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The war between vampires is becoming stronger than before. Four vampires are destined to become the queens over the vampire race, but one red haired vampire opposes this and has created an army to stop this.


"Bella, I'm sorry, but I've found someone I love better. Good-bye, forever." Edward said as he jumped out my window. When he looked back, I saw the lie in his eyes.

Why would he lie to me? he said he would never leave me again and now he's gone? I don't think so! I thought as I ran out of the house. I ran into the woods to follow Edward, but as soon as I had realized I was lost, I saw a flash of fiery red and in an instant, I was on the ground with non other than Victoria glaring at me.

"So, as it turns out, you are the destined fourth queen. And not just that, but you are the head queen. Well, it is in my destiny to destroy the four queens and become queen myself, and in order for that to happen, there has to be four queens. So, I'm going to give you your heart's greatest desire, and then when you find your new family and become who you are destined to become, I will rip your world apart." Victoria growled and bit me. after drinking a little of my blood, she had to force herself from me. "Have a nice death." She said sweetly and left me to die.


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