Cerise Requiem

Chapter 1: Farewell to Humanity

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She was cold, so cold...it felt almost like she was freezing from the inside out and from the outside in. Hollow could not even start to explain the way she felt as she laid there. Bright honey-colored eyes that had once possessed so much life, were dull and darkened to the point of resembling onyx as they stared at the dark sky above.

Time seemed to flow slowly as she laid there and she took the time to remember how she had ended up like this.

The call had come unexpected and she had left as soon as the location was known. A new group of vampires had been led into the Special Zone, only they were intend on causing disruption. Being a compromiser Mimiko jumped at the chance to ensure some sort of peace but how wrong and naive she had been.

They hadn't even made it to the destination when they were ambushed. They tried fighting back...she had tried fighting back, she truly did but they had been too many. The suppression team had tried holding them back but even they had been outnumbered.

The vampires were vicious and for a brief second she had been reminded of the Kowloon Children as they tore through the suppression team, blood flying everywhere and death snapping at them from every corner.

Fear like she had never felt before took hold of her and yet she did not back down.

She did not want to die and yet...she was not strong enough to keep fighting. She could still recall their claws tearing through her skin as she tried to fight back by firing bullets at them but they were proven useless.

They were vampires, she was human.

They were strong.

She was weak..

She was mortal.

In the end, they had fallen under their forces and she was forced to watch as one by one those of the suppression team that were still alive were killed in front of her eyes. It was a massacre...nothing more and nothing less and it made her stomach churn at the harshness of it all.

Jirou's words had passed through her mind at that moment. Vampires were more demon than human, he had warned her as she had tried to begin a relationship with. She hadn't understood his fear of hurting her but now she did.

She had seen the true beast at that instant. The blood calling out to them, the agony of their prey a sweet taste to their lips, the desire to kill, a drug to their hunger.

Not human, not man...

Just demons.

Demons hungering for blood and death.

Closing her eyes, she fought back the chills that the memory brought her, even when her mind once again drifted back to the earlier happenings.

She had been the last one alive and had dreaded what they would do to her but in the end, they decided that the wounds on her body would ensure her dead and would leave a clear message to Jirou.

She should have been grateful to be left untouched...there were so many horrible things that they could have done to her...but in the end they chose to leave her alone...like she was not worthy of them and it had hurt more than she would have thought.

Why would black bloods like them dirty their hands with someone like her. She could not even put up a decent fight to begin with. She was not worth it.

The thought left her feeling defeated and so small...so broken. Was she truly that pathetic?

Her gaze shifted to the dark clouds above her head. She did not know how much time has passed or how long she had laid there. She knew that another suppression team would arrive very soon but she was afraid that it would already be a bit too late for her. Already she could feel her life slowly slipping away, like water slipping through one's fingers.

Her blood still flowed freely from the wounds in her chest and stomach. However pain did no longer exist as she too far gone to feel anything physical anymore. Her breathing had already grown shallow, her chest heaving barely with each taken breath.

Darkness was already invading her vision but still she did not want to just let go...not without seeing him for one last time.

"Jirou," she whispered softly, now dull honey brown eyes shifting close.

She wished for him to be here but she understood that he could not, not when Kotaro was in danger and needed his help. Her only regret was not being able to help them. He had forced her to stay and had told her not to go anywhere as he had rushed out to save his brother.

Yet her duty as a compromiser would not let her just sit still. Now as she thought about it, she should have noticed that it was a trap but her naivety managed to shield her eyes from the truth.


The voice came unexpected and it was like a bucket of cold water. She knew that voice...

Wincing internally she wondered why of all the people that could see her in this state, it had to him that fate chose.

Opening her eyes, she found herself gazing into red eyes that belonged to none other than the handsome red-eyed murderer...Zelman Clock. Aristocratic features were set in an almost bored look but his eyes gave him away. There was rage, distaste and something else in them as he stared at her.

She was surprised to see him there and yet she was not. Zelman made sure to always know what was happening in the Special Zone, making sure to eliminate those that could become a threat to the fragile truce. Even though he was known as being selfish and vain, she could not help but compare him to Jirou in a way. He protected those that he considered his in his own way.

"I should have taken care of those fools a long time ago," he murmured more to himself than anyone else as he kneeled next to her.

So the vampires were dead. She did not feel any remorse as she heard this, instead she was relieved. This way she was certain now that they would not harm anyone else...and that was enough to her. She was brought out of her thoughts as she felt his hand on her face, wiping away some blood from her cheek.

"What have you gotten yourself into, human girl?" he asked absentmindedly, his carmine gaze followed the puddle of blood that was slowly forming around her, seeping into the hungry soil below her.

Her lips parted to answer his question but no sound came out. He did not seem to mind her inability to answer though. Instead he focused his attention on her wounds and the blood. For a brief second she watched his eyes brighten as he inhaled deeply through his nose.

Zelman found his control slipping. The scent of her blood alone was enough to cause his most darkest instincts to stir. She was untouched, pure like fresh fallen snow and in this day and age where chastity was almost non-existent, her innocence was like an ambrosia to his senses. Feeling his control slipping, he leaned closer to her, watching as her eyes widened in shock. He was practically straddling her by now.

"Where's Jirou? It's not like him to leave his little pet human behind like that..." He met her eyes and she could see the mocking in those red pools. "Or maybe he's trying to save Kotaro and forgot about you...again?" He sneered, his fingers digging in her shoulders as he pressed her further into the earth. She could feel her heart hammering in her throat but she refused to back down. Too many times had she allowed this vampire to taunt her humanity and her feelings for Jirou. She would not stand it. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at the redhead.

"You're wrong," she managed to stutter. She cursed her weakened state, wanting nothing more than to yell heatedly at the black blood but instead she came out sounding weak and pathetic, earning her a dark chuckle from the vampire.

"Am I? Do you not ask yourself if it's Kotaro he sees or maybe it's his old lover Alice Eve? Isn't that why he left you alone?"

She flinched at the well placed barb. His earlier statement did cross her mind more than once. There were times she felt stupid for doubting Jirou but there were times which she felt that her fears were founded. She loved Jirou but he was still stuck in the past and unfortunately Kotaro was the strongest reminder of that.

He watched in satisfaction as the emotions flittered on her face. He needed to break her, he needed to make her vulnerable. Already his mind was conjuring a few possibilities to the outcome of all of this. He smirked triumphantly as he watched her eyes darken even further. It would be easy...to easy. Her own insecurities would be her downfall...it would be his gain.

"Compromiser, you do not have long." His eyes ran along her body and for a brief second she wished that she would have been able to cover herself from that sharp gaze. She felt too exposed and as he released her shoulder and caressed her bare stomach, she resisted the urge to fight against him. However she knew that she did not posses anymore strength.

"Do you intend to die like this...or do you want me to save you?" She turned her head away from him as he leaned close to her. She could feel his lips on her neck and she shuddered.

He could end it all right now. He smiled against her neck. She was afraid. The poor scared rabbit caught by the merciless wolf. Her scent of fear was intoxicating and mixed with the coppery scent of her blood, it was enough to make him grace his fangs along that delicate neck. It would be so easy. Just the smallest amount of pressure and he would be able to taste that promised red liquid that made his insides burn.

"Why?" Her small voice brought him out of his thoughts and he slowly backed away a bit so that he was gazing at her. So many emotions flittered through her eyes and for a moment he found himself being drawn in.

A smirk tilted his lips and she was shocked as he lowered his lips to hers. His lips were hot and seemed to chase away the coldness that enveloped her. His tongue licked her lower lip and she found herself gasping at the sensation. Fangs graced her lower lip, she couldn't stop herself whimpering as he sucked on the plump flesh.

Jirou had kissed her before but unlike Zelman, Jirou was gentle to her and would only kiss her softly almost as if he was afraid to break her. Zelman on the other hand seemed to be demand her attention. He was slowly burning her and she was hungering for it.

She barely finished the thought as he drew back, eyes ablaze with something that she dared not name. His red hair fell in his primal eyes and for few seconds, she understood and acknowledged how truly beautiful he was. He was beautiful, but oh so dangerous and maybe that was what appealed to her at the moment.

"You've intrigued me. Not many humans can capture my attention like you have. It would be a waste to let you die here, not when you have such a fiery spirit...almost like me." She quivered as his fingers caressed her cheek. Still she found herself unable to look away from his intense gaze. Something flashed in his eyes and she almost jumped as his hands slammed on the ground on each side of her head.

"Could you burn me with that spirit of yours? Or will I incinerate you little one?"

His voice rose in volume and the primal look in his eyes intensified. She did not know what to say, fear clogging her throat. His eyes told her everything she had to know. Closing her eyes, she looked away but he was quick to follow. His lips settled on her flesh. Tracing, branding her skin...until she was almost sure that she would melt against him.

"It's your choice, compromiser? Do you want to die or do you want to live?" he whispered against her neck, his tongue tracing along the sensitive flesh.

"It will be so easy." His hot breath danced along her ear.

She wanted to fight him, she truly did but the web he was weaving around was so strong. It was seducing her slowly and effectively. For once she wanted to be selfish, she did not want to die. She wanted to live.

"Please." It was a barely a whisper but it was all he needed to hear.

"As you wish my little phoenix." She did not have any strength to scream as his fangs perforated her delicate flesh. A broken gasp tore from her lips, her breath seemed to get knock out of her and she tried to arch her back but he pinned her down. She could not breathe. Liquid flame danced through her veins. Her heart was hammering in her throat.

Being bitten by Jirou had been accelerating and pleasurable but being bitten by Zelman was a completely different experience. She could feel the power of the ancient sizzle along her skin as his own essence encased hers. She felt so small all of the sudden. His power drawing her in and making her drown.

Unlike with Jirou she was frightened this time. She could feel her life slipping away, her vision darkening in the process. The air around her became so little, she found herself gasping for breath. There was this pressure pushing on her chest, making it even harder to breathe. Still she could not stop the moan from leaving her lips as pleasure coursed through her veins. She found herself greedily soaking it up, it was addicting, too addicting to resist. Her eyes rolled back as she found herself lying plaint under the dark hunter as he took what he wanted and offered her so much pleasure in return.

She could not oppose him.

Too far gone and wrapped in a haze of sinful pleasure, she did not fight when she felt warm, scorching lips against her, nor did she hesitate as she felt a tangy coppery liquid invade her mouth. The taste was foreign but her body craved it. It burned her throat, it tasted dark and forbidden...calling out to her.

She greedily drank what was given to her and still wanted more. By now she could feel him smiling against her lips. That didn't stop her from whimpering though. She whimpered as she felt those lips leave her but she was too tired to even open her eyes, let alone protest.

A soft kiss on her temple.

She sighed.

"You should rest now, little phoenix. Everything will be fine, when you wake up." The voice was soft, yet so commanding. She could not resist. Nodding her head slightly, she snuggled closer to the warmth that was offered to her...not caring or thinking about what had just happened. All she knew was that she content and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Zelman watched in amusement as the young woman docilely fell asleep in his arms. He licked his lips. He could still taste her. She had tasted like innocence, pure and fresh. As he had drunk from her and infused his own aura in her, he had been afraid that she would break. For he was so strong and she was so weak compared him. Surprisingly enough though, she seemed to accept him and that had surprised him. Not that he would admit it.

It only proved though that he had done the right thing, letting her die would have been a waste.

It was then that he noticed the new presence. A smirk appeared on his lips as he slowly whirled around to face the newcomer.

"Good evening, Jirou," he admonished, smirking when he was watched the vampire's eyes glow eerily as they settled on the woman in his arms. The sheer possessiveness in the other vampire's eyes made him smirk even more.

Now the fun began.

"What did you, Zelman? Answer me!" the dark haired vampire growled as he took a step towards the redhead.

It was Zelman's turn to narrow his eyes. Straightening up, he made a show of pulling the sleeping form of Mimiko closer to his body. He would not stand for this. Jirou needed to know his place. If it came down to it, he would not hesitate to engage the vampire in battle.

"I did what I had to...or would you have preferred I let her die?" His voice came out cold and calculating and he watched in satisfaction as the other vampire stopped in his tracks.

Jirou's gaze flickered once again to the woman in Zelman's eyes and something tightened in him.

"Give her to me," he whispered taking a step forward.

The urge to hold her was almost too strong. He needed to know that she well and the only way that he could be certain of this was by feeling her in his arms, knowing that she was alive and well. He could have lost her so easily today.

He reluctantly admitted that she would not be alive if it wasn't for Zelman. How could he had been so careless? Guilt tugged at his conscious and he fisted his hands at his side. He was a fool.

Nevertheless he was brought out of his thoughts by Zelman's voice.

"Have you forgotten our law, Silver Blade? She's mine to keep."

His eyes widened at the words. He could not. She was not his. Mimiko belonged to him. Feeling the beast within howl in outrage, he tried to calm himself as he took another step forward.

"You can't." Jirou growled, fangs bared in agitation, his hand reaching for his sword.

Zelman must have seen the move, for before he could even blink there was a circle of fire already encircling the dark hunter and Mimiko. Glowing red eyes met his indigo ones.

"Do you dare go against our ancient laws? Not even Sei would allow you," Zelman challenged, knowing very well that he had won. Not even how powerful the vampire, they could not go against the ancient laws.

Jirou did not want to believe what he was hearing, even though he knew that Zelman was right. Feeling defeated, he changed his tactics.

"Why are you doing this?"

He was taken aback as he watched Zelman grin widely. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Instinctively he reached for his sword, knowing that nothing good could come of that smile. Yet it was proven useless as Zelman only chuckled darkly at the look on his face.

"She intrigues me." With that he was gone...and with him Mimiko.

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