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Chapter 4

Raven heard Starfire's door slam shut around the corner. The violet haired teen, only a few steps behind the alien, leaned against the recently slammed door with her forehead resting on the cool metal.

"Starfire, please, open the door."

The Tamaranean bluntly replied, "No."

Raven sighed deeply, she really wasn't good at handling emotional situations.

"Please. I know you're upset, but please, let me explain myself."

Silence. And again the answer was no.

"Please, Starfire. I'm begging you. I should have told you the situation earlier, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I didn't want to hurt you. Please..." Raven continued to ramble in a manner so unlike her calm and collected self.

Silence elapsed. Raven closed her eyes and waited, dreading this ever happened.

Starfire finally stated meekly, "I loved you so much. I loved you so much that I stayed with you even though I knew that you did not want me anymore."

"I'm sorry. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I truly am." Raven squeezed her eyes shut tighter. She really did feel bad, but it was hard to show. She was just so unfamiliar with all of these overwhelming emotions.

"I would do anything for you to be happy and if that means you are to be together with another, then that is what will happen." Starfire answered, sounding more like herself and stronger in tone than before.

The half-demon's eyes snapped open. Raven was extremely taken aback. No one had ever said anything to her like that. No one had ever been that close to her before.

"I-I would do anything for you, as well, Starfire. I'm s-so sorry." Raven breathed a sigh of relief.

Raven stepped back suddenly as the door opened. The half-demon stepped inside, walked to the bed where Starfire was laying with her back facing the door, and sat down on the edge.

"Thank you, Star."

"It is ok." She replied with a light smile as she looked up at Raven.

Raven bent down and kissed her softly on the cheek, then stood up. She walked to the door before turning to face Starfire.

"Again, thank you, for all the happiness you've brought me and all the happiness that will come from our unbroken friendship."

Raven saw the back of Starfire's head move up and down slightly. The half-demon turned back around and walked out.

Starfire pulled her knees closer to her chest. Her expression was pained and her eyes watered. She never wanted anything like this to happen. All she felt like doing was sleeping. Sleep would bring release from these horrid emotions. Sleep would bring relief. She would be better tomorrow. She could pull through this. For Raven. For the girl she could never have.

Starfire closed off her faucet of continuous thoughts and eventually drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

-A few hours later-

A beeping sounds in the distance. Starfire disregarded it. All was quiet. Then, again, a harsh beeping. It roused her from her deep sleep, but not enough for her to move. Silence ensued once more. Her eyes fluttered open reluctantly. The beeping resounded for the third time. Starfire reached over to snatch her communicator off her bedside table to look at the name written on the tiny screen.


Starfire contemplated answering, but decided not to. After all, what she really wanted right then was sleep. She closed her emerald green eyes once more and drifted back to sleep.

-POV change-

Terra looked up at the Titan Tower, attempting to figure out which window was Starfire's. After some counting and speculation, the blonde used her earth moving power to produce a large rock from the ocean to lift her up to that one window.

Terra peered in. The lights were still on, but Starfire was curled in bed. She really hoped things hadn't gone badly. She had been tormenting herself about being too forward with Starfire. She should have kept her feelings to herself. She should have let things take their natural course. She never should have butt into other people's lives.

Terra slid open the window as quietly as she could and stepped inside. She made sure she levitated the rock back into its place, so as not to announce her presence in the Tower. Terra strided over to the sleeping Starfire.

The blonde noticed somewhat dried tears on the sleeping girl's face. Terra sighed. She really wanted the best for Starfire. She used her thumb to wipe the tears from Starfire's serene face. Terra climbed onto the bed to lay next to the one she adored.

Terra whispered calmly, "I'm sorry for all that I've caused. I will make it up to you, I swear."

The blonde lay on her side and pulled the alien against her chest. Starfire mumbled incoherently and nuzzled against the other.

-3 months later-

Beast Boy peered around a corner, stealthily. It was empty. He leaped into the empty hall and pressed his back firmly against the wall. He then peaked around the next corner. There, Beast Boy saw Raven with a flustered Jinx leaning back onto the wall. Their hands are rested on the other's waist and their foreheads are touching. Raven smirked menacingly.

Beast Boy snickered and raised his camera to snap a picture. Raven took one hand off of Jinx's waist and used it to levitate the digital camera from Beast Boy's hands. The startled Beast Boy watched as the camera flew into the wall, smashing apart.

"Awww...damn it." He sighed.

Raven and Jinx laugh at his misfortune.

Jinx stated, "We won't let you get by as easily as Starfire and Terra did. They just chased you. That's not really our style, as you can tell."

Beast Boy grinned. "At least I got to print a nice pic of them all lovey together."

He smirked as Cyborg walked into the situation.

Cyborg shook his head. "Dude, one of these days being a fanboy is really gonna get you killed."

At that moment, Terra and Starfire came down the hall that Beast Boy had his back to. Raven and Jinx noticed the look on their faces, grinned, and advanced towards Beast Boy from the front. Beast Boy, still occupied by talking to Cyborg, remained oblivious.

Cyborg saw what was about to happen and quickly cut off Beast Boy to say "Whoops. Gotta go. See ya later, BB! Hopefully."

Beast Boy raised his eyebrow as Cyborg dashed away.


Beast Boy acknowledged his surroundings. His eyes went wide.



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