Naruto found himself once again atop the Hokage Monument gazing out at the village he hated so

A.N: I just felt I should explain what I'm doing with this story for those of you who don't have a twisted mind like me! Lol In the canon Naruto is this pure ray of light that brings hope to people who've lost it. However, like with Sasuke there are people who get a negative effect from his megawatt personality. With this fic I wanted to show what it would be like if Naruto was the darkness not the light. In this fic instead of inspiring the ones around him he is going to corrupt them bringing out that monster that dwells within them because no matter what side Naruto takes he still has this charisma that draws people to him.

Naruto found himself once again atop the Hokage Monument gazing out at the village he hated so. This week had been enlightening to say the least he had come to terms with something he had not expected to find. He wasn't the only one who hated this village so and the thought had never occurred to him before.

They were still very much a minority but there was more people who hated this village then he thought there was, all of them living right under his nose! He sat down bringing on knee to his chest to rest his chin on to think through this pleasant addition to his plans.

He'd been sending clones on the 'missions' that team seven got so that he would not have to see the Hokage again any time soon. That wasn't for the Hokage's lack of trying it seemed everywhere he went or sent his clones there he was waiting for him it was grating his nerves.

His sperm donor was the symbol of everything Naruto hated in life, the village, the broken seal on his navel, his pain, his insanity and he wouldn't allow himself to be tricked. He would never forget the hate in which he grew up in; never forget the whispers of demon, the rotten food, the beatings and the loneliness.

They were looking at him differently now with sorrowful looks and guilt ridden kindness. They thought they thought that just because they felt remorse for their actions NOW he would spare them. Well that wasn't going to happen! Twelve YEARS of hate wasn't going to be washed away with a pitiful 'I'm sorry' now!

When he was weaker and still human he had begged them to stop…begged them not to hit him to feed him to love him and not hate him. He had been pathetic but he still had done that if they couldn't feel remorse then before his 'father' announced his origins to the world then they deserved no mercy from him.

All this just proved to him how fickle and disgusting these flesh bags really were. They thought him the monster, they had beaten him down chanting how evil he was…but in his eyes they were the monsters. They were the demons, they were the ones who deserved to be punished and he was going to give them.

The clones he had deployed to spy on the village had been very helpful, in a month's time the chunin exams would begin and it would provide a great opportunity for him to scout out more potential allies. Naruto was many things but he wasn't a fool the humans were like locus or ants when they swarmed even the mightiest would fall.

They had already proven they were willing to sacrifice a lot to defeat the demons Naruto had no will to see just how far they would go. Hinata was more then he could have hoped for she had such potential that was so held back by her repulsive suck up clan it really was a shame.

Soon he'd have enough information so that when he approached her twisting her mind against this hellhole would be child's play. She had a gentle nature though that would have to be disposed of quickly it would only hinder her grown in this world kindness was just an invitation to be walked on.

She wasn't the only one who was an outcast in this village like him, Shino; her teammate was a gold mine with his bugs and ability. Ironically what made Shino interesting to Naruto made him creepy and unapproachable to the rest of the villagers. He wondered if he felt those bugs crawl under his skin it was no wonder he was so calm all the time.

There were a few others he'd been looking into but those two stood out in his mind as the easiest to corrupt. Hell, if he got Shino he was almost guaranteed the rest of the clan he was the heir after all. That group never did anything against him after all, not one snide comment, in fact and he respected them for that.

True the never did anything to defend him either but unlike the Third whom he had been somewhat close to they had no obligation to defend him. It was even understandable that they didn't want to get involved since the whole family was somewhat shunned.

Hate was all he ever knew would ever know hate was what drove him. Things like love and affection were foreign concepts to him Naruto couldn't understand them in the slightest. His mother protected him because that was her duty. Even from before everything she did was a form of self preservation after all demons could not truly love anything at all.

Kyu said she loved him like her own kit but how could he even tell if that is what she truly feels. After all to know love one must experience what it is to love and Naruto didn't think he had any love in himself to give to anyone. The Kyuubi may have been his mother but he had been an orphan for long enough to have a fierce independent streak in him.

Had he been born from the Kyuubi it may have been very different demonic kits tend to stay close to their mothers out of instinct. They knew their mothers would protect them, which was mostly the reason they remained weak for so long before their true strength could be seen.

It was because he had no blood ties to the Kyuubi that he felt a consuming desire to get strong FAST so he wouldn't end up dead. The Kyuubi's affection could only go so far after all to demons blood was everything that's why adoption was so rare among them they wanted a blood heir not a surrogate one.

His eyes mapped out the village idly imagining it all in flames and everyone running around screaming in pain. In the end hate was all Naruto knew, it bubbled under the surface waiting hungry for revenge. It consumed him and he drowned in it hate was all that drove him now.

Dull eyes searched looking for something he just couldn't find. A small quiet part of him wondered if there was more to life then this, something that could truly satisfy him but no matter how hard he looked he never found it. Hate was like a thirst that could never be quenched and his desire for something more just made him hunger for something he didn't even know.

Naruto realized that under all that hate he just felt empty wanting something he didn't know and couldn't have. Just as the Yondaime represented everything he hated the Kyuubi stood for his HATE the power behind his revenge. However, neither could give him anything that he truly wanted, how could they when even he had no idea what he wanted?


Minato growled in frustration once again his son was slipping like water from his fingers he couldn't even find him. Kakashi hadn't even known everything about his childhood just what he'd seen and it was enough to make him sick. He'd gotten the old man to tell him the full truth about some things after.

His eyes stung once again as he thought about it, his little baby boy had been tortured for nine days before they had found him! According to the old man that's when Naruto's mental health had flown the coop and he'd been unstable ever since. Add that to what Kakashi said happened on the wave mission had him way beyond worried.

That bitch's words were still ringing in his head 'you gave him to me' and it was enough to make him bang his head against the wall a few times. It just kept going over and over again in his head taunting him with his failures as his father. What disturbed him the most was that he knew she was right he had for all intent and purposes given his only son to the devil he was just now discovering how horrible that was.

He'd tried all week to see him, to convince him that he was loved and that he truly did care for him. Minato had to prove to Naruto that he loved him because if he didn't Minato knew something would die inside of him. He had placed his trust with his village and had been betrayed there was no denying it now.

All Minato could do was use everything he had to make Naruto see how much he wanted him to be his son. A chance glance at his image on the mountain revealed the object of his musings to him. Quickly before Naruto could leave he shushined up there to talk to him.

Naruto tensed when he felt the oh-so familiar chakra behind him and before he could move Minato was on him embracing him once again. "I DO care for you Naruto don't listen to her! I love you please please I'll do anything to make you see!" Naruto shrugged him off and turned his dull eyes to his sperm donor.

"Excuse me Hokage-sama I must ask you don't tell such blatant lies." His voice was a cruel monotone, "Who could love a monster?" Minato stayed there frozen on his knees next to his only son wishing for not the first time to take it all back to hold his son close and run away. His arm moved up of its own accord as Naruto started to walk away reaching out desperately for him.

"WAIT! Naruto let me prove it to you! Let me show you how much I love you! You're my son, you're my boy I love you! Please!" He knew he was begging pathetically but he just didn't know what else to do. More then anything he wanted his son to call him dad…to love him.

Naruto stood still a moment his thoughts drifting back to his earlier musings; he would never know love only hate dwelled within him now. "I don't need love…I don't need affection and I certainly don't need you. Love is for fools, it makes you weak and I don't need nor want love" he spat out.

"All that matters in this world is power, the strong kill the weak and that is all that matters."

"You're wrong Naruto! But if power is what you want I can give you that too." Minato said in a weak voice, he just wanted his son back he would do anything to get that. Minato remembered vividly the first time he had held him in his arms, and his first innocent little smile as he looked up at him.

Naruto stood frozen, why was he doing this his father hated him this had to be some trick to get his guard down around him. Well, he wouldn't fall for it he wouldn't let himself be deluded by his man but that didn't mean Naruto wouldn't use this to his full advantage. After all what would kill his father more in the end then giving him this false hope and crushing it in the end.

Minato watched his son freeze and consider his proposal with unease it wasn't wise giving this boy more power; however, none of the consequences mattered to him as long as he got his son back. "I'll see you at training ground seven tomorrow at noon…show me this power if it isn't enough I'll leave." Naruto said, as he left not pausing to hear if his father agreed.

Naruto remembered a lot of things nothing had ever been below his notice even as a child before the Kyuubi it was how he learned. He might not have many emotions now but he remembered vividly the pain as he watched the other children be coddled by their parents.

Hugs, kisses and piggy back rides he'd watched them be showered on everyone but him. Kyuubi was his mother but she never did anything like a human parent no everything she did was to teach him something. As such Naruto had never experienced what it was to be held like the ones he watched and he never would.

If Minato thought after twelve years of living without such comforts Naruto wanted them now he was sorely mistaken. As far as Naruto was concerned he'd lived this long without him and he didn't need nor want him now. Walking along the streets deliberately ignoring anyone who tried to catch his eye Naruto studiously thought out his plans for the future.

Every moment of his life since that day when he was taken to be tortured Naruto had been working towards his goal: to see Konoha burn. They were all hypocrites and they were all lower then scum in his book. When he had been young and naïve Naruto had wanted them to see him to love him. Now all he wanted was to watch them burn and scream for mercy that wouldn't be given.

Everything he did had a strategic motive behind it, from becoming a genin to acting the fool everything he did was for one purpose destroying the place he called home. Idly he wondered if that's what Itachi had been thinking when he struck down his clan. That was something that had taken a lot of strength if he ever had the chance he would sway Itachi to his side by any means necessary. It would be all the sweeter if Naruto could just get enough Konoha-nin on his side that Konoha would be literally destroying itself.

Not that all that mattered right now, he had enough on Hinata to approach her now swaying her wouldn't be hard with her docile nature something Naruto hated but would use to his advantage now. He spotted her on training ground seven, alone, just as his clone had said it was a perfect opportunity.

It was pathetically easy to get behind her when she was distracted by training…he'd have to fix that if she was going to be of any worth. "Hinata-chan" Naruto said waiting for her to acknowledge him. She did so almost immediately blushing scarlet and looking close to fainting. He kept his face neutral biting back a growl she would be useless if she didn't get past this horrible shyness afflicting her.

"N-n-n-naruto-kun! What a-a-a-are you doing h-here?"

"Come with me Hinata…I want to show you something that will make you stronger." She followed him like a lost puppy on cloud nine about being asked 'out' by her crush. Naruto was somewhat disgusted by her behavior…women seemed to be so weak the only exception being his Kaa-san it seemed.

Demons only look for one thing in a partner, strength; if they cannot defeat or at least fight on your level they are not worth your time really. Naruto wanted a mate that would defy him, someone that was a challenge because anything less was a waste. Women it seemed were only to eager to submit to your will it was disgusting; he'd seen bouts of independence from a few but they didn't last long.

Hinata needed to be broken of her docile nature somewhat, oh; he knew it was impossible to rid her of it all he just needed to make her more heartless. They reached the deserted clearing fast enough there wouldn't be anyone near there for miles it was perfect for his means.

In a flash he went from being in front of her to grabbing her from behind securing both her arms within his grasp. Bringing his mouth to her ear he whispered, "So weak Hinata-chan, they've made you so weak!" "Naruto-kun?" her voice was wavering in question desperate to understand what was going on. Naruto didn't answer he just made a few blood clones that henged into members of her family all while holding her.

"Look at them Hinata…they hate you they've beaten you so far down within yourself you've become this sniveling mess of nothing! Weak! They want you to be weak Hinata-chan!" Tears started to roll down her shocked eyes as her 'father' started to taunt her once again soon the rest of her 'family' had joined in. Hinata started to struggle in his grip trying to cover her ears to block it out, she'd heard this all before.

The words weren't made up thing this new crueler Naruto made up, everything that was coming out of their mouths she'd heard them say. Hinata could only take so much and started to scream. Naruto smirked, "Shhh Hinata, I'll make you strong! I'll take you from this all you have to do is prove to me you're worth my trouble." Hinata paused in her screams; Naruto just said part of what she'd been dreaming about for years. But how could she prove to him that she was worth his time she was weak and couldn't do anything.

Naruto smiled slyly knowing exactly what she was thinking it was all going exactly as he'd hoped. Releasing one of her arms her reached into his holster and withdrew a Kunai placing it into her limp hand. "It's simple Hinata, prove to me your worth by killing them! Kill the images before you and I'll make you strong so you can exact this retribution in real life! KILL THEM!"

Hinata looked in horror at the weapon in her hand…could she do it? Could she really kill her family for her Naruto-kun? Looking up at their sneering faces the decision was made: yes she could! With a snarl she broke from his suddenly loose grasp and charged at her 'family'. Naruto couldn't help but smile when she slit her 'father's' throat first seeing her surprise at the actual blood that soaked her hands.

When the clone dispelled she had gotten over her shock and was already charging her 'sister' for the next kill. Hinata would be promising indeed, though she was much to weak to get what she wanted of him. Naruto knew she would never be strong enough to merit any romantic notice from him. As she ripped into another clone he thought 'then again you never know.'

The rest of the evening was spent training this stronger Hinata he was bent on making her worth his time. The first thing he did was change her fighting style so that she could be unpredictable they'd have to work on it for a good while though. They separated that night with a promise he'd train her tomorrow. Really he was just going to send a blood clone but she didn't need to know that.

Naruto was at the training grounds the next day waiting for his 'father' when he heard the twang of a thrown kunai in the distance. Curious for some odd reason he decided to indulge himself and see what was happening. It took a ten-minute leisure stroll to get there but when he did Naruto couldn't help but think it had been worth it.

Anko was one of the ones he'd had his eye on but she was hard as all hell to keep track of something that earned his hard won respect. She was hated and feared by the village 'cause apparently she'd been an apprentice for one of the nuke-nin of the village before he'd defected. Anko was sadistic, crazy and had a well-known bloodlust that had the villagers shitting themselves whenever she was near.

As he watched her train Naruto couldn't stop help but think he'd finally found a strong female in this village worthy of his time. Anko was so different from the usual fairer sex that he'd been exposed to most that Naruto meet were weak willed and had such a idiotic air about them Naruto couldn't stomach them.

From what he'd learned of her Naruto wanted very much to turn her to his side she had the right elements that he wanted in an ally he just needed to give her a little push. However, there was a problem manipulating her wouldn't be easy ever since her sensei had betrayed her Anko's trust was not easily given.

There was that and the fact that she'd been marked already, something that made Naruto scowl as he remembered that he'd found that out just recently. Then again Anko for all her scandalous dress smelled pure to his nose something he knew couldn't have been faked. So, she was marked but not taken that was something he could work with.

Add that to the fact that when he found out about her mark he also found out she despised it made him in a better mood. Thinking on it Naruto realized that was probably what he could use to gain her loyalty and he already knew what he could use to sever the ties from the old man that she had.

Smirking he turned to leave, he'd get her but it could wait could wait until just the right moment after all Naruto had an abundance of patience when it came to getting something he wanted. He strolled right into the training grounds they would be using to find his sperm donor already there, waiting for him. That made the smirk turn cold and his face fall into his blank look he used most of the time.

Minato was nervous causing him to be somewhat fidgety when Naruto strode into their training spot. He knew this was a make or break circumstance if he couldn't get Naruto at least interested in learning from him; he lost his chance to win over his son. It was to be expected he was nervous…or down right terrified of screwing up.

"Hey, Naruto!" He chuckled anxiously rubbing the back of his head and giving him a wan smile. "So what do you want to learn son?" For his part Naruto just looked at Minato like he was a bug that crawled under his shoe to be crushed. "You're the one who said you could give me more power…so show me this power of yours."

"Heehee RIGHT! Well, how bout I show you a technique that made your old man famous! I invented it myself!" That said he got a childish grin on his face and was practically jumping in excitement. Minato shifted until he was in a crouched position his hand rapidly moving until a ball of blue chakra emerged and he slammed it into a tree nearby.

The tree was blown apart in seconds leaving a mildly impressed Naruto, "Okay teach me that but I hope that isn't the best technique you have…" he drifted off nonchalant. Minato was a little disappointed that he wasn't as excited about it as most would be but still praised himself of being able to keep Naruto's interest.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Naruto practicing with water balloons after Minato showed him what had to be done because he had to leave to get back to paperwork. Naruto conquered that step about a half an hour after his sperm donor had left leaving him plenty of spare time to work on his own training.

The next day Minato was stunned as a very bored Naruto demonstrated that step one was completed. Minato showed him the second step happily and was again shocked when Naruto finished it twenty minutes later. By that time the Yondaime was pretty smug about himself after all, HIS child was a prodigy. Giddy he showed Naruto step three and Naruto decided he rather hated water balloons.

Minato had to leave after an hour once again to tend to the mutant paperwork on his desk that just kept multiplying whenever he turned his back. Naruto didn't mind really he never had anyone pay attention to him before when it came to training besides his mother and it made him very uncomfortable. Of course he never showed it because that was a sign of weakness his enemies could take advantage of.

When ones said enemies were an entire village it was best not to ever let your guard down. Naruto had the Rasengan completed on the fifth day much to the utter delight of his sperm donor who wouldn't stop praising him. Naruto had refused to really talk to Minato but the fourth talked enough for the both of them. Naruto mostly tuned him out as he refused to let himself be taken in by the farce the Yondaime was putting up.

Naruto would remind himself every day as his 'father' went out of his way to make Naruto like him that this man was the one who condemned him. The Yondaime had chosen the village once over him and Naruto had no doubts that it would happen again when the time came. He hated this village and all it stood for, hated it down to the very last rock.

Minato, his opposite, Naruto could see that even what they had done to his 'son' did not stop this man's love for his village. A small part of Naruto, a very small part that Naruto once thought dead felt jealous of it. His father had never loved him, and would never love him like he loved this village.

The very village Naruto hated so much was the village his sperm donor had sacrificed his very life for and had sacrificed his son for. That very tiny piece of him that had craved for family love when he'd been a toddler resented the fact that even though his father was alive now he'd never loved his own son.

Maybe if he admitted to it at least only to himself Naruto knew one of the reasons he wanted to destroy this village so much was because he'd been sacrificed for it. His father had offered him up like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter without any remorse and Naruto hated him for it.

After every one of those five days Naruto had found a hidden cove in the forest surrounding Konoha to call out his mother to sooth his worries and to remind himself that she was the only parent he needed. The Kyuubi during those times would pet his back and whisper in his ear never letting him forget what they had done to him. Naruto was close to breaking even though no one could even see it, not even his own mother.

Naruto just couldn't take it, the sorrowful glances, the pitying looks, the ADORATION on the faces of his enemies who had always looked upon him in hate. It made him paranoid to the point he sent his clones for anything he needed including training one or two of the promising youths he'd picked up.

Naruto knew that all of it was all for show, his mother always said when they started to fear him the most they would try to gain his favor and it wasn't working. In fact all of the attention was just making him hate them more it proved to him how weak humans were and demons hated weakness the most.

Minato didn't know what to do; everything was just so screwed up Kushina had disappeared the night of the Kyuubi attack his son was so cold and he didn't know how to reach him at all. He'd hoped that since he was sending time training him that Naruto would open up to him even if it was just a little bit.

To top it off he was still trying to find out the extent of the abuse Naruto had suffered. Not only had Naruto lived alone since he'd been three but Minato knew the seal had been somehow corrupted. Who knew what lies that monster had been telling his son! He'd seen only a small piece of it in that fucked up lullaby; did she sing it to him every night?

There were all these questions that Minato just couldn't know the answers to unless he actually asked Naruto, 'yeah that would go off well! He thought sarcastically. How could be even think of going to Naruto to ask these questions? Like, did you ever feel lonely? What's your favorite color? Do you have a hobby? Oh, by the way how abused were you as a child? Yes that would go off just swimmingly.

Kakashi was avoiding him, so was the third, the council was trying to get him to assassinate his own son, and his son might have been raised by the very monster who'd killed him! It was just so frustrating to see his only son reduced to that cold broken shell of a person he'd see on that day when the BITCH had the nerve to comfort his son.

Minato had no idea how to make it right, what was he supposed to say to him? How was he supposed to act? He was trying so had to get Naruto to just talk to him even in their training sessions Naruto never once said anything to him besides what was needed. It was frustrating and it made him want to scream at times.

That monster must have told him that he wasn't loved for so long that Naruto must believe it by now especially with how he'd been treated by everyone but that demon all his life. It frightened him to think of how much that demon could have twisted his poor boy's mind.

But there was also something else that he didn't want to face either but he knew he had to. That monster, that demon had raised his son, she knew his dreams, knew his nightmares (probably caused some as well), and knew his son better then he did. That caused this burning jealously inside him that made his heart hurt.

Naruto went to that thing for comfort not him, he went to that monster to hold him, went to that demon to sooth his fears, went to that witch to confide in and wouldn't even talk to him! Burning angry tears scorched down his face as he thought of it. What he hated most was how he'd give anything to be in her place. Minato just didn't want to face that he was jealous, fucking green in envy of the monster that had ruined both of their lives.

It was her fault! If she hadn't come then he would have watched his little boy grow up, Kushina would be here and his life wouldn't be so ruined. Minato just could stand how lonely it all was, no one really saw him here anymore. His son was slipping right through his fingers like water and he couldn't stop it!

Growling he rubbed the tears away harshly, he wouldn't give up! He wouldn't back down! He wouldn't let that succubus that his son away! He'd reach him eventually all he had to do was never let himself give up!

Naruto sat in his latest tree trying to work out the kinks in his latest scheme and keeping thoughts of families far from his mind. That man who cursed him would go down…he would be taken in by his lies. He'd heard it all before, it wouldn't be the first time someone had tried to get close to him to kill him and wouldn't be the last.

Still Naruto couldn't stop the ache of wanting; he wanted a family and the comfort that came with that. He didn't know love but that didn't mean he didn't listen to people talk of it. Some said love was like going home Naruto never had a home so he wouldn't know. Others said it was like wrapping yourself in a warm comfortable blanket but Naruto never had anything like that.

Some said love made you feel safe but Naruto hadn't felt safe a day in his life who could with people out to murder you from the day you were born. No, Naruto just couldn't wrap his mind around the concept of love it baffled him. That didn't mean he never had wanted it…still wanted it.

His mother for all her affection was a demon through and through. She had lived long enough that most of her emotions were long since dead and that's what Naruto admired about her. Family wasn't something for him, like love, like comfort…like safety or trust these things didn't belong to him.

That was something that only humans could feel and Naruto was long since passed being human…being weak. Wistfully he stared up at the stars petting the silky fur on his mother's back. Naruto watched every day the happy people of this hated place laugh and love. Always on the outside looking in never being able to become a part of it…gods he was lonely.

Demons were pack animals it was in their nature to want to be surrounded by their own kind. Naruto supposed that was the real reason why he'd taken those girls, why he was corrupting those people. He wanted a pack of his own to run with but these humans were poor substitutes for the demons that should have been with him. Idly he hoped his plans with Zabuza went well he needed them to come through or else he wouldn't last here much longer.

Demons lived a long time, were very hard to kill and typically were stronger then most humans. That is what made them seem immortal, in truth a demon could die, could be killed but it was just very hard to accomplish. Naruto wanted a demonic pack so he had some people to spend his long life with he wanted his pack.

The next day had Naruto in a state of melancholy though his face was expressionless inside he was in turmoil there was no denying it now this situation was getting to him. With the villagers not acting how he was used to, his 'father's façade, and all these things bringing to the forefront of his mind confusing him.

It had been a long time since he'd thought of family, a long time not since that day had he thought about family. In his distracted state he didn't see Iruka until it was to late and they crashed into each other. Blinking he eyed his old sensei for a moment before he even realized what had happened.

"NARUTO! I haven't seen the real you in a while it's always your clones! Is there something the matter Naruto-kun you seem distracted?" Naruto hadn't seen Iruka since the scroll incident but his clones had talked with him on occasion and he remembered their experiences.

Iruka was an enigma he was the only one who ever actively searched him out anymore and remembering the scroll incident he was the only one who ever cried for him. (as far as he knew) Perhaps it was the stress, his own loneliness or Iruka's seeming kindness but Naruto felt he wanted to talk with him.

"Iruka-sensei would you walk with me to the training grounds?" came his quiet reply as they both stood and dusted themselves off. Iruka smiled big and bright, "Sure Naruto-kun!"

"So how has everything been going for you? It must be hard adjusting to the villagers' new attitudes and the forth being back huh?"

"Hai, it is all very…aggravating."

Iruka laughed at his tone, even though he had heard of Naruto's changes Iruka couldn't blame him if this was what was under that mask. After all no one could be quite normal as a shinobi let alone how Naruto's life has been. It made him sad though to see him so emotionless.

"Well, I bet it is! I know if I was you I would have snapped a long time ago and flattened this whole village!" He laughed heartily at that.

Naruto just blinked and then imagined a giant dolphin flopping around destroying Konoha and screaming for water. Then he did something he hadn't done before…he chuckled and then he laughed. It was a surprisingly pleasant sound clear and holding innocence that one wouldn't expect.

Iruka was taken aback for a moment, he had never heard Naruto laugh before he only ever smiled or used a forced chuckle that didn't sound real. Soon he was laughing to in happiness with a huge smile on his face for being the cause of it.

That's how Minato came upon them, his son laughing with a man he hadn't met before. At first when he heard it he was in a state of disbelief and then there was a burning jealousy at this man. They hadn't noticed him yet and he stood to the side to watch them.

Naruto stopped laughing in surprise when he realized what he was doing and looked at the still smiling Iruka. Naruto had been raised by his mother and had never had a father figure in his life something he hadn't known he'd wanted until that moment. Iruka was the closest thing he had when he was growing, especially when he had used his mask and it was somewhat unsettling to realize he actually looked to this man as a father.

It made sense in a twisted way there were no male demons he could look to, his mother didn't have a mate (nor did she desire one) and the only other one was the Shinigami though he was more of a distant uncle. "Iruka-sensei."

"Hai, Naruto-kun?"

"I've missed you." He said it without thinking and cursed himself afterward. Demons weren't supposed to have any feelings! Naruto blamed it all on the stress of living in the village now with his sperm donor constantly saying how much he 'loved' him even if it was all an act.

Iruka put on a kind smile and ruffled his hair a little, "I've missed you too Naruto-kun. Tell you what how about I take you to Ramen later? Like old times and you can tell me everything I've missed, huh?" Naruto nodded not quite sure what had possessed him today.

It made his heart ach and blood boil seeing that man take his place! Minato couldn't stand this, it should be him laughing with his son, buying him ramen and ruffling his hair! That should be him standing there; looking so relaxed…that should be HIM.

Iruka had an urge suddenly looking at Naruto in that moment, this was the real Naruto he could see the hidden pain in his eyes and without thinking about it he pulled the boy into a tight hug. Naruto stiffened, this was the second time someone besides his mother had hugged him but it didn't feel as wrong as when Minato had.

Naruto had even admitted he had looked up to Iruka and somewhat awkwardly he raised his arms to hug him in return. Minato stood there, mouth agape and heart breaking. His child had spurred him, even had a mental breakdown when he had dared to touch him and yet this man could hug him!

He couldn't take it much longer, he would find out who this man was and the burning jealousy he felt made him uneasy about what he would do when he did. Just as he was about to step forward Iruka left and Naruto turned facing him a mask of indifference on his face.

That training session was hard, harder then the previous ones because Minato had seen that man take his place it wouldn't leave his mind. An hour in he cut the lesson on summoning short to escape to his paperwork and his thoughts on that man. Naruto didn't really mind he was also caught in an inner turmoil and just couldn't understand what was wrong with him.

Demons did not feel, but he had today. He had laughed! His loneliness was eating at him greater then before and he couldn't seek guidance from his mother in shame. That night he had his mother tell him the demonic codes once more it seemed he was slipping going back to his human ways and he hated it.


In a place closer then one would think to Konoha a crimson haired woman was reading the reports from her spy network with her fist clenched painfully. Fierce emerald eyes seemed to glow with an inner fire as she read on. She was more then angry at what she had discovered and realized the only way to make sure this information was true was to return.

Return to a place where she had been told her family had died! She had left Konoha because they had told her she had no place there anymore but if what she had read was true she had been tricked! She was blaring killing intent as she dressed and packed in a hurry.

An odd orange jumpsuit didn't do much to camouflage but she was never one to sneak around even if she was a shinobi. Kushina was going to get answers if she had to beat every last council member to death she would to get them!

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