Author's note: Another Robin Hood ficlet whipped up spur of the moment. Takes place in the last episode of the first season (well...duh, I suppose). Thought it'd be interesting to see the Sheriff's thoughts upon realizing that Robin has reverted to his baser instincts, namely revenge and a willingness to kill.

(or, One Hell of a Shot)

You can push a man only so far before all his pretty principles and adages, whatever they may dictate, go flying out the window and he begins to act as a proper man should—instinctively.

The Sheriff realized that. And in fact that knowledge formed the basis of most, if not all, of his many manipulations of both his enemies and his minions alike. (Not to mention the occasional innocent or three, but who was counting those anyway?)

And yet, despite everything, he still could not quite suppress a cry of distress and disbelief when the arrow hurtling past him buried itself deep into his bodyguard's flesh: "Robin Hood does not kill!"

It had always been most convenient for him that Robin perpetually and doggedly adhered to that peculiar moral code of his, even when pressured to forsake it, for while Robin lost men and resources, he never had to replace his soldiers, inept and clumsy as they may be. He had never imagined that this day would ever truly come—when he would be sitting in the crossfire of Robin's arrows and actually have to fear for his life.

Because when all was said and done, and all the sweet scruples were put aside, he had to admit that Robin had one hell of a shot.