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Naruto's blue orbs flickered once gain around the room that had become his prison for the last two days. It had been his third birthday when they had grabbed him from his favorite hiding place and brought him here. Part of him released how useless it was trying to escape these people and the pain they caused.

His body protested at the pain as he tried in vain to free himself from the cross like table they had staked him to. Even with his unusual fast healing he couldn't heal his hands and feet if he couldn't somehow get the spikes out of them. They would return soon to hurt him again, they always came back hurting him in more ways then he thought was humanly possible.

They kept telling him he was evil, a demon, a monster that everyone would rejoice when he died and every time he would say he wasn't a monster they would hurt him worse then before. It had been two days with continuous torture he couldn't take much more of it.

This pain had him ALMOST wishing for death to come and take him in his arms. Then he heard the sound of rumbling and his heart fell into his stomach as he stared up at his tortures' faces all placed behind weird contorted human masks.

They started in on him again and he receded back into his mind trying to somehow cope with the situation. As they had the other times they forced that sick purple pill into his mouth, it would make sure he didn't pass out from the pain.

It went through different phases, from plain old beat him with lead objects, to cutting gashes repeatedly along his arms and legs pouring salt into the wound afterwards. "You know if your wondering why we haven't killed you yet its because the Hokage said to make you suffer before you die." One said while taking another gruesome looking nail before hammering it into the tips of his fingers.

"Ojji-chan…" was Naruto's rasped reply "…you lying!" They tsked at him mocking him, "well why don't we just bring him in here to enjoy himself to, slowly killing a demon is quite fun." Naruto never saw one nod to the other in understanding before he left the torture room.

They continued to hurt him for what seemed to Naruto like hours, he still held on barely to his sanity the only thought keeping him from giving in was that they were lying and that the old man would come to save him this time.

When the door opened to reveal the aged Hokage hope glimmered in his eyes until he saw the glimmer of hate in his eyes. He stepped to him taking a lead hammer in his grasp before he brought it down onto his legs and then his arms shattering the bones. He screamed then, voice gripped in emotional and physical pain as tears streamed down his eyes "Why?"

"Because I hate you, you're a monster, you're evil and deserve to die a pain filled death. And you wondered why I never stopped the villagers from beating you? Never comforted you after they tossed you out of the orphanage? I HATE YOU!" Said 'Sarutobi' with a hate filled voice as he glared at Naruto.

His world, his mind, his sanity and most of his humanity shattered then leaving a dead eyed Naruto to stare on in resignation as everyone he thought cared about him in turn entered the room to give him what he 'deserved'. From the old man and his daughter that worked at the ramen shop, to Iruka who sometimes talked to him, then back to the old man Hokage. They all beat him, leaving him with nothing not even his sanity he died inside that day.

It continued for a week before help finally came but by then Naruto had along since lost everything that had made him the bright-eyed innocent happy kid he was. Any other would have died long ago when they began this torture session but not him. Not him, he lived through it for longer then any human should had been capable of.

------------------------------------------------Hokage Tower-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarutobi had cried very few times in his life in front of other but he couldn't stop the tears when his anbu guard told him what had transpired the week and a half Naruto ad been roughly been missing. How could anyone do that to such a small cute little boy?

He felt the bile rise up in his throat as they described the scene to him, in detail, what Naruto's condition was when they had gotten him off that crucification table. None of them could understand how he was alive even with the demon helping him he should by all rights be dead now.

When he dismissed him a medic came in to report his condition, Naruto was currently comatose and almost unrecognizable with his mangled body. They had managed to stop the internal bleeding and were working on stabilizing him. He may survive if he lived through the night.


It was cold and dark wherever he was, but the darkness embraced him, holding him to it coaxing him to invite it into what remained of his tiny shattered, insane heart. He couldn't see anything but knew where he was somehow he knew he was not dead yet.

Eventually he made his way in this utter blackness surrounding him to a chamber that held the only light in this entire place it seemed. In it was a cage with a paper reading SEAL on it, in the cage was a similar darkness? It was then two huge glowing red orbs that were eyes opened and a feral smile filled with sharp fangs gave this darkness its face.

In a flash a claw swiped at him stopping inches from his face, he didn't move looking t it with his dead eyes. Turning to the owner of the appendage he asked "well kill me if you want to." Stating it as if it was the most logical thing to do.

An evil grating chuckle filled the air as the claws were pulled back to the eyes and smile of the cage. "You are amusing child. Yes I could get used to this new you. How about it kid do you want to kill the ones who have hurt you slowly taking pleasure in their pain?"

As the voice spoke the eyes and smile shank until they were human in size before a beautiful naked women with nine tails stepped from the shadows. She had bloody red riot of curls that hung loose down her back covering her chest from view. Her tails were wrapped around her in front covering some but still revealing more then what was decent. She had whisker marks on each cheek much like himself, but she also had deadly looking claws on both her hands and feet.

"Who are you?" he asked turning his dead eyes to meet hers even his voice had an edge to it making it sound as dead as his eyes looked. "I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune that the fourth Hokage sealed in your body when he understood that he couldn't kill me, the foolish mortal. I am the reason these filthy monkeys hate you and wish you dead."

"Hn. So what is this place, are we staying here until we go to hell together?" She just chuckled evilly again saying "No we are in your mind you came here because you almost died." "Almost died?" "yes foolish ningen, almost died I will not allow your death because it means mine."

Naruto stood there shocked, his death meant hers because of the seal that bound them together and in some way she was the ONLY being he could trust because of this link. What little remained of his heart was happy with this forced protection he had someone he could talk to, a slow creepily empty smile lit his face his eyes remained dead. "Then I am the only one you protect and you're the only one that I can trust because my death means yours."

Before she could comment on this Naruto's formed faded away leaving a very confused demon behind. Her vessel had basically said they were all each other had left in the world. Admittedly this was true, she had never had the chance to mother kits before she was sealed, and she had neither living family nor a mate. She was alone in this world much like this child that was her prison.

She had taken pleasure when he had been tortured because she knew that Naruto was HIS son the one who cursed her here in the first place. But she had been there when he had snapped and seen it shatter along with any humanity he had left in his small body.

A slow grin slid across her face, he had nothing human left she had checked only a little emotion remained and he had directed it at her! It would be the ultimate revenge to turn him into her own little demon molding him to be everything that she was herself and everything THAT man hated.

OH yes it would be sweet indeed that when they meet their end in this world Naruto would turn his cold lifeless eyes to his father and remain at her side as they were welcomed in hell. He would wish himself out of existence when he saw his precious son, 'the hero'; loyal to the demon that had destroyed his home and caused his death.

Naruto awoke, noting that the pain had dulled somewhat making him wonder if the men had started to heal him to make this torment last longer. Opening his eyes he was meet with the stark whiteness that was the hospital room he was currently in. He knew something was different then because the cave-like chamber he'd been tortured in was not this bright.

He turned his head to the door when it opened he noticed it was the Hokage his gaze turned back to the ceiling. Sarutobi didn't notice that Naruto had awakened and sat next to his bed saying, "I am sorry I couldn't protect you."

He was shocked when he heard an answer "Don't you mean that you're sorry you didn't finish the job."

Turning he locked his gaze with Naruto's dead blue eyes, it scared him those eyes, where they used to have the energized full of life joy. This boy in front of him was so cold and his eyes were so dead. Part of him had expected to blonde to be damaged like this and accuse him of wanting those thing done to him because of Ibiki's report had stated they had henged into his likeness but still.

"Naruto that was not me! I would never hurt you like that please believe me! I wouldn't hurt you!" he cried desperately a tear trailing down his face. Truthfully he couldn't believe his Naruto would break, ever, Naruto had always taken his treatment in stride never losing himself to the hate.

But Naruto's eyes remained dead as he locked his gaze with him once more, "Even if you never made the blows you didn't stop them. Not just this time, before you knew about the other beatings, about everything and you stood by. You never cared for me Hokage-sama."

His heart clenched, 'Hokage-sama' echoing in his head where was his Ojji-chan nickname from his fostered grandson. He was right though he had stood by, let these things happen and this last one had killed Naruto inside he was dead. "You probably even knew about the orphanage kicking me out too, you are the Hokage." His voice was as dead as his eyes he didn't regret one words that left his mouth.

Naruto couldn't care, he didn't have the ability to care anymore no the only THING left was what was sealed inside of him because she was in a way himself. That creepy empty smile graced his face once more as he got out of the hospital bed even with his injures causing him pain.

The Hokage felt like he had been cut adrift when he saw that smile, he knew Naruto had been lost in that cave. He had lost his sanity through that torture. "Did you know they forced me to swallow a pill that kept me awake through ALL of it." He said looking at the holes in his arms and legs.

The Sodamie sucked in a breathe, he was awake they didn't even let him lose consciousness from the pain they were inflicting. He had been aware for NINE DAYS as they tortured him not letting him ignore the pain. Naruto just laid back down on the bed and remained silent after that, he would leave when he was healed no later until then he would just remain silent.

---------------------------------------------------------------Time skip-------------------------------------------------------------

It had taken Naruto a week to recover fully and he left the hospital right after that, no one had the nerve to stop him they all had become quite scared of his dead eyes and empty smile. He hadn't said a word since he had spoken with the Hokage no matter how anyone tried to coax him.

He made his way to the training grounds undisturbed for the most part and found himself immersed in the woods faster then he thought he would be. He hadn't talked because he didn't NEED to; as he only wanted to talk to his tenant no one else mattered.

So he sat down in the woods and tried to go back to that place in his mind to that comforting darkness. When he opened his eyes he was in front of the cage again facing the nude fox. "I wanted to talk to you." He stated. "What about kit? You going to kill those pathetic humans who tortured you?"

"No,…I want my revenge on ALL of them, Kyuubi-sama." "I knew I liked you kid, come here." Naruto walked through the bars with no hesitation the Kyuubi was pleased that he was so ready to come to her. Walking up to him she slowly wrapped both her arms around his shoulders from behind and pulled him into an embrace.

Her tails wrapped around his tiny frame and pulled him closer to her, sitting down with him in her lap them was an easy task. Naruto sat there dead eyed in her embrace, though faintly he felt comfort in this insurance that he was indeed not alone.

"Now kit, it will not do to have such a weak pathetic container any longer, so I will train you like I was trained, you will become a demon for me kit."

Had anyone seen the scene played out in front of them as the Kyuubi whispered into his ear all of the ideals demons held as she began to turn him into HER kit they would have said he was being seduced by evil. For months she taught him in his mind going through countless mental exercises.

She held him close at times, almost like a mother tutoring her child telling him how he was supposed to be from now on. He had even taken to calling her Okaa-san just as she had taken to calling him her kit. She couldn't do much with him so young so she settled with teaching him stealth, putting chakra weights on his arms and legs (yes she can do that by taking over his body for the limited time she was allowed) and drilling countless mental exercises with him.

It was how they passed the next few months Naruto not saying a word outside of his mind. His empty smile, his silence and most importantly his dead eyes disturbed everyone who had known the kid before the 'incident'. Sarutobi was at the end of his rope he was thinking of having him committed into a mental hospital in hopes to salvage what was left of the boy's sanity.

Meanwhile Naruto had just discussed with the Kyuubi about killing as soon as possible. Problem was to do so he had to avoid getting caught. However it had been easier then expected to just snap a man's neck one night when he had been trying to beat him.

The months passed without incident and his fourth birthday was a few days away. Even with all the stealth he was trained in he was nervous, all it took was a skilled ninja and he would get beat again this year.

He decided it was best he hid in the woods somewhere before anything happened however luck was not with him this time. He was caught off guard as a group of jounin and chuunin attacked him along with a mob of citizens. They had apparently gotten wind that there had been a few deaths recently that couldn't be explained and it left Naruto as the scapegoat.

It didn't matter, they beat him all the same but it was different somehow they wanted him dead more this time, needed his death even. They were so scared of the monster they had created; his dead eyes haunted them till they just wanted it gone to deny their wrongs. They were quicker then usual hitting him until he was curled up in a ball on the ground. Before they could be stopped THIS time they all grabbed anything sharp they could use, from pipes, to kuni to katanas. They impaled him from every side and angle eager for his long awaited death.

BUMP BUMP his heart thumped in his ears as it slowed down BUMP…bump…bu…it stopped and Naruto died in that moment. Kyu roared behind her cage as a last ditch attempt at saving her baby she poured everything she could into the seal to heal him to bring him back from death.

The seal cracked from the pressure, with Naruto's 'death' it had been weakened and it couldn't take the power. However Kyu was rewarded with a thump as his heart started again. He had been dead for no longer then a second but that had devastated the seal.

Naruto exploded with red chakra melting anything that was close, there was a hiss as his wounds were healed and weapons were shot from his body. Scared that the demon was finally showing its true self they ran not wanting to die that day.

When Naruto awoke to an unharmed body he startled for a moment wondering how he had survived that attack. "Kit, I will not mince words in the effort to save you I have damaged the seal. We will die soon no doubt when it breaks so I wish to be long gone when the time comes. It is time to leave this village kit."

'Even if we do, the Hokage WILL send hunter-nins after us we will be dragged back here anyway.'

"True, so tell him why you wish to leave and if that is not enough promise to come back. We will anyway because if we survive this we WILL get our revenge on this cursed hell hole."

Naruto did as he was told and went to the Hokage tower eager to leave this place before he died. When he made it into the office he noticed that the old fool was quite shocked he was there he had not sot him out in months. Hope glimmered I his eyes as he looked at Naruto hoping against hope that he was back.

"Hokage-sama I am leaving this village." As quick at it was born the hope died. "Why?" "Huh, not going to try to stop me?" "Can I?" "You are the Hokage." "Why are you leaving Naruto?"

"I will not beat around the bush, I know about the seal, and it's breaking because these foolish villagers have finally taken it to far. I am leaving don't send your hunter-nin after my body I don't want it here." He turned his back then, ignoring his calls that he could help, saying over his shoulder he said, "I don't want it, if I survive I may come back."

He just ran after that, out of the village, past everything he could recognize as being a part of the village he had known. He ran for days, not stopping drove with pure hatred wanting of putting as much distance between him and the village that wanted to see his death.

Eventually when he couldn't run anymore he made it to a low valley he had no idea where he was just that he was as far as he could go. It wasn't beautiful, or ugly just a valley surrounded by trees that encased it with darkness. This is the place where he chose to die, happy to depart this life in the dark alone.

The pain came then, he didn't scream though used to more pain then most would think possible. He laid down then turning his dead eyes to the night sky watching the moon as he passed from this world. He just felt cold then, a deep-freezing feeling from the core of his being.

When he was aware of next was that everything was bright abyss of nothing just a bright white emptiness. Before him stood a man, he seemed to belong here. He was tall, and was wearing black robes contrasting with the surrounding white naturally. He had short spiky black hair and deep red eyes that saw into your soul judging you from what he saw there.

Bowing Naruto knew where he was and whom he bowed to, "Shinigami-sama." The death god seemed quite taken aback by him, not used to souls accepting their fate especially them being respectful to him. He was the one assigned to young souls who died before their time this was a nice change.

"Naruto-san, you know who I am and why I am here, come it is time to go." "Shinigami-sama, gomen, I must wait for Kyuubi-sama I wish to go to Hell with her." Nothing could have shocked him more then that at that moment, a mortal CHOOSING to go to hell with a DEMON. "I am sorry Naruto-san Kyuubi isn't dead, she will not be for a long time."

"Then I will wait in this place for her, we agreed to greet hell together." "No you can't stay here, besides your not going to hell." "I refuse to go anywhere else."

Maybe he would be as difficult as the others, why would anyone WANT to go to hell. He obviously was insane. "Why would anyone wish to go to hell?" "I have killed people have I not?" "Yes but they were righteous deaths, they were attacking you." "I don't care I want to go to hell with her." "WHY??"

"She is my mother, what son would not wait for their mother?" "But she's not your real mother." "Doesn't matter she was the only one there for me and I'll be the only one there is that can greet her when she dies its only fair."

He chuckled then; he liked this kid even if he had a broken soul and heart he wasn't without passion. A thought occurred to him then, it had been boring here without any wars so why not stop the boredom with him. He would be sure to send him plenty of entertainment.

He walked up to him and grabbed him by the throat. Knelling he brought his lips to his own breathing some of his life I him, "I've decided since I like you I'm going to send you back." He smiled evilly, "I'll have to change that dead body though, and you're not human anymore. If you survive the pain I'll talk to you later."


She had wished for her freedom many times, but this was the first time she wished that she were imprisoned. She was clutching Naruto's bloody dead body to her trying futilely to heal him. You couldn't heal the dead.

The seal had broken releasing her causing her to be thrown out of his body effectively killing the one being she wished wouldn't die. Something had changed within her; she had grown to care to love as much a demon could for him. Tears, for the first time in her life, streamed down her face.

"Please kit, please just live. We were supposed to go to hell together! Come on kit we'll get our revenge together!"

It was futile though no matter how loud she screamed she couldn't wake his dead body. Holding the dead toddler to her breast she made her way to shelter as the rain came down, a poetic irony. She decided against lighting a fire she laid down curling her body around the corpse in her arms.

She refused stubbornly to admit her baby was indeed dead instead she convinced herself that if she could get his cold body warm again he would wake up. Wrapping her nine tails round him she nuzzled his neck hoping to wake him all this done in vain. Sleep claimed her no matter hard she resisted breaking free of the seal had cost her body a lot.

She was shocked awake hours later when the corpse she was clutching to herself started to heat up to an impossible height. She felt hope for the first time then, he was warm again maybe he hadn't died! He screamed then when the pain of his soul going into a lifeless body started, then a second pain of the corpse changing into something living came.

Kyu panicked then not knowing what to do to help her baby with his pain rocking him in her arms desperate to comfort him.

Naruto screamed, the pain, it was worse then the torture he'd been through previously because he felt like his very soul was aflame, burning. The flames consumed him but he refused to break again, refused to give into the pain like he had before, his iron will keeping what little sanity he had left.

His bones broke under the pressure, veins popped, muscle torn and then everything reformed healing changing into something similar but very different from his original form.