1Summary-Okay last chapter was about the note and now this chapter is about what's about to happen to Abyo and Garu hopefully they'll make it out or will they we'll see.

Chapter4-The escape

Garu's plan had been genius and they had been running for three whole hours now the army not even noticing they were missing. Garu smiled as he and his two companions ran home to safety...to Pucca.


Pucca paced it was now three o'clock in the day thinking that maybe Mio made it back about two hours late she suspected it would maybe take the whole day maybe two to get from how far they had just gone and she was determined to see her one and only true love again.

"Pucca"Ching distracted her out of her thoughts looking at her

"Oh yeah"Pucca asked

"How long do you think it's going to take for them to come back?"Ching said in a worried tone knowing that there was a chance they would never come back.

"Well maybe about two days or more but they should be back"Pucca assured

'I think' Pucca thought to herself

That day was boaring they didn't want to play or anything being to worried over the two that they cared so much about was nerve wrecking and this was especially bad.


The two had been running since early last night and they were getting closer and closer to home hoping they wouldn't get stopped was a big hope but none the less he was determined to get where he needed to be to be with who he wanted to be with.


They were getting impatient with then two and starting to feel a little nervous in knowing that something might have happened to the two ninja.

"why is taking so long for them to return" Ching asked

"I don't know" they had been sitting at the gates of the village for a long time basically all day and it was time to go home and they had to or else they would get in trouble for being late.

"Well bye Pucca see you tomorrow"Ching said

"Yeah okay bye"Pucca said be for they went there separate ways.


Garu smirked as he entered the village he looked around be for shooting off to Pucca's house to see her. When he got there he smiled at the window seeing as Pucca was already asleep and he could sneak in unseen.

When he got over to the bed side he patted Pucca's head a sighed a sigh of relief hoping that she wouldn't think that it was a burglar and throw him over the bed and out the window.

"Garu" Pucca said looking at him

"Huh?"he said not even aware that he was sitting there not paying attention to what he was doing.

"When did you get back"Pucca asked sitting up in her bed and smiling at him.

"A little while ago"Garu whispered really low

Pucca smiled at him he hugged her tightly and smiled happy to see the person that he cared for and that cared for him so much he had never felt like this be for being with the person you love had never felt so good and he was willing to never leave Pucca only if it was to save her life.

"I love you"he whispered at the same volume as last time

"I love you to"Pucca whispered back

She pecked him on his cheek but Garu wanted more so he kissed her fully on the lips she was surprised but kissed back as well happy that what she had wanted all this time was finally given to her.

This was all was given just because of a little sickness and a big heart of a little girl name Pucca.


Sorry it's so short but I had no more idea's but over winter break I promise people I will think of a sequel and put it up for you all to read might be longer that depends on what it's about.