Title: Mutual Dislike
Fandom: Yuugiou
Characters: Aishizu, Seth
Rating: PG
Warnings: Seth being an asshole. I like him, really, I do; he's just so much fun to piss off.
Disclaimer: Yuugiou is copyright Kazuki Takahashi and all related affiliates.
Notes: Technically, this is a companion piece to "Playing Father", but can be read independently of it.

To say Aishizu was surprised when Seth interrupted her daily meditations in order to request assistance would have been an understatement. More accurately, the priestess of the Millennium Tauk was utterly floored at the mere notion of the proud man asking for help from any individual, particularly her. The clairvoyance she possessed either disturbed Seth or, in the event of its failure, was not worth his time; neither contributed to furthering herself in his regard. Though to be fair, Aishizu held no particular fondness for the merciless sneer which often surfaced on Seth's face, or the pride evident in every word he spoke.

Both knew of their ill favor, and both concealed it, if only for the sake of their own reputations. This delicate neutrality of dislike was shaken, however, when Seth came to her, eyes hard and annoyed, to say,

"Fix it."

Aishizu blinked only once before asking what she thought was a reasonable question. "Fix what?"

Shooting her a barely controlled glower, Seth removed his cap to reveal a shock of—Aishizu dug her nails into her palms to keep from laughing—violently pink hair, dyed from root to tip. Not a strand had been spared; it was obviously the product of a well-cast hex.

"Can you extract it." Though worded like a question, there was no mistaking the demand in Seth's tone. Aishizu would never know how she kept a calm expression as she countered,

"That depends. Who did it?" So I can embrace them.

Seth's jaw set. "I would put my guess on Mahaado's girl," he said. "The apprentice, Mana."

"Do you have evidence of this?"

"Who else would be petty enough to use magic in such a manner? The girl is as foolish as her master and twice as bold."

Aishizu's nails met her palms again, though not out of mirth. One of these suns… "Saying one is as foolish as Mahaado is hardly an insult, Priest Seth."

His response was dry. "I forget you sympathize with him."

"His loyalty is more unwavering than any of ours. You would do well to realize the strength he holds because of it," parried Aishizu smoothly. "Perhaps it was such a disparaging remark that caused Mana to bewitch your hair."

A growl bloomed in Seth's voice. "Will you fix it or not?"

"Truthfully? I do not believe I can. The spell is well cast, and I am not familiar with its composition. You would do better to make that request of Mahaado." It was at this point that she turned away from Seth's infuriated gaze. "And now I must return to my scrying."


"Consult Mahaado, or continue to cover your hair, Priest Set," she said as she walked away. You deserve every moment of it.

Later, Kalim would notice how lovely Aishizu appeared when smiling, but would not, for the life of him, be able to discover what made her do so.