and the...ah you know what I'm talking about."

Abby nodded and looked out the window. Down the street she could see people approaching. A doorbell sounded through the whole house.

"They're here, Mama!"

"Can you get my cherie?" Came the voice of Mrs. Lincoln. "I am helping your sister paint her nails."

Abby rolled her eyes and went to get the door.

"Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Sanban!"

"Hello Abigail." Mrs. Sanban said smiling.

"Hi Abby." Kuki said.

They had arranged to call each other by their real names for this dinner.

"Hey Kuki. Where's Mushi?" Abby asked.

"Grounded for life remember?" Kuki whispered following Abby into the living room.

"Right." Abby said.

The doorbell rang again.

"Abby'll be right back." Abby said to Mrs. And Mr. Sanban. "Mama will be down in a minute."

Kuki and Abby walked to the door and Abby opened it.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Uno. Hey Mrs. Gilligan. Come in." Abby held the door open wider and smiled at Nigel and Hoagie.

"Hey Abby." Nigel said smiling at his best friend. Abby smiled back.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sanban are in the living room and Mama will be down in a minute if she's not down already." Abby heard her mother's voice coming from the living room. "You could go join her."

"Thanks Abigail." Mrs. Gilligan said before following the Unos into the living room.

"It's always Abigail." Abby muttered. "What's wrong with Abby?"

Hoagie, Kuki and Nigel smiled at her.

"Abigail's not so bad." Nigel said.

"It is when it's your name." Abby muttered.

The doorbell rang again and when Abby opened it, there stood Mr. and Mrs. Beetles. Abby smiled at them.

"Hi Wally." Abby said. "Come in. Everyone else is in the living room."

Mr. and Mrs. Beetles smiled at her and went into the living room.

Wally looked at Abby. "So what should we do know?"

Abby shrugged. "I don't know. Want to go in the back yard?"

"Sure." Kuki said. As they got to the backdoor the doorbell rang again.

"Who can that be?" Abby muttered. "Everyone is here. Abby'll be back in a second."

She left the others and went to answer the door. When she didn't come back in 5 minutes, Nigel became worried.

"Abby are you ok?" Nigel asked walking into the foyer with the rest of Sector V following behind. Abby was just standing at the door.

"What do you want?" They heard her ask.

Nigel walked next to Abby and gasped. There, standing like he owned the world was Chad Dickson. Traitor to the K.N.D.

"I was invited to the party, you little twerp." Chad said rudely.

"By who?" Wally spoke up.

"Oh my gosh! Abby what are you doing? You are so rude!" Cree pushed her little sister out of the way.

"Chad, I'm so glad you could come." She turned to Abby. "Tell mom, that we'll be back in a few minutes. We have some stuff to talk about. DON'T you dare disturb us."

With that the two traitors hurried up the stairs.

"Wonder what they're doing." Hoagie muttered. "They could be planning a new way to get rid of us."

"Maybe we should check it out." Kuki said.

Abby bit her lip. "Abby guesses we could but her sister is a master of stealth. She'd know that we were spying on her."

Nigel shrugged. "What've we got to loose?"

Abby shrugged and followed the others up the stairs.

"Ok, I don't hear anything, but the room could be soundproof. Now what?" Wally asked.

Abby thought a moment. "Abby knows! If one of us gets on the roof we can record/video tape their conversation. There's a skylight up there. I'll go." Nigel nodded.

Abby took a video camera and was gone for 5 minutes. She motioned for the others to follow her downstairs. When they were in the hallway she gave Nigel the camera.

"I couldn't see anything, so I just put it in there and started filming."

Nigel nodded and pressed play. The others crowded around him and watched the film. 5 minutes later, when the film ended, Hoagie looked like he was going to be sick.

"Gross!" Wally said.

"EW!!" Kuki cried.

"That's disgusting." Abby remarked.

"Blegh!" Nigel cried.

"Guys, Abby thinks the food will be ready now." Abby said a faint blush staining her cheeks at seeing her sister kissing like that.

"Right. Come on guys." Nigel said.

"Who could kiss like that?" Hoagie asked Wally, who shrugged.

"It's disgusting." Abby said shuddering.

"I don't know if I'll be able to eat anything." Nigel said as they walked into the dining room.

End Flashback:

"That really happened?" Numbuh 178 asked, a smile spreading across her face. When the others nodded she started laughing.

"Oh my gosh. Poor little 10 year olds, scarred for life after seeing such a display of passion." Numbuh 178 said dramatically.

Numbuh 5 started smiling. "I guess it could have been worse." She said.

"A lot worse." Numbuh 3 added.

"Do you guys remember when we got lost in the woods for a day and a half?" Numbuh 2 asked.

Numbuh 3 shuddered. "Yeah."

"Now this one I remember." Numbuh 178 said. "It started like..."

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