1.Pucca and the sick Ninja

Garu gets sick and collapses in front of Pucca's house and she takes him in until he is well agian and when he wakes up I don't think he is going to be happy about this.

Chapter1-Garu's nurse/love

On a rainy day in sooga village Garu got sick and didn't have the strength to get home so he rests on Pucca's door step

Garu:Mio me and you can rest here until the rain stops Garu breathed hard and felt like he had just ran track


He fell alsleep and when Pucca came back from makeing her dilivery she saw him sleeping there she picked him up and carryed him inside and put him in her bed

she made a bed and fead Mio and got medicine and soup for Garu and knowing how stuburn he is she mixed the medicine in with the tea she is going to give him

Garu:ooh Mio screaming where am I?

Pucca:your at the noodle resturant in my room.

Garu:twitching but why? caughing

Pucca:because you have the flu and your fever is high

Garu:I feel fine im just tiered

He got up and wobled around and kurplop he fell on his bottom

Garu:and a little tiered I guess

Pucca:yea suer Garu even Ninja's get sick Tobe,Abyo,Ching and even me so stop complaing like a big baby and lay back down I'll be downstairs if you need me

Garu:I bet she's just keeping me here so she kiss me all day long Thinking about itNO! I gota get out of here but how

Ching came over to play with Pucca and Abyo came to see Garu

Ching:so how is he?

Abyo:yeah is he contagus?

Pucca:fine and not anymore so you could go up and see him come on Ching lets do girly stuff


Both laughing

Abyo ran up the stairs and opened the door


Garu:Abyo help me out of here plecse!

Abyo:why I'd love a girl to take care of me while Im sick

Garu:thats you and Ching not me Pucca is mad

Abyo throwing Garu to the ground

Abyo:relaxe your fine she told me you'd act this way


Abyo:stop being a scardey cat no affese Mio


Meanwheile Pucca and Ching were coloring and talking to one another and the rain had stopped that next morning so pucca had dried his clotha in ths dryer and gave them to him

Pucca:you could leave now

Garu:bu aren't you ganna chase me?
Pucca:no why?

Garu:just a question forget it

Whiel garu was there I guess you could say he started to enjoy her company so that night he went to the noodle resturant and went to her room without her uncles seeing him


Pucca:huh she said sleeply oh Garu

Garu:shh I just wanted to say thanks for takeing care of me and Mio those two days I owe you one

Pucca:don't mention it

Then Garu came into her room and gave her a kiss

Garu and Pucca began to blush in Garu's mind he thought that wasn't so bad after all then he embrassed her I

Garu:I;ve wanted to that for a long time now


Garu:I know it may not seem like it but I actually enjoy your company alot

Pucca:I never thought I would here you say that.