(Ok, lots of differences than the last book, but takes place afterward the 6th book. Just pretend that Horcruxes don't exist and that you can kill Voldemort by killing his body. Kinda some inconsistencies but hey it's my story lol. I changed the ending like 6 times so it may not make much sense with the beginning, but I think you'll get it lol.)

Chapter 1: A Potion a Day Keeps the Healer Away

As I let my tears spill onto Ron's shirt, I let every memory of the last year fade away. I couldn't even look at Dumbeldore's tomb as Professor McGonagall gave her memorial speech. When finally it was over, I had to leave. I had to get away from everyone. This wasn't how things were supposed to go! We were supposed to be winning! After Dumbeldore died at the hands of that traitor Snape, I realized just how real this whole situation was. We could go out to tea in London, and not ever come home. Nowhere was safe anymore. There were new Death Eaters every day and the fact that we couldn't always identify them, made every moment just a little more horrifying.

"Hermione?" Harry looked at me with his bright green eyes and gave me a sympathetic smile. I pulled away from Ron and felt the world spinning around me. The grass below my feet suddenly became very slippery and I saw no more. I was falling into a deep black hole, that threatened to never let me go, but I almost wanted it to consume me, so that it would just be over.

When I woke up, I wasn't at the school anymore, but I was at St. Mungo's. My eyes flicked open and I prayed that Dumbeldore dying had been a horrible dream, but when I looked at the faces of my two concerned best friends, Harry and Ron, I knew that it hadn't. I wasn't in my own room and could vaguely make out the figures of other people lying in the beds across from me. Ron's fingers were laced in mine and real looks of fear were on both of their faces. Not being able to stand the intimate contact, I yanked my hand from his and he looked surprised by my sudden movement.

"Oh my God, Hermione! You're awake!" He pulled her into a rough hug and she winced, feeling a pain in her head.

"What h-happened?" I breathed, forcing out my words.

"After the funeral, you passed out and hit your head on the stone wall outside the castle. You've been out for almost a week," Harry explained grabbing a glass of water from the table next to my bed. I didn't know how thirst I was until the first drop of water touched my dry mouth. I drank it all, without stopping for air and didn't mind that some began dribbling down my chin.

"A week?" I gasped dropping the glass. "No healing charms worked?"

"None, and they tried every potion and charm you could imagine. They even thought of using muggle treatments, but we hadn't gotten that desperate yet," Ron said giving me a napkin to wipe up. I began pulling myself out of bed, and felt both Harry and Ron grab my arms to help me out.

"Let me go. I am perfectly capable of getting out of bed myself!" I yelled at them. They shrank away at my voice and I sat up.

"Er-Hermione? There's something you should know before you get out of bed," Harry began speaking holding my shoulder so that I couldn't get out of bed any further.

"What now?" I groaned, not wanting to hear any bad news.

"So, Granger's awake?" I heard a snarling voice from the other side of the room. A blonde boy with piercing blue eyes stared at me and I wondered how I hadn't noticed him before. The rage that had been building up for all 17 years of my life was now boiling to the surface.

"Malfoy? You sniveling, slimy, little snake! How can you even show your face here?" I threw myself away from my friends and ran across the room to tear apart the schoolmate of mine who had betrayed my mentor. His bed's area was slightly barer than mine, but there were plenty of get-well-soon cards, surprising me, but I paid no mind. Soon, my hands were around his neck and I could think of nothing but squeezing the life out of him.

"Hermione no!" Ron said grabbing my arms and pulling me back against himself. I stopped my struggle and my mouth dropped open. Ron, who had hated Draco Malfoy more than anyone I'd ever known was now preventing him from getting hurt.

"No? Why the hell not? It's because of him Dumbeldore is dead in the first place! Why isn't he in Azkaban or being questioned or something?" I screamed trying get out of Ron's hold.

"It's because of me the Order even has Snape!" He shot back massaging his neck where I had strangled him.

"You lying little ferret!" I hissed not being able to hold back my tears.

"It's true Hermione!" Harry said quietly, obviously hoping to calm me down. "He's been working for the Order all this time, and they didn't tell us because technically we weren't part of the Order. He's been working as a spy. When the Death Eaters got into Hogwarts, the Ministry and most of the Order members were supposed to be ready and waiting, but they weren't. Draco did what he could to stall the Death Eaters, by setting traps and such, but they still got Dumbeldore."

Since when did Harry refer to Malfoy by his first name? I felt topsy-turvy. I shook my head in disbelief. This person, who we had marked as evil since our first year at Hogwarts was actually good. Nothing was what it seemed anymore. Again I was feeling faint, but rather than let myself fall and get injured even further, I headed straight back to my bed and without saying a word, I pulled the covers over my cold body and stayed there. There were murmurs and whispers coming from Harry, Ron, and Draco and seemed odd to me, considering they had never said polite words to each other before, but I soon heard Harry and Ron leaving the room.

"Look, I know you aren't asleep. Can't you please just face me?" Malfoy's voice sounded from across the room.

"You say you're on our side. How can I believe you?" I said sighing and turning over to look at him. "Can you prove it to me?"

Draco looked down and fiddled with his hands. "After Snape killed Professor Dumbledore, he took me into the Forbidden Forest to hide. And we did for two nights. He scolded me for not killing the Professor when I'd had the chance and called me pathetic, performing all sorts of curses on my weak body. Then when he slept, I finally had a chance to disarm and stun him. That's when I got a hold of the Order to get him. He's in Azkaban now."

He looked glum, drained, and very sick. "That could have very well been to save your own ass Malfoy," I responded crossing my arms over my chest.

"Yeah, well what about this?" He got up from his bed and came closer. Instinctively I shot up into a sitting position, curling my hands into fists. Without my wand, I couldn't do much. He weighed a good 70-100 pounds over me and wasn't as scrawny as he once used to be. His muscles were much better defined than our first few years of school and, pushing the thought of him beating me to death out of my mind, I straightened up trying to look as brave as possible. He rolled his hospital robe up over his forearm revealing the dark mark, surrounded by thick white marks.

"This just shows me that you were one of Voldemort's followers," I said scooting back against the bedpost.

"Look closer Granger," He muttered stepping even more near me. I did as he said and stared at the white lines circling the spot.

"What are-"

"Scars," He answered before I could finish my question. "Not as famously acquired as dear Potter, but scars nonetheless. I tried to cut out the symbol as soon as I'd gotten it. Even as a spy, I felt ashamed. I knew that it would be burned into my arm until the day I died, but I still had to try."

I was left speechless. Malfoy retreated back into his own bed and took the potion that was setting on is bed stand quickly, in one gulp, before falling into a deep slumber. The idea that everything his family stood for disgusted him, didn't seem likely, but she felt like she had no other choice but to believe him.

Over the rest of the week, while I was regaining my strength, Malfoy and I talked civilly. We made no mention of anything involving Voldemort, Death Eaters, or his family, and whenever we got too close to the subject, he became even more pale than usual, so we changed topics. "And Pansy?" I asked when we'd gotten into a discussion about our past Hogwarts relationships.

"Ha, her mother and father were Death Eaters. I was told to get close to everyone in Slytherin to get as much information as possible. I'll admit, there was some sort of strange attraction at first, but I honestly don't know what I was thinking!" He laughed heartily, gaining some pink color in his cheeks. I admired his deep voice and loved how it had changed over the year. What was I thinking? This man, no...this boy had tormented me for 6 years, calling me a Mudblood at every corner, insulting my bloodline. I couldn't believe that I was actually holding a conversation with him! "What about you? I know you were with Krum for a while, but what about you and Weasel?" I shot him a very nasty look. "Sorry, old habits die hard. You and Weasley," he corrected.

Not sure why I was telling all of this personal information to someone I had hated for most of my life, I explained what had been on my mind our whole last year. "Well, he was with Lavender Brown for a while and I thought I was jealous. Lately he's been hinting at a relationship for us. He's been grabbing my hand, or kissing my cheek and such, but I just don't feel that way about him anymore. It's almost like, he had his chance, but now it's gone. I feel wretched for treating him this way, but I can't be with someone I don't love, right?" I looked at the man I was talking with and turned a deep shade of red. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I'm the one who asked. Maybe you should tell him. My sources tell me, he's planning on asking you out as more than friends if you know what I mean," Malfoy confided.

"Your sources? What kind of sources can you have from the inside of a hospital?" I laughed standing up out of my bed to stretch out my legs. I looked around the quiet room. The other person that had shared this room was no longer here, so Malfoy and I had been alone for the last 4 days, which hadn't been as horrifying and I'd originally imagined.

"Mainly Harry, but that's not the point," He snickered.

"I'll tell him, eventually."

"Well, now's your chance," He pointed towards the window next to our door, and I saw Harry and Ron walking down, stopping at our door.

"Shit..." I mumbled smacking my hand to my forehead.

"Do my ears deceive me or did Granger just utter a dirty swear word?" Malfoy mocked pulling out the Daily Prophet, which I'd stopped reading months ago.

"Shut up Malfoy."

My two loyal friends walked through the door, both carrying gifts of sort. I hadn't seen them since I'd first woken, but had been getting owls from them everyday, checking up on me. The third day was when I'd started ignoring them. Every time I opened their letters, I felt weaker and weaker. Every sympathetic word, made me realize that they were out fighting for the Order, while I was stuck in a hospital bed because some stupid Healers were worried about my well-being.

"Hey Draco. Hey Hermione," Ron said stepping through the glass door. In his arms was a bouquet of roses, long stemmed and flourishing. My heart sank. I felt horrible for what I would be telling him soon. He handed me the roses and I smiled gratefully. Slowly, he swept down and kissed my cheek softly, his cheeks soon turning the same color as his hair. "How are you feeling?"

I heard Malfoy stifle a laugh and ignored him. "I've just been tired and bored senseless. Mind you, I have read every book that is in the building and still I feel restless. When will they release me you guys?" I asked trying to avoid the inevitable topic.

"We're trying to get them to let both of you out today. The Order wants you two to stay at Grimwauld Place to work assignments, until school starts next term," Harry explained placing a basket of food next to my bed and then taking one over to Malfoy.

"Um, Ron. Can we take a walk for a little while?" I said quietly.

"Yeah, sure," He responded shyly. I wrapped a robe around my body and let Ron guide me outside down the hall. I thought that it'd be easier away from Malfoy and Harry, but I suddenly wished that here, in the lush garden behind St. Mungo's, that there were more people around to support me. Again, I was surprised that I was desperate for anyone, even Draco Malfoy.

"Ron, we had something, before at school. I know that we both felt it, right," I said taking a step away from him.

"Yea," He muttered turning an even deeper shade.

"I'll love you always Ronald, but lately I've been thinking that maybe I only love you as a brother...nothing more," I revealed staring at my feet. I could feel his embarrassment. The guilt I had been feeling this morning multiplied faster than any damn rabbits and I felt dizzy, but grabbed onto a nearby bench to stay steady.

It felt like hours before he finally responded and we talked for a short while, making sure that everything was ok between us. The last thing I wanted was to lose his friendship, but I couldn't go through a fake relationship just to please him. He explained that he'd be fine eventually and that he'd always love her. As we passed back into my room, Harry didn't catch our eyes. I supposed that Malfoy had explained my situation to him.

"Good news everyone!" a plump witch came cheering through the door after us. "Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger may be released with Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley on the condition that they will be monitored carefully and do no strenuous labor for another few days!"

"Finally!" I groaned grabbing my muggle clothes from the bag under my bed. I ran into the bathroom, without hearing another word that my peers said, and changed quickly eager to get out of the dreadful atmosphere as soon as possible. Finding an odd sort of comfort in my tight jeans and low-cut shirt, I tossed the hospital robe in a corner, carelessly. Without hope, I tried combing down my bushy hair and I could've sworn it got worse, but not letting my appearance get me down, I went back into the main room. Malfoy was standing next to his bed, in muggle slacks and shirtless. I didn't think as my eyes wandered over his toned body, taking in every feature. His eyes flickered in my direction and I peeled away, feeling my own face heating up.

"Hermione?" He asked as I put all the gifts I'd received this week into my duffel bag. At first I was shocked. He'd never said my first name before and the fact that he'd even known it gave me chills.

"Yes Malfoy?" I asked not daring to look up at him again.

"I want to say..." He paused and I chanced a glance. There was a hesitant look in his eyes, like life wouldn't be the same if he continued his sentence. "I want to say that I'm sorry for everything I did in our past years." I held back a sob and felt more sympathy than I ever had before. "I put you through shit that you didn't deserve. I tortured you more than anyone else I'd ever known and-"

"Draco..." I started using his first name as he had mine. "You don't have to explain anything to me. You didn't know any better at first."

"That's not an excuse!" He yelled pounding his fist into the wall, making a small hole. "I have to show you that I'm not like that! That's not me! Not anymore at least..."

I took a few steps closer, so that we were only a foot away and took the hand he hand thrown into the wall. Blood was slowly seeping from his knuckles. I took a wet towel from his bedside and began cleaning the wound. "If I had my wand I could easily patch this up, but we won't get them until we check out."

"Why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice, when all I ever did was try to hurt you?" He whispered, looking confused.

"I never thought I'd see the day that Draco Malfoy would apologize to anyone, let alone me. The fact that you did proves to me, that people can change and...I can forgive," I answered with a smile looking up at his face. His eyes were filled with tears threatening to spill. He was a good 6 inches taller than me, but I still managed, very ungracefully, to plant him a small peck on the cheek. It was his turn to blush as I walked away to finish packing my things.