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When the Black Pearl had lowered the longboat, Elizabeth wasted no time getting to the small island. She tried to bring enough provisions to last the whole day. She brought along an old sail that was no longer fit to use aboard the ship, as well as the softest blanket she could find, in order to make a decent bed, so she and Will would not have to roll around in the sand. Elizabeth also brought some food and water, just in case, but she doubted they would waste time on something as silly as eating. When she rowed ashore, she pulled the boat onto land as far as she could and gathered the supplies in her arms and headed for a shady spot about one hundred yards away. She quickly changed into a light, black dress in order to rid herself of the heavy oriental outfit she had been wearing. This will help things move along quicker than wearing pants. When she was done, she returned to the shoreline to wait for Will.

Elizabeth could feel her feet sinking deeper into the soft sand at the water's edge. The cool water felt refreshing as the small waves crashed against her ankles. It made her feel less tired than she really was, which was a good thing, because she had a wonderful day ahead of her. She began to reflect over everything that had happened as she admired her handiwork under the shade trees.

It had been a little over a year since Cutler Beckett had turned her world upside down when he arrested her and Will. She had been furious with his sudden appearance, and devastated when he sent Will after Jack. He had denied her of her wedding and wedding night. When she snuck into his office to steal the letters of marque, she wanted to scream the thought that kept running through her head: I could be having sex with Will right now, you bastard! Elizabeth decided it was better to try to remain calm and appear confidant, but when Becket accused her of getting the pardon for Jack and suggested a hidden love for the captain, it took all the composure she could collect not to shoot him right between the eyes for voicing such a ridiculous idea. She had run out of the office before she changed her mind.

Now Beckett was dead, and Elizabeth felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. He would no longer be terrorizing ports with his taxes and bullying. She had also managed to avenge her father. But the price to take Beckett down had cost her more than she ever thought she would have to pay. Will was now bound to the Dutchman for ten years, and they would once again be robbed of each other's company.

Her thoughts were disrupted when she felt a large pair of hands wrap around her waist and a husky voice whisper, "Hello, Mrs. Turner."

Elizabeth spun around and wrapped her arms around Will's neck and kissed him hard. All of the emotions that had been bottled inside of her since Beckett had arrived came pouring out of her through this kiss. All of the frustration, lust, surprise, anger, grief, disappointment, guilt, pain, and love that had been trapped inside made themselves known as her lips moved against his. Elizabeth felt tears welling up in her eyes and tried to suppress a sob that threatened to escape her throat, but failed. This did not go unnoticed by Will, and he broke the kiss to look at her.

"Elizabeth. It's okay. Everything's okay." Tears were streaming down her face, and he moved his hands to wipe them away.

"I thought I had lost you. Will, I don't know what – "

Will silenced her with a small kiss and said, "I'm here with you now. Everything is okay."

Elizabeth buried her head in his chest as the sobs continued. He hugged her tightly against him, trying to stop her body from shaking. He held her for a few more minutes until her cries subsided. Elizabeth turned to face him and continued the kiss Will had ended just moments ago.

Before things got out of control, she pulled away and said, "I've got a place for us to go, whenever you're ready."

Will smiled. "How can I deny you any longer?"

"You've got a promise to keep, Mr. Turner. You told me it would be worth the wait, and I've been waiting for a lot longer than I expected. I'm assuming you'll uphold your end of the bargain?"

"I've practiced building up my stamina just for you, Mrs. Turner."

"What are you – " Elizabeth felt her face grow warm as the realization of what Will was talking about hit her.

He laughed at her embarrassment and scooped her into his arms in one quick motion.

"Where is this little spot?"

Elizabeth giggled and pointed towards the trees in the distance, then wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him as he stumbled across the beach.

After nearly falling twice, Will finally made it to the small area his wife had set up their private rendezvous. He gently placed Elizabeth back on her feet and hugged her tightly against his chest. They both laughed as they realized they were finally about to consummate the marriage they had been waiting for. In a fit of giddiness, Will lifted Elizabeth off the ground, still clutching her tightly to his chest, and began to spin her around in circles, much to her delight. To keep from sliding out of his embrace, Elizabeth wrapped her legs around his hips as he spun her.

She laughed as she cried, "I'm getting dizzy! Slow down!"

At her request, Will stopped and looked into her eyes.

"You look beautiful, Elizabeth." He leaned to capture her mouth with his, gently nibbling her lower lip as she tightened her legs around him. She moaned into his mouth when she felt something begin to swell beneath his trousers.


He didn't need to ask her what she wanted. When his name escaped her lips, he kicked off his boots and began to move towards the bed she had fabricated from the old sail and blanket. As gently as he could, Will set her down and managed to do so without breaking the kiss. Elizabeth's hands found their way to his bandana and quickly removed the piece of material obstructing his hair from her touch. She quickly wove her fingers through his curly locks, holding him against her as she dropped her legs from around his waist. Will's hands began to explore her body while he nestled himself between her legs. He began to trail kisses along Elizabeth's jawline, continuing the trail down her neck. Her fingers untangled themselves from his hair and found their way to the buttons on his shirt, desperate to undo them as quickly as possible. She had trouble concentrating while Will teased the skin of her neck with nips and licks, causing her to lose control of her breathing.

Will had never seen Elizabeth react like this before, and it gave him great satisfaction to know that he was the sole cause of this new behavior. He slowed his pace to tease her, but Elizabeth refused to give in to him. Her hands shoved his shirt off of his shoulders and threw it somewhere to her left. She traced small patterns over his bare skin and grazed her nails to see what kind of response she could elicit from him. She did not want to be the only one that lost control.

Her caresses caused Will to stop his assault upon her neck, and he allowed the sensation of her fingers and nails to overwhelm him. To show her his gratitude, he brought his mouth back to hers and eagerly allowed her tongue to explore his mouth. He was surprised when Elizabeth grabbed his right hand and placed it on her exposed knee. He was equally aroused when she began to slide his hand towards her waist. Understanding what she wanted, Will moved his left hand to her other leg and matched the actions of the first, slowly making his way beneath her dress. Elizabeth's hands found their way back to his hair and continued massaging his scalp as they kissed.

When he arrived at the top of her thighs, Will began to move the material with his hands, tugging it out from under her. Elizabeth lifted her hips and then her shoulders to help him remove the thin material. When he discarded her dress, he placed his hands back on her thighs to continue the trail he started, but the sight of her exposed form caused him to lose his concentration. His eyes took the place of his hands as they roamed over her naked body while he sat between her legs. Elizabeth propped herself up on her elbows to watch his face as he looked at her. She knew she should show a little bit of modesty, but Will's face was so adorable, she couldn't help but enjoy the attention he was giving her. After several minutes, Elizabeth decided he had seen enough.


His eyes snapped to hers, and she had to stifle a laugh when she saw how unfocused they had become.

She gave him a small pout and said, "You're making me impatient."


Will began to lean over her to kiss her once again and moaned when he felt her bare skin make contact with his own. Abandoning the idea, he directed his attention to one of her breasts and kissed the untouched skin. Elizabeth gasped at the new sensation that pounded its way though her entire body. She could feel her nipples harden as he took one into his mouth and began to swirl his tongue around the pink flesh. Her hands flew to his shoulders when one of his hands made its way to her other breast and allowed its fingers to brush the raised peak. Very carefully he ran his teeth over the nipple in his mouth. Will mistook her sharp intake of breath for a gasp of pain and lifted his head to make sure she was okay.

"Did I hurt you?"

Elizabeth's hand flew to the back of his head and pushed it back down to her breast.

"Don't you dare stop."

Will grinned as he continued to kiss and massage each breast. He lifted his head again to blow gently against the spot his mouth had previously occupied. This became too much for Elizabeth, and she grabbed his face between her hands to bring his lips back to hers once again. As she pulled him against her, his erection pressed into her lower abdomen, and she realized he was not fully undressed. Before he knew what was happening, Elizabeth flipped Will onto his back and ran her fingers down his chest, making their way towards his trousers. She smiled wickedly when his chest began heaving and his eyes closed.

He had been unmerciful in his teasing, and Elizabeth decided it was time to return the favor. As slowly as she could, she untied and unbuttoned all the contraptions holding his pants onto his hips, making sure to repeatedly brush her hands against the prominent bulge. After everything was undone, she placed the palm of her hand against his erection and kept very still, taking in the new sensation. He was very warm, even through the material, and she could feel the definite outline of his anatomy. She began to experiment with small movements of her hand, running along his length while keeping her palm flat against him. She had never seen a facial expression like the one Will was currently showing, and it intrigued her. Is that what I look like when he's –


His pleading convinced her to finally relinquish her torture. She hooked her fingers under the material and carefully pulled them over his hips, down his legs, and finally threw them off to the side. Will moved his hands towards her to pull her onto him, but Elizabeth refused.

"I don't think so, Mr. Turner. You had your chance to look, and now it's my turn." She knew this sounded very brazen but curiosity got the better of her, and she didn't care. She had never seen a penis in person, and was not very impressed with the drawings found in medical books. Her eyes left his and traveled directly to his member. This is so much better than those drawings. It looked so different than anything she had ever seen before. The way it stood straight up in the air fascinated her. One of her hands moved to feel it, but she jerked it back when his erection twitched upon contact. That was unusual.

Feeling bolder, she wrapped her fingers around it and began to slowly move her hand up and down the shaft. Will's moans encouraged her to keep moving, and she tried twisting her wrist as she continued the steady motion. She took satisfaction in the sounds she was eliciting from him and enjoyed seeing him begin to lift his hips to meet her strokes. When the fingers of her other hand grazed his testicles, his hand grabbed her wrist to stop her.


"Elizabeth, I'm not going to be able to control myself if you keep doing that."

She grinned and asked, "I thought you were working on your stamina?"

"Yeah, well…It's a lot harder to put into practice."

He sat up and wove his fingers into her hair, bringing her lips to his. Elizabeth returned his affection and wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing their bodies closer together. Suddenly, Will turned her so that her back was against his chest. His mouth moved to the crook between her neck and shoulder and began to lavish multiple kisses against the smooth skin. He letd his hands to wander over the rest of her body, eventually coming to a stop at her breasts. He began to massage her as he had done a few moments before, and Elizabeth rested her weight against his upper body, allowing her head to roll back onto his shoulder. This position gave him an unrestricted view of her entire body. Elizabeth's small murmurs made their way to his ear, making him eager to hear more. Will took one of her hands resting on his thigh and brought it to her breast.

"Show me."

With his hand on hers, she began to imitate his other hand's actions, slowly rubbing herself. He watched as she took her nipple between her finger and thumb and began to roll it between them, causing it to tighten. He mimicked her movements and was rewarded with the sound of her heavy breathing and whimpers.

"Will…I…can't wait…any longer."

Giving her a small squeeze, he carefully placed her on her back and positioned himself over her. Even though Elizabeth seemed eager for what was about to happen, he didn't miss the nervous look in her eyes and the anxiety in her voice. Will lowered his head to hers and kissed her a few more times before asking, "Are you ready?"

Elizabeth gave a small nod and whispered, "Will you go slow for me?"

He kissed her again. "Yes."

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and moved her legs to allow him room in between them. Will positioned himself at her entrance and looked into her eyes once more before she nodded again.

As slowly as he could, he began to push into her, doing his best to be as gentle as possible. She was very wet, and he had no trouble moving inside of her, as he felt her muscles stretch to accommodate him.

Elizabeth winced as he entered her and held tightly to his shoulders, clenching her teeth in preparation for when the thin membrane inside her would break. A quick pain shot through her body as Will penetrated the barrier, and she gave a small gasp and clutched him harder. She could feel her body stretching as he moved deeper inside her before he stopped.

Will was buried as far as he could go and watched her face for a sign that she was okay. The sensations he was experiencing were almost enough to make him lose control without him moving inside her. Thank goodness for masturbation, or I wouldn't have made it this far.

Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked at his face. She could see his concern for her behind an intense concentration in his eyes. Her entire lower body felt sore as a dull pain throbbed between her legs.

"This isn't really what I was expecting." At least I didn't cry.

"We can continue whenever you're ready. I won't move until then, I promise."

"I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon, so go ahead."

He gave her a quick kiss before beginning to pull himself out of her. He did his best to continue at a slow pace as he pushed himself inside her again. Will kept his eyes on her face to watch for any hint of pain.

Elizabeth decided to try to move her legs into a new position in order to alleviate some of the discomfort she was experiencing. She raised her knees into the air and rested them against his side. Although it did little to change the pressure she was feeling, the movement seemed to have a huge effect on Will. She could feel him drive deeper into her as his pace began to increase. Her hands began to run along his back, tracing tiny circle patterns along the bare skin. She tried lifting her hips to meet his thrusts but found it hard to match his rhythm. Will moved one of his hands to help guide her and helped her imitate his momentum.

He could feel himself start to reach the point of no return and desperately wanted to fulfill his promise to Elizabeth. He assured her this experience would be worth their wait, and he did not want to disappoint her. Keeping his hand on her waist he tried different rocking movements until he found one that began to make her moan. He kept this motion and sped up the tempo as he rubbed against the sensitive area above her entrance.

Elizabeth felt pulses of intense pleasure drown out all the dull pain and closed her eyes at the new sensation. Her head rolled back as her breathing came out in ragged pants. She was not expecting to feel anything like this during her first time, but she did not complain. Will continued to help her hips lift to meet his while her hands gripped his back.

He could feel his control beginning to slip away and resolved to bring her to climax before reaching his own. He wanted to be able to see her face as she came and spoke her name softly.

"Elizabeth…Elizabeth, look at me."

She opened her eyes and met his gaze, seeing all the passion and love shining through his own. It caused the waves of pleasure coursing through her body to intensify until she finally felt the explosion of release as her muscles clenched around him. Her eyes closed again while she called out his name.

When he heard her cry out, Will gave a few more erratic thrusts into her before falling off the edge himself and emptying into her.

They clung to each other while waiting to come down from the high they had just experienced. After catching his breath, Will wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her neck before whispering into her ear, "I told you so."

Elizabeth laughed and swatted his shoulder. The couple stayed in this embrace for a little while longer before making love again and again that day.


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