Author's note: This is short because I wanted to stop at a good point. The whole story is based on what I have researched through the books and websites. If you think anything was portrayed incorrectly, let me know. But then again, the point of a fan fic is to twist the story. So that is what I shall do.

The sun shown brightly as Carlisle walked aimlessly around the busy city. He was a carefree person when he wasn't home, taking care of his ailing father.

As he stared up at the sun, he soaked in its warmth. He loved the sun. Its warmth wrapped around him and a gentle breeze lifted his soft blonde hair.

He walked the streets of London many times, especially when his father was able to get up on his own. This just so happened to be one of those times.

He glanced at the setting sun and took a good look at it. This would be the last time he would be able to enjoy the sunlight in public. He was unaware of this.

He walked down the end of the street and spotted his house.

It was a quaint home in Central London. Nice and secluded, yet still a part of the community.

As he walked up the stairs, he heard a crash in the house.

He ran inside quickly and screamed, "Father?!?!"

He went into the drawing room to find his father sprawled out on the floor.

"What happened?" he exclaimed as he helped the old man up and into a chair.

"I just blacked out for a second, son, that's all. I'm alright," his father simply replied.

"Are you sure? Maybe I shouldn't go tonight, father, this might happen again, and it could have been worse!" Carlisle said.

"Heavens dear boy! If you were to catch one, do you know what will happen? You would be the pride of London! A true hero! I would rather die while you are out there catching them than you helping me and letting those bloodsuckers roam free. Don't worry about me lad, the good Lord will protect me. Think of the glory...the honor that you would bring to our family Carlisle. I, nor your grandfather were ever able to catch them. It's your turn to shine.Remember the family moto, 'L'unico scopo nella vita รจ portare il honor, non vergogna.' The only purpose in life is to bring honor, not shame," his father said.

Carlisle hated when his father did this. He constantly reminded him that he could bring honor to the family, ad if Carlisle didn't get one, it would dishonor them all. He especially hated the "family moto". It wasn't that he didn't wish to bring honor to his family. It was th fact that everyone expected him to.

Carlisle just wanted those bloody vampires to go away. He was sick of trying to hunt them and not succeeding. Although tonight should be different.

Carlisle had discovered a group of vampires in a pub downtown the day before, and had told his father about it. Now, Carlisle is responsble for taking a team up their and dispose of them.

"Yes Father, I remember," Carlisle said, clearly bored.

"You'd be good to rememeber it. Now, Carlisle, about tonight. I want to to be careful. Don't get hurt. They are a dangerous lot. You'd better bring plenty of weapons."

"I know. The team has it all set up," Calisle answered.

The clock struck eight.

"It is time, son"