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Intense Longing

"I love you."

Will had spoken these words to her so many times before, but this time it was different. The passion was fierce behind these three simple words, and it caused Elizabeth to sigh contentedly. She was completely wrapped in his embrace and reveled at the feel of the warmth radiating from his body.

Will began to slowly move his hands towards her waist, and when they arrived at their destination, he gave her a small squeeze as she whispered in his ear, "I've dreamed of this moment for so long."

At the feel of her breath against his neck, Will began to slide his hands up her side at a torturously slow pace. When he grazed the swell of her breasts, Elizabeth lost the ability to breathe properly. Her heart began to beat furiously inside her chest and she began to pant. Will placed soft kisses along her jaw line and trailed them down her neck, towards her collarbone. Elizabeth felt like a dog in heat, but she didn't care. This was the moment that she had waited to arrive at for what seemed like years, ever since Will Turner had begun to court her. Tonight, Will would make her his.

He began to murmur her name into her neck so softly she could barely hear him.

"Miss Swann."


He called her name a little louder and more forcefully as he began to nip at the skin around her shoulder.

"Miss Swann."

Elizabeth could do nothing but close her eyes. She had always secretly wanted Will to become more aggressive with her. He was always so…calm – sweet, but so infuriatingly passive.


Elizabeth's eyes shot open. The person in front of her was no longer Will but her hand maiden, Estrella. She was staring at her expectantly. Elizabeth had gotten lost in another one of her fantasies.

"You're supposed to be working on the food list for your wedding!" Poor Estrella looked exasperated.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "But it's so boring," she whined. "I don't care what we have. I wish Father would just do all of this. He's the only one concerned about the ceremony."

"You know, I remember hearing you go on and on about your future wedding when you were younger. You would describe the dress, music, flowers, guests, and ceremony in such lavish detail."

"Yes, well, that was when I thought I'd be married to an old codger."

The truth was Elizabeth no longer cared for huge ceremonies and celebrations. All she needed was Will by her side. He had captured her heart and made her whole. He made her feel such strong emotions that no other man alive had ever done before. But more importantly, Will was able to spark a fire that burned in a place that was not discussed in polite society.

Estrella sighed and was unaware of the thoughts running through Elizabeth's head. "You should at least try to humor your father. He just wants to give you something you'll cherish."

"I know, but I've told him I'd be perfectly happy with something smaller and more private."

"He's only invited about seventy guests."

"That's about sixty too many. I'd be fine just having me, Will, Father, you, Thomas, the priest, and the other servants there."

Estrella smiled and said, "Thank you, Miss. I've been meaning to thank you for having us as your guests."

"I wouldn't want it any other way." Elizabeth paused. "What was it like when you and Thomas married?"

"Well, it definitely wasn't like what you're having, Miss. But it was perfect for us." Estrella smiled. "He was very handsome that day."

"I'm sure he was. Did he seem he nervous?"

"He looked a little anxious, but I think it was more excitement. That's what he told me, anyway."

"What about you?"

"Actually, I felt quite well. I couldn't stop smiling. I know I looked like a fool, but nothing really mattered except Thomas at that moment."

"That sounds wonderful, Estrella. I'm hoping for the same experience."

Estrella placed a reassuring pat on Elizabeth's hand. "You'll be beautiful. Mr. Turner will look so handsome, and you'll be just fine. There's really no reason at all to be nervous because the ceremony will turn out perfect, I'm sure."

Elizabeth bit her lip. "To tell the truth, Estrella…I'm not very concerned about the ceremony."

"What do you mean?"

"It's…the part…afterwards." Elizabeth looked sheepishly at the older woman.

"Oh!" Estrella was at a loss for words.

"Do you think you could tell me…what to expect?" Estrella looked hesitant, and Elizabeth quickly added, "I mean, I'm not asking for details, but…Estrella, you're the only female companion I've been able to confide in all these years. You're like an older sister to me."

Estrella's face softened. She did indeed have a certain sisterly role with Elizabeth, as she was seven years older than the governor's daughter. Estrella had been with Elizabeth since she and her father arrived in Port Royal almost nine years ago. She had, by request of Governor Swann, explained the changes of the female body when Elizabeth had reached the proper age, as well as helped her through many breakdowns when Weatherby was unsure of how to handle an overly emotional teenage girl.

"Well…" Estrella began slowly, "apart from the obvious…pleasure…" This was very awkward. "There's a good chance your first time will be uncomfortable. You'll probably be sore for a few hours afterward."

Elizabeth listened to her explain the mechanics of what caused the discomfort, and Estrella answered all of Elizabeth's questions the best she could. After half an hour, Elizabeth felt reassured.

"Thank you, Estrella."

"I'm glad I could help."

"I really wish we could skip to the activities that will take place after the ceremony."

"Miss Swann!"

As Elizabeth laughed, the governor's voice drifted through the open door, "Elizabeth! Have you finished your list?"

"Almost, Father!"

With that, the two women began to scribble on the empty page.