A/N: Set after they took down the Brotherhood of Evil. Jinx has already become an Honorary Titan and has a communicator. The song Jinx's band plays is called "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge.

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Chapter 1


They had liked each other since the Teen Titans first got together but it was only recently that Starfire and Raven had started dating. Their relationship had been a secret for the first three weeks, and still was after four months. None of the other team members had noticed Starfire hanging out with Raven often or when Starfire snuck into Raven's room in the middle of the night. Not even Robin had noticed, but he didn't seem as interested in Star like he was before.

Their relationship had gone perfectly, until now.

Raven hovered over the ground with her legs crossed in her dark room. Raven had been trying to meditate but she couldn't concentrate. All she could think about was her.

She concentrated hard about that day that she had met the pink haired girl in the library. The memory came back as if her mind had filmed the entire day.

Raven had changed out of her Teen Titan costume into some black pants and a hoodie. That ridiculous costume was so uncomfortable. She had needed to go to the library that day to look at their selection of spell books and plus, there hadn't been much crime happening in the city so there was plenty of time for her to sit around reading. Raven escaped out of her window because she really didn't want the others, especially Starfire, wanting to tag along. Lately, Starfire had been so clingy and annoying. Raven had just wanted to get away from her alien girlfriend for a while, if only for a short time.

Raven flew to the shore of the beach and walked down a narrow street to get into the city. It wasn't long before the buildings towered above her and the stench of car fumes and garbage filled the air. She walked along the pavement toward the library. Raven hated walking, but she was trying to keep a low profile. She really didn't want to be mauled by fanboys, or the occasional fangirl, trying to get her number or for her to do some minimal task that anyone could do. Raven sighed and quickened her pace, wanting to get out of the rancid stench of the city and into the comforting library.

Raven finally reached the library and pushed the large oak door open, relieve washed over her. She went straight to the back, where the librarian had stacked all the dark magic books neatly onto a shelf. Raven began to run her finger over the spines of each dust covered book, looking for one she hadn't read already, when she saw something hot pink out of the corner of her eye. She glanced over and saw a girl with straight pink hair falling to her shoulders with platinum blonde bangs standing next to a book shelf. Raven felt like she had seen this girl somewhere but disregarded the thought. How could she have seen such a pretty girl and not have noticed?

The girl looked up from the book she had opened up and turned her head in Raven's direction. Raven quickly avoided the strange hot pink eyes with the catlike slits. The purple haired teen turned back to the shelf and acted like she had not been staring. Raven saw the other girl walking toward her, out of the corner of her eye, and turned as the strange girl approached.

"Raven?" The pink haired girl asked.

Raven stared dumbfounded at her until it finally dawned on her. Her appearance had changed greatly, replacing the dumb looking pig tails she always wore with straight hair and her goth like costume with a plain black t-shirt, black mini skirt, and the same purple and black stockings, but yes, this was the ex-villainess.

"Jinx?" Raven questioned, just to make sure her guess was correct.

"Yeah, it's me! I can't believe I actually got some good luck, meeting you here and all."

"Huh?" Raven said.

'I thought she caused bad luck..since her name's Jinx and all.'

"Oh, nothing. So what have you been up to lately?" Jinx chirped happily.

"Not much crime has been happening lately...so I've been reading." Raven said pointing to the books as she did. "You?"

"Well, since you guys have finally given me a communicator, I've rented an apartment down the block. I don't fight crime or anything anymore, you guys keep that under control, even if there isn't that much going on." Jinx explained.

"Oh." Raven muttered, still in awe over Jinx's beauty.

"Shhhh!" The librarian interrupted harshly.

"We should go somewhere where we can talk." Jinx said, lowering her voice. "How about the coffee shop across the street? See, I'm in a band and we play there all the time, so we'll be able to get free coffee that way. So how about we meet there at seven? "

"Um..sure." Raven said.

They parted ways after they had picked out their selections.

Raven was walking back to the tower, books cradled in her arms, recalling the whole conversation over again.

'Why did she seem so happy to see me? And why does she want to have coffee with me?' Raven asked herself.

She sighed heavily as she reached the shore and flew back into the tower through her bedroom window. Raven set her books down on her bed and sprawled beside them.

'Jinx is so pretty now. The only thing she does have in common with Starfire is that they are both beautiful girls. They have so many differences. Jinx is calm, mysterious, and she doesn't have an innocent mind like Starfire. She knows what pain feels like, she knows what hate is. Jinx is imperfect like me...that's why she's the right girl for me, and Starfire is not." Raven admitted to herself.

"I feel kind of guilty. But it's not like Jinx asked me out on a date or anything. It's just coffee." Raven thought out loud as she opened her closet, searching for something better to wear.

Raven wanted to look pretty when she met up with Jinx at seven just because she felt like it.

'I mine really, it's not like our relationship is perfect, even though Starfire thinks it is.'

Raven selected a dark blue and black striped shirt, with a large white X over the place where her heart was, and a dark-blue plaid skirt. She nodded to herself in approval. Raven glanced at the clock on her night stand. It was already 6:30. She finished getting dressed and decided to go out the door this time. She had only walked about four steps when she was pounced on by the orange skinned alien girl.

"Where are you going, Raven? I have been so lonely without you!" Starfire said as she hugged Raven tightly.

"I'm just going to get some coffee."

"Oh! I would like some of this 'coffee'. May I come also?" Starfire asked cheerfully.

"Um..I just want to be alone right now, Star. You wouldn't like coffee anyway." Raven lied.

"Oh. Ok." Starfire said, a little disappointed.

Raven felt a pang of guilt as Starfire flew slowly down the hallway. The violet haired girl rode the elevator down to the bottom floor and exited into the oncoming night. She decided she didn't want to walk and flew the whole way to the coffee shop.

'No one's going to see me. It's dark and anyway, I'm wearing dark blue and black. So I'm pretty much camouflaged.'

Raven gracefully eased herself to the ground in an abandoned alley near the coffee shop. She glanced to her right at the sound of the large sewer rats digging through the garbage.

'I'm so glad I live in the tower. This city is fucking disgusting.' She thought as she quickened her pace.

Raven entered the mellow looking building with 'coffee' written on the window in red decals. She stood near the door observing her surroundings. The walls and ceiling were a dark red color and the carpet black. There were a few lone people spread out at the many small two seat tables, each ignoring all but their hot beverages and the wonderful music that erupted from the stage in the corner.

Raven looked up, surveying the band. She saw Jinx with a deep purple guitar standing at the front mic. Jinx fixed her eyes upon Raven and continued singing in that hypnotic tone.

"I want to hold you close, skin pressed against me tight, so lovely, it feels so right." Jinx smirked and finished the chorus, "I want to hold you close; soft breath, beating heart, as I whisper in your ear, "I wanna fucking tear you apart." "

The band stopped playing and set their instruments against the wall. Jinx walked over to Raven, smiling warmly.

"I didn't think you were going to show up. Glad you did though." Jinx grinned.

"You were really great up there." Raven complimented.

"Heh, thanks. Oh! I have something to tell you in the equipment room in the back before we order." Jinx insisted as she grabbed Raven's hand and dragged her to the door that was to the left of the stage.

Jinx quickly shut the door behind her.

"You know, Raven, that song's about you." Jinx said grinning madly with a slight blush on her face.

Raven laughed uneasily.

"So..that means you like me and all, huh?" Raven asked, her eyes downcast.

"Yeah. Don't you like me?"

"I'm kinda going out with Starfire right now." Raven said, slightly avoiding Jinx's question.

"But do you love her?" Jinx asked, continuing to question the half-demon.

"Well...no...not anymore." Raven admitted.

Jinx nodded and moved closer to Raven, pinning her against the wall. A startled Raven stared into the pink cat eyes which were no more than two inches from hers. A blush started to creep across Raven's light gray face as Jinx pressed her lips against the violet haired teen's. Raven closed her eyes, returning the kiss without the slightest bit of guilt.

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