He stared at the moon from his balcony and wondered if she was staring too.

Gleaming in the moonlight, cool and clean and all I've ever known,

All I ever wanted.

He sighed and pushed back from the railing, trying to pull his mind from such treacherous thoughts. Instead, the Prince of the Fire Nation gazed about the newly refurbished room. "My room," he reminded himself aloud.

Sweet perfumes of incense, graceful rooms of alabaster stone,

All I ever wanted.

Zuko went from item to item, touching, holding everything. These things were of value, no, they were his treasures. He stopped in front of the grand picture hanging above the fireplace, which crackled and interrupted the welcoming silence. His eyes traced over the people in it, a rare smile forming on his thin lips.

This is my home. With my father, sister, uncle, oh so noble oh so strong!

Now I am home. Here among my trappings and belongings, I belong…

He thought of her again and the words she spoke so gently down in the cave. "Maybe, you could be free of it." His hand self-consciously rose to his scarred cheek, then tore it away as if it burned, like it did so many years ago.

Was she speaking the truth? When he gazed into her mesmerizing ocean eyes, it seemed so. But who could trust a peasant? Didn't she retaliate with equal if not more force when she found out his betrayal? His heart still burned from the thought. Zuko's fists clenched. No, she was not worth his time.

And if anybody doubts it, they couldn't be more wrong!

The Prince swiftly turned and grabbed his specially made sword from its sheath that lay against his bed. He held it high, filled with pride whenever it reflected the spark of flame from the fireplace, the ultimate symbol of power.

I am a sovereign Prince of Fire, a son of a proud history that's shown,

Etched on every wall!

He felt his breathe suddenly catch whenever the color turned from fiery red, to calming blue. Like her. He gasped and dropped the sword, the resounding clank of metal on stone echoing throughout the lonely room. Zuko averted his eyes in an attempt to catch something, anything, that would remind him of what he desired.

Surely this is all I ever wanted…

Zuko's eyes fell on a piece of blue cloth that lay on his mantle. He slowly shuffled towards it, remembering its value:

"This is from that Water tribe girl," Azula hissed as she placed it in her brother's hands. "Keep it. Let it be a continuous reminder of how weak water is when it tries to fight fire."

But she had not been weak, Zuko thought to himself as he picked up the slightly burned cloth. She would have defeated Azula if I had not helped. Zuko felt a tightening in his chest as he leaned against a column and slid down until he sat on the cold floor.

All I ever wanted…

He touched the smooth material. It was such a nice shade of blue. Calming, soothing, gentle. Like her. Beautiful, except for the horrid scorch mark that tainted the edges. Yet, he thought, It was still in fact, beautiful. His "treasures" were blanketed in darkness, as if only he and the cloth existed. It, like her, was still strong, still vibrant, still…beautiful, though the fire had tried to destroy it.

Zuko sighed and lowered his head to his knees. Maybe Azula had lied, or worse, was wrong. He lightly placed the cloth to his scarred cheek. Maybe…she was wrong about everything….and everyone.

All I ever……wanted