Brief Summary: (Naruto is part of a race, a race of beauty, seduction, purity and passion. "Naruto, what would you do if I told you that you weren't 'whole', what if I told you why everyone hates you, what if I told you…your heritage?")

First, we need a timeline:

Age: 0- Kyuubi is sealed into stomach, 4th dies, go hate!

7-Enters Academy early, kicked out of orphanage, gets appt

8-Fails Mid/Early-Academy Exam

10-Fails regular Academy Exam, starts w/people his age

11- Fails Mid/Early-Academy Exam

12- Regular Graduation day

13- Chunin Exams

Pairings will be: Naruto X (not in this order) Akatsuki, Iruka, Kakashi, Haku, Zabuza, Sasuke (debating, will depend on votes), Shino, Shikamaru, Neji, Lee, Kiba, Kabuto, Sai, Gaara, Kyuubi, Shukaku, Ibiki, Genma, Kotetsu, Izumo, Hayate, Raido, may add more latter on…Chouji X Hinata X Ino, TenTen X Temari, Gai X Kankuro, Asuma X Kurenai

Warnings: Yaoi!Harem, Naruxeveryone(even Ibiki) Starts at Genin Exam-Smart/Intelligent/Powerful!Naruto Possible Sakura Bashing, UberSeme/Uke Naruto...a /lot/ of seduction

Naruto was curious the reason why the Hokage had wanted to see him the day of his Genin graduation exams. He knew he wasn't the smartest or coolest of his class, but at least he was nice...not that anyone seemed to notice.

Walking down the street to the Hokage's tower, he shrugged off the glares and cruel whispers, long ago having learned that fighting back only made things…escalate. Making his way towards the tower, he absent-mindedly scratched his shoulders. They had been itching a lot lately; he really hoped he wasn't getting a rash. Come to think of it, his chakara had been very weird lately, again he hoped he wasn't coming down with something.

Rubbing his tired eyes in protest of the early hour, he knocked on the Hokage's door. You knew it was early when the Hokage's secretary wasn't even in yet.

"Come in Naruto." Sarutobi, the Third Hokage's withered voice called in.

"Oi, Jiji, what'cha want?" Naruto was impatient, the exams would start soon, and he would pass this time! …. The author refuses to put a certain catch phrase here.(Author: I'd rather die!)

"Naruto, how have you been?" The Hokage asked with a grandfather like smile.

He quickly regretted asking that question when the hyper blond started to ramble.

"Naruto" the seriousness in the old man's voice was like a roadblock to Naruto's ramblings. Naruto looked up at his 'grandfather' with a questioning squint, reminding the old man much of a curious Kistune.

"I'm told you haven't been feeling well…?" the old man prompted.

"I feel strange." The blond mumbled, scratching his back again, a motion that didn't go unnoticed.

"Strange?" the old man urged the boy on.

"I feel itchy, my chakara has been acting strange, and I feel…empty. Like pieces of me that are suppose to be there aren't." The boy looked like he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Naruto, what would you do if I told you that you weren't 'whole', what if I told you why everyone hates you, what if I told you…your heritage?"

"What?! Why?! Oji-san you gotta tell me!" Naruto was practically leaping onto the Hokage's desk.

"First, it starts with a legend. (A/N: that I have completely made up.) It begins with a race, neither divine nor tainted. They were purer then any other being, but fed off the lust of men and only men. They were sexual beings, created only for pleasure and entertainment, but kind, loving, loyal and powerful. Those the found themselves in the midst of just one such creature would later speak of their perfection, in body, mind and soul. We have no names for such creatures, though they are often called The Kanshisha (means guardian).

They were, while a group of people, loners. Only once a year would they gather to dance and celebrate, otherwise their children would be left with mortals to raise, and the knowledge they needed would come as instinct. Such a process left the mortals with no knowledge of them, even their appearance was deceiving, they could easily shift and not one thing could distinguish them as a clan. As such, their appearance, habits, culture and capabilities are virtually unknown.

Now, keep this in mind Naruto as I explain the rest to you. Such a child was left with Konoha 12 years ago, just days before the Kyuubi attack. The Kyuubi is an unstoppable force, and even if we did kill it, it would do more harm then good. Killing a fire lord like that would of meant the end of fire itself! So the forth sealed the demon instead, inside of that child, a newborn.

Now, the child would already be powerful, but even more so with the Demon King within him. So Arashi Sealed half of the child's capabilities away, so that the child wouldn't have too much power, power the child wouldn't know how to control. The seal was set to deteriorate, so that the child's other side would emerge when it was capable of controlling it. The child's natural appearance would shine through, and it's natural talent and power would reawaken. The child would become…"

"Jiji, why are you telling me this?"


With those words, the world seemed to turn into a painfully bright white, and a great pressure seemed to be released inside of Naruto's mind.

"You are the child, Naruto."

Inside Naruto's Mind:

In the same chamber as the sealed doors that contained the slumbering Kyuubi was Naruto's other self.

Suspended by chains that held the form in the center of the chamber, touching nothing but the chains, the being 'floated' hundreds of feat in the air. The being wore an ethereal white robe, turtle necked with no sleeves, the hem almost brushed the floor, the being had no shoes, and the 'sleeves' were merely white silk wrapped loosely around the forearms. The same silk cloth covered the eyes and mouth, loosely creating a macabre mask. The being's hair was long, silky and a beautiful wheat color, the only distinguishable feature of the creature.

The position it hung in looked as though the being had been failing to earth, or perhaps flying away, when the chains had captured it in its web of metal and links. The arms were held away from the body, bound in their own chains in a cross posstion, while the rest of the body hung limply towards the floor, leaving the body at an odd, slanted angle.

The most startling thing about the being however, were the glowing wings that were harshly chained to their full reach. Three pairs, six wings in all, varied in color and slightly in size. The first and largest were a stark white, purer then snow. The second and slightly smaller pair was gray, the perfect middle of light and dark. The last and third and smaller still, that pair was so black you couldn't discern one feather from the other, so deep the pitch.

The being had been hanging there, growing with its other half through the years, living what he had been living, seeing what he had been seeing, always there, but never allowed to interfere. At first the being had struggled, trying to help himself, but the chains only grew more numerous, and the bindings harsher, and soon it had abandoned hope, slowly gaining power and knowledge. But now it felt it, a deep rumbling within the chains. Luminescent eyes opened beneath the silk prison, casting a blue glow within the folds(think advent children). Smiling for the first time in such a long time, the creature was happy.

He was becoming one with himself.

The chains broke.

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