Cerise Requiem

Chapter 3: Blood and Fire

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The blue wolf was not known for his patience, especially not when this vampire was concerned. Zelman Clock was arrogant and obstinate. His mannerisms have always irked Cain but what bothered him the most was that no matter how aggravating the redhead was, he was still powerful and he held rank.

As the second most powerful Black Blood in the Special Zone, he was both an asset and a threat. Treacherous, rebellious and manipulative by nature, he was the wild card that they unfortunately needed, especially now that Cassa was still missing.

The bearer of Asura's bloodline was unpredictable though. Zelman was always a step ahead and he never left the same footsteps twice. The one thing that was certain however was that he never did something without a motive and Cain was certain that this time was no different.

As one who was assigned as a diplomat, Cain knew very well how tricky this current meeting could be. One look at the redeyed prince made him internally growl. Zelman was also aware of the current predicament.

"I hope you didn't drag any fleas into my home, my dear wolf."

Zelman's voice was as always calm but laced with a strong hint of amusement and equal amount of mocking tones. He knew exactly how deep Cain's distaste for him ran and like always he used that to his advantage.

Pushing buttons had always been easy for him...perhaps too easy. He crossed his legs and leaned back, his smirk becoming a little more prominent as he heard his guest's answering growl.

"Why do you have the compromiser?"

Straight to the point. Zelman could appreciate that in certain circumstances but now it only got a bored look from him.

"I'm her sire."

As expected Cain's eyes narrowed, his lips pressing into a thin line.

"Why did you turn her? It's not like you to share your precious bloodline with anyone."

Zelman had apparently inherited the same mind-set as the fire God who bestowed on him the black blood's kiss. That particular bloodline had never multiplied, it had always been contained and kept to only a few chosen ones.

It was why it made the current situation all the more confusing.

The knight furrowed his brows. Asura's lineage was one born out of blood, war and death.

Zelman was the epitome of that.

Mimiko was not. That slip of a woman would not be able to control it.

"She won't make it, Zelman. What you are doing..."

Zelman cut him off.

"Should I have allowed her to die? That's rather cruel and merciless of you, don't you think?"

While the words were accusing, his voice was light as he leaned his chin on his hand.

"Besides, she's interesting."


The blue wolf knew exactly what that meant. He thought he had been mistaken but there was the confirmation. Zelman was playing around with others...again.

He had enough; slamming his hand on the table in front of them, he glared at the Old Blood.

"This is not a game! We will put her down if she loses it. What do you think Jirou will do then?"

Zelman couldn't help but smirk at that.

"He will do nothing like he did today. He left her to die. He didn't even bother to claim her in the first place. Fair game is fair game." The redheaded vampire stood up as he said this.

"He forfeited his right to her a long time ago. So I'm afraid your little diplomatic meeting has no meaning. Our laws are final."

Red eyes glowed the slightest and Cain knew then that he had stepped on a landmine when he felt the spike in power. Zelman's countenance was still calm but he knew better. Appearances could be deceiving.

The Black Blood knew then that nothing that he could say right now would change anything. Zelman's interest in the compromiser had sealed her fate.

"You're complicating things," he ground out watching the shorter man as he stood up as well.

"I'm putting and end to a foolish man's indecisiveness."

Cain growled louder than before. Zelman had a point. Silver Blade had caused all of this.

"Treat her well, you bastard." It wasn't like he particularly cared about humans but Mimiko had shown her loyalty and kindness. She deserved better, he doubted that her new sire could give her that. The worse thing was that he could not force him in any way either.

The sire had the last word.

Tightening his fists, he turned around. There was nothing else that he could do. He was at the door when Zelman's voice reached his ears.

"Oh I intend on in so many ways."

The promise in those words, caused him to clench his jaw as he mentally cursed Jirou. He didn't reply though, instead he opened the door and slammed it behind him, leaving the other vampire behind.

Zelman on the other hand could only chuckle softly. Everything went the way, he had predicted. Turning around, he gazed at the dark hallway. He couldn't help but smile.

"I thought you would be resting," he murmured taking a few steps forward and watching as Mimiko appeared.

His eyes drank her in. She was wearing one of his shirts. The act alone made him almost grin. If only she knew how that looked.


He moved closer, watching as her eyes flew to his. She was rather expressive for a human...or better said ex-human.

"He left. It seems everyone knows about the new you."

Her emotions played on her face. He could detect each one of them very easily.

"Jirou, he..."

The mention of Silver Blade made him cut her off.

"He's licking his wounds," he told her calmly, watching in both delight and slight frustration as her eyes narrowed.

"It's not his fault," she quickly defended, eyes blazing the slightest bit. He moved closer watching as she stepped back, bumping in the wall behind her.

Too many emotions. She was angry and scared, her scent invading his senses with each emotion, pulling him in.

"He left you to die, my little phoenix," he whispered, closer now, touching her cheek with his hand as she turned her face away from and unconsciously bared her neck to his heated eyes.

"He had to save, Kotarou."

Loyalty was something useful but somehow hers was foolish in his opinion. Someone had to wake her up and he was just that person.

"Of course but tell me where do you fit in? That boy will one day grow up and he will be even more beautiful than her."

Most vampires did not discriminate when it came to attraction, feelings or just plain lust. They will go after what they want. Jirou was no different.

"They're brothers," Mimiko stammered.

"They were lovers," Zelman murmured calmly.

Mimiko wanted to call him cruel then but deep down she knew he was being truthful. So she could only try and deny everything.

"Stop that."

He should stop. Zelman could sense her turmoil but he was rarely kind.

"Jirou sees only blue eyes and blond hair. He will never see you..."

That seemed to visibly make her cringe as she pressed herself further back, voice becoming nothing more than a whisper.

"What do you see then?"

The redhead smiled then, fangs visible, body pressing closer as he caged her.

"I see a beautiful woman. Someone who I can teach. A being who has the potential to be so much."

His whispers sent a shiver down her spine. Mimiko vaguely understood that she should push him away. She whimpered instead as he pressed her against the wall, a knee moving between her legs.


He purred softly, his lips tracing her neck. Once again, she found herself lost in him. Her hands wrapped in his shirt, sounds escaping her as he moved his knee against her, creating sweet friction that made her knees weak.

"You smell delicious."

His words caused liquid heat to settle in the belly. The ex-compromiser moaned softly, body unconsciously moving against his. Her fangs pressed in her lower-lip as another hunger took over.

The Ancient Hunter could sense that hunger and how excited it made him.

"Drink," he whispered against her ear, coaxing and promising in that way only he could.

Her lips parted.

She could smell the blood in his veins. Unknown to her, her eyes bled red, the brown disappearing completely.

"Drink," he urged again, body pressing against her even more.

She trembled then, her mind was slowly slipping through her fingers and she was left to grasp at instincts.




She needed him.

Her hands settled against his shoulders as she leaned forward, lips brushing against his neck. Her tongue ran against the skin as she tasted him. Feeling him shiver, only increased the hunger.

It made her feel strong and female. She pressed her legs together trapping his knee between them.

"Do it," he once again encouraged.

And she did.

Just like that the world around her was engulfed in blood and fire.


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