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Huh...Quiet on the Home Front
By Wilfi Te


I remember when I was just a little kid. The tail end of the great wars.
Just like every other kid in school, I wanted to be a VT pilot. We saw those silvery beings streak off on some mission or patrol nearly every day. When I finally got old enough to fake being 18, I joined up! It took me a few years, but I finally got to be a VT pilot, a jet jock, a 'mechamorph-but the wars were over. Sure, I got to take part in the 'final battle,' when the regis left, but that was it. I flew back-up...didn't even get to shoot my gun pod! A few missiles and it was all over. Huh, everybody was so happy, while I looked around and wondered "what now"

I didn't join the REF to fly endless patrols and be a peacetime soldier, I wanted ACTION!
For lack of another opportunity, I stayed with the REF. 'Course, it wasn't the good old REF anymore, though, it was the 'Guardian Forces.' Spending for new mecha dropped as civilians took over the government once again. I tried a few years out of the service after my second tour, but soon learned I couldn't stand the interminable confusion of civvie life. How could all those old nation states stand it? Old USA, good as she was, how could she stay together without being ripped apart at the seams?

When the call went out for volunteers to go along with the new colonizing fleets that were being assembled, I jumped at the chance. I'd since grown up and realized military life was more than guts and glory, it was responsibility and trust. I figured I'd go along with the 9th fleet. Figured I'd have better chances at promotion, maybe even find a girl.

Luck hadn't much come my way, you see, I'm not nearly as debonair or handsome as these younger hotshots, though Admiral Haye's daughter always was after me. I just couldn't bring myself to say yes, for some reason. That's all in the past, though. There are more important things to worry about now. Huh, what if I'd stayed behind, eh?

I've got my own squadron, now. Haven't seem much action so far, but I stay in practice anyway...you never know, or rather, we didn't know.
Until now.
It happened just a few days ago. That message came through, just barely, not even all of it. Just enough.
I can see the earth irradiated on that vid screen, even now.
"Guardian fleet 10 to all earth ships. This is ensign Pride, I'm all that's left here..."

I remember the scared look on that kid's face, smeared with soot and blood from a gash on his face. The masters had somehow came back with a huge fleet of some new ships I'd never seen before. It wasn't Zentreadi or Invid that served them, though, it was some other race. We only saw a body in space, but it looked vaguely micronian. Anyway. The masters came back and totally destroyed the Earth. It's...gone. All of it, everyone. Gone.

The masters had sent hunter killer squads and killed everyone in the Sol system according to Ens. Pride. They had sworn vengance on all humanity for "all they'd had to go through." With as many troops and ships as I saw, I don't doubt they can build an empire again. I figure they must think they killed everyone, the whole human race. I don't think they know about us, the 'galactic seeds of humanity,' sent forth so we could never be nearly destroyed again. Just think, without us, humanity would be gone.

All my life I've wanted action. Never got much though.
Now, it's 2062. I'm 37 years old. Still no kids or wife, but that's ok, 'cause I think I'm finally gonna get some action. I'm not trying to sound like a headstrung twenty year old, but I still feel the old urge to kick ass. The Governor says they think they've found Eralth, the planet we were sent to colonize. Good, maybe we can make this one a good one, even with all that civvie confusion.

This isn't earth, but it's our home now. We will fight, with all we have. This time, WE will conquer. This time, We'll make sure the masters 'disappear' permanently. It'll take a lot of work. The little data we have shows they far outclass our Alpha II's and Vinnie's, but with a little luck and Emil Lang's son, I'm sure we'll have something bigger and badder than ever.

Till then, it's quiet on the home front.