From Legacy of the Uzumaki. Naruto's met some jounin and had a few drink, in Genma's case, more then a few.

Naruto's cover name is 'Nao'

Two hours later, Genma was swaying on his feet and Raido was a little more willing to grin than usual. Calling it a night, Naruto reminded Raido of his promise to escort him part way to his home.

"Ah. Let me go pay my tab Nao, I'll meet you ou'side." Raido mumbled, nodding a little too much.

"Very well. Come along Genma, let's get you some fresh air" Gai and Kakashi had left together, Kakashi supporting Gai who was more than a little drunk. Ibiki had offered to take Genma home, but was in the bathroom currently.

Stumbling outside, Genma was talking gibberish about nothing until…

"You're really p'urty y'know? W'en I fi'st saw yoooou, I was like 'Damn, he's got a'nice assk' and I w's right, y'do" Genma giggled a little, making a point to lean back to stare at Naruto's ass. (Translation: You're really pretty you know? When I first saw you, I was like Damn, he's got a nice ass and I was right, you do)

Blinking a little bit, Naruto enjoyed the warm swirling sensation in his stomach at the compliment. He mentally preened under the praise.

"Thank you Genma-san, no one's complimented me before."

"N'one? Pfft, their lose then…do I get a reward?"

"A reward Genma-san?"

"Ya, a reward! I s'owed you 'round, intre…intra…showed you to m'friends and stuff, I deserve a r'ward!" Genma was getting a little louder but still had a playful grin on his face. (Translation: Ya, a reward! I showed you around, [trying to figure out how to say introduced] showed you to my friends and stuff, I deserve a reward!)

"And what type of reward do you desire, Genma-kun? Hmm? Tell me, what do you desire?" Naruto could feel his new power swirling within him and it excited him. His grin was that of an incubus's, all sin and sex.

"Mmmmm" Genma pretended to think hard, complete with tongue sticking out of his mouth. "Kiss'me"

"A kiss?" Naruto teased gently, his face already closer to Genma's.

"Yeah, I'wan a kiss from the pretty." Genma stared up at Naruto, all puppy eyes.

"Well, how can I say no to my generous tour guide?" Naruto leaned even closer to Genma, their breath's mingling.

"However Genma-kun" Naruto purred out, "I don't want our kiss interrupted and I want you to remember it. So we'll have to wait until we meet next." With that, Naruto pulled away as both heard Ibiki's footsteps approach. Giving Naruto a disappointed pout, Genma allowed himself to be lead away by a more sober Ibiki. Giving both shinobi a nod goodbye, Naruto only waited a few more minutes for Raido to exit as well.

"Shall we?" Naruto murmured, indicating that pathway. Nodding to Naruto, Raido began walking beside his companion.

Walking in comfortable silence, they were almost to the designated street when Raido saw Naruto make a quick turn into a darkened alley.

"Nao? What are you doing?" Raido called a few steps away from the entrance of the alley.

A hand reached out grabbing the front of his flank jacket and quickly pulled him into the shadow. Raido cursed, realizing the drinks had made him slow to react. He closed his eyes, preparing for death or whatever was to come, all the while cursing the man he had begun to trust.

Until he felt something warm on his lips. Gasping in surprise, his eyes snapped open only for them to look into familiar, cat like eyes that sparkled in the moon light. Raido's already open mouth went slack from surprise.

Using the slight opening of Raido's mouth, Naruto slithered his tongue into Raido's mouth; caressing teeth, teasing the roof of his mouth and finally convincing Raido's tongue to play in his sensual dance. He nearly smiled when Raido moaned and gave in, bringing his arms up to wrap around Naruto's neck, pulling him down to further deepen the kiss. Naruto was enjoying himself. The power he had felt since Genma's request shifted under his skin pleasantly, guiding him in the steps to follow.

Wet sounds could be heard from their mouths as there tongue's caressed and massaged one another. At one point when Raido pulled away slightly to breath, Naruto lightly bit at Raido's bottom lip, gaining a loud groan. Encourage by the sound, Naruto began moving his mouth further down, nipping at whatever flesh was open to him. Finally resting at the neck, Naruto began to enthusiastically suck and bite, enjoying everyone moan, groan and sigh that Raido released.

Shifting a little, Naruto brought his knee up between Raido's legs, pleased to find a hardened bulge waiting for his attention. Moving back up to Raido's ear, Naruto harshly whispered filthy things that he was going to do to Raido, which just excited him more.

"You like this, don't you? Pushed against the wall in some dirty alleyway like a two-bit whore. Since you're moaning so nicely, I guess my little whore deserves a reward, hmmm? Well whore? Do you deserve it?" Naruto pulled viciously at Raido's hair, smiling out the even louder moan was heard. "Such a good bitch." Naruto murmured as he deftly opened Raido's pants. "Such a good little slut, begging for my touch." Naruto gave Raido's hot cock a vicious squeeze and a long stroke, causing Raido back to arch of the wall and for him to give an encouraging gasp.

Naruto continue to stroke and tease the cock in his hands, enjoying the gasps and facial expressions of his partner. Raido had completely lost it, his mouth open in a 'O' of pleasure, saliva ran down from his mouth from the earlier kisses. When he began to beg for release, Naruto knew it was time for the next step.

"Please let me come, please, please, please. Need to come, need to, ah ah, please!" Raido was desperate for release. He cried out in surprise at the sudden slap to his cock.

"Naughty whore, thinking about your own release instead of mine? Selfish little slut. I'm giving you all this pleasure, all you want, but you can only think of yourself, I'm disappointed" Naruto have a particularly harsh pull, running his claw like nails along the underside of Raido's cock.

"Sorry sorry sorry, wanna come!"

"Oh? You want to come? You have to earn the right first, my little slut" Naruto jabbed his fingernail into Raido's cock slit, enjoying it as Raido completely came off the wall with a harsh shout. "Well? Are you going to earn it?"

"Yes, mmm, Yes! What…?" Raido would give anything at that moment to come. He felt drunk with pleasure and it just kept building up. He could feel the release, just out of reach.

Purring sensually and almost cruelly into Raido's ear, Naruto gave his condition.

"Good whores put their master's cock in their mouth, don't they, bitch?"

Raido groaned, the words going straight to his cock. Fumbling away from the wall, he fell gracelessly to his knees on the cold concrete of the alley. He frantically pulled the fabric away from his goal and nearly groaned in relief when Naruto's cock twitched in his face. It was long, huge actually and curved slightly upward. His groin was hairless, as was his legs. The tip of his cock was pink, but the rest of it was pale, almost glowing in the moonlight. A pearl of pre-cum was already gathered at the tip, and Raido's tongue eagerly darted out the grab the glob.

Naruto's cock twitched at the contact and Raido nearly groaned at the taste. It was unnaturally sweet, like fruit. Opening his mouth, he let his tongue map out the massive cock in front of him first. Making broad sweeps over the cock, he coated it with his shiny saliva.

"Enough playing pet. Suck me" Naruto commanded, pushing Raido's head closer to his cock.

Opening his mouth into a large 'O', Raido eagerly sucked the cock down as far as he could go; taking pleasure in the moan he received for his efforts.

"That's it baby, just like that" Naruto encouraged as he began lightly thrusting his hips, moving his cock in and out of Raido's sucking mouth.

A wet 'slick' sounds could be heard as Naruto began fucking Raido's face eagerly. Watching his cock disappear and reappear into Raido's mouth, coming out wet with ropes of saliva and pre-cum attached to his bitch's mouth, hearing him groan in pleasure and giving wet sucks, eager for the return of his cock…Naruto was in heaven.

Sticking his foot out, he began caressing Raido's neglected cock with his shoe. Raido seemed to enjoy the attention, moaning around the cock in his mouth. The vibration was wonderful, and so Naruto would randomly play with his toy's cock to get a repeat of the action.

Feeling himself closer to the edge, Naruto grabbed Raido's face and begun fucking it in earnest. Raido relaxed, allowing his head to be held still or moved and Naruto like and he felt the huge cock nudge the back of this throat. He moaned, enjoying being used and could feel his own cock swell.

"That's it bitch, take it like a good slut. Swallow down all of my seed, mmm" Finally Naruto came, in large amounts of white, warm cum that seemed to fill Raido up. Raido relaxed his throat, occasionally swallowing around the large cock that rested in his mouth, spurting out the sweet fluids. After several minutes, Naruto's spent cock slipped out from between Raido's lips, a thin string of cum attaching from the cock to Raido's mouth.

"Good whore. Now for your reward" Naruto pulled Raido up from his position and concentrated chakra to his fingertips. "Come" he commanded as he ran the chakra laced fingers down Raido's purple cock. Giving a horse shot of pleasure, Raido came, long streams of cum shot out from his overexcited cock, hitting himself in the face and some landing in his open mouth. Naruto purred, and began licking the cum off Raido's face, causing his spent cock to twitch just a little bit.

"Mm, wasn't that fun, Raido-kun?" Naruto purred as Raido's eyes slowly closed, exhausted from the pleasure. "We'll surely have to do it again, pet."