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Sakura Tenshi: everyone present and accounted for?

Sasuke: Hn…..

Naruto: ……………….

Sakura Tenshi: Naruto?

Naruto: Sakura, I'm not so sure about this idea.

Sasuke: smirking like he has never smirked before aww, come on dobe, don't tell me your scared or something.

Naruto: Hey! You would be too if you were forced to wear t-that!

Sakura Tenshi: Are either of you complaining about my idea?! glaring with dark aura behind her

Naruto and Sasuke: shaking with fear n-no

Sakura Tenshi: beaming with smiles and shining brightly that's what I thought…. NOW ON TO THE STORY!

Naruto: What about the summery?

Sakura Tenshi: SHUT UP! I was getting there.

Sasuke: mumbles sure you were….

Sakura Tenshi: What was that?!

Sasuke: n-nothing



Summary: Naruto is a pretty normal guy to say in the least he has friends and adored by most people but there might be a slight problem… everyone thinks he is a girl! But what happens when someone finds out? NaruXSasu and Yaoi! Don't like don't read!



Chapter 1



Naruto woke up early that morning as the sun began to peep through the window to him room he got up and rubbed his eyes while stretching his free arm. He yawned and got up walking over to the bathroom to brush his teeth and use the bathroom. Walking back out he could smell the smell of waffles coming from the kitchen downstairs. His mother was up making breakfast and getting ready for work. Dad must had already left for the office.

Walking back into his room he went into his closet and pulled out the girls uniform he was forced to wear every single day of school. He cringed in disgust at he looked at the white and blue fabric in front of him. This was his usual morning routine, wake up and stop himself from puking every time he looked at the uniform. When Naruto was born his mother was devastated that he ended up being a he for Naruto's mother so badly wanted a girl. As for Naruto's dad he couldn't have been happier that Naruto was male for Naruto was able to take over the family business. As to what the business was, Naruto had no idea and really didn't care but it brought in a butt load of cash that Naruto saved up for Ramen; his favorite food.

But when Naruto transferred to this new school last year his mother requested that he'd be given the girls uniform and that his real gender be kept a secret. Naruto's Father objected at fist but when he realized that his son indeed looked very feminine with his slender legs and his short blond spiky hair and blue eyes; Naruto looked like a very adorable girl.

Naruto's voice wasn't even boyish but it wasn't girly either. Naruto grabbed the Japanese style girl's uniform that consisted of a baby blue skirt and white shirt. Under the collar hung a neatly tied baby blue ribbon and blue strips going across the collar. Oh how he hated this uniform. Somewhere along the way though Naruto had realized that he was gay, when and where he did not know but somehow many, many years ago, he found out that his sexual preferences swung the other way than what they were supposed to. But this didn't mean he enjoyed cross dressing or even acting gay for that matter. But it did help make it easy to completely feel uninterested in the female population.

Taking one last look in the mirror, Naruto ran out the room of course completely ignoring the perfume and makeup his mother had purchased for him, but he refused on the spot. Stopping downstairs he spotted the waffles neatly placed on the table and a note next to in which read something about have a good day or whatever.

Naruto tossed it aside and quickly gobbled down the meal and rushed out the door. Running at top speed to school he was very good at sports at it took no time to reach the gates to the school that were about fifty feet higher than needed be. It was something about the private schools these days that competed against which school was taller than the other.

Making his way to class Naruto stopped at his locker to get the correct indoor shoes for the most prestigious private school located in Tokyo Japan. Located inside his locker was a huge stack of love letter from both genders. Of course he was adored by everyone but no one really like him for him because none of them really knew who he was, which was why he chose to just try and make it through these last few years of high school.

Running through the hallways, Naruto received a few cat calls and a bunch of squeals as he pushed his way through the throng of people trying to make it to his class on time. As he was trying his best to keep his balance maneuvering through the bodies of people he accidentally tripped and clenched his eyes shut waiting for the impact to happen but instead he felt something soft and warm wrapped around his waist suspending him about two inches above the ground leaving his nose and the floor very little room in-between.

Naruto twisted his neck around and was looking into a pool of black. As Naruto was refocusing his vision he recognized a pale face that was completely flawless and spiky jet black hair that was set in perfection. It was like looking into the face of an Adonis but was he ever going to admit that? Hell no!

Standing back up on his own two feet Naruto straightened out his skirt and bowed his head politely. "Thank you Sasuke-Senpai," Naruto said as politely as he possible could through clenched teeth. Sasuke was a grade higher than he was and such a stuck-up and snob and not to mention tight-ass that Naruto couldn't help but hate the guy no matter how hot and gorgeous and irresistibly fu- aggh!

Naruto looked up to find a smirking Sasuke, What theNaruto thought as he straightened up and held tightly onto the books in his arms that he managed not to drop the entire time.

"Hn," was Sasuke's reply as he walked off in the direction of his class. Naruto puffed out his cheeks and tried his hardest to hold in the string of curse words that were forming in the back of his throat.

Naruto came out of his fuming when he heard the warning bell ring for the students to get into class. Naruto ran like the wind, sliding about six feet into the class and gracefully into his seat; looking up as if it was the most common thing in the world. The class stared at him giggling and stifling the fits of laughter that were about to erupt until the bell rang again and class began for the day.

Second period came around and Naruto pushed his way to art class avoiding the fans of either gender that threatened his chance for survival. Yes, Naruto thought of himself as a piece of meat and that everyone were carnivores waiting to take a bite from. Oh how he hated this uniform.

Once he made it to art class Naruto brought out his favorite sketch book and read on the board what their assignment was. It was a free day so he decided to draw a fox with a mask. The fox included nine tails and the mask was of a void and nothing was on it. Sometimes he felt as though his life was just like the picture and that his mother had hidden him behind this mask. Oh how he hated this uniform.

As the rest of the class filed in someone decided to sit beside him and he heard loud sighing sound that signaled Naruto to pay attention. Looking up, Naruto saw one of his best friends Kiba completely ignoring that he was supposed to be productive in the free class they had, and had his face resting in between his two hand slumped over the table in his seat.

"Hey Kiba, what's going on?" Naruto said looking back at the drawing touching it up here and there.

"Naru-Channnnn, what am I going to do?" Kiba said still kind of staring off into space. Naruto cringed as he heard his name being used that way for the first time today. No Naruto, just Naru, which was his name at school. Naruto really had no idea what happened this time for Kiba to become upset but Naruto sighed and set down his sketch pad and pencil and crossed his arms over his chest.

"What is it this time?" Naruto said with a rather annoyed tone.

"Aww, don't say it like that." Kiba said straightening his back and letting his arms fall flat on the table in front of him.

"But there is something wrong, am I right?" Naruto replied eyed his friend.

"Yah" Kiba said with another sigh. "Hinata is avoiding me and I don't know what to do! Can you talk to her for me?!" Kiba said giving his best puppy dog pout which Naruto could sometimes swear he believed Kiba was part dog or something.

Hinata was a girl Kiba had a crush and Naruto knew from him. Naruto gave a muffled groan and shook his head refusing his request.

"Aww come on Naru-Chan, what can I do to get you to accept?" Kiba said whining and a pleading look still plastered to his face. Naruto thought for a second and stood up so that he was towering over Kiba.

Naruto held up two fingers in front of Kiba's face "You bring me Ramen for two weeks straight for lunch every day." He said with a stupid grin on his face.

"Ummm, okay, but why?" Kiba asked a little confused.

"Because my mom said I can't have any more Ramen and that I needed to go on a diet….." Naruto said somewhat mumbling in an irritated way. "So do we have a deal?"

"Sure!" Kiba said ecstatic and jumped up hugging Naruto and ran out the door just as the bell rang for lunch. Since Naruto wanted to get this over with he went in search of Hinata and asked some girls talking in the hallways if they had seen her. They said that she was in the computer lab looking up some stuff.

Naruto ran in the direction of the computer lab and searched around the room but only saw one person at a computer. The computer lab also shared the library but the librarian was also out for lunch so you weren't able to check out any books.

Naruto noticed that the person at the computer wasn't Hinata for the person was wearing the boy's uniform. After looking closely for a while, Naruto realized that it was none other than Sasuke himself. As Sasuke turned around their eyes locked and a smirk formed on his face.

As Sasuke stood up from his seat Naruto automatically backed up a foot. "Is there something I can help you with?" Sasuke said in a very sexy husky voice.

Naruto swallowed hard as he found his voice again, and his sanity. "I'm looking for Hinata, Have you seen her in here?" Sasuke kept moving closer toward Naruto so that he was backed up against the door he had entered.

"Now, why would you be looking for her when I'm here?" Naruto's throat went dry and was getting ready to make a run for it when he heard a click beside him. Naruto looked over and saw what it was. Sasuke had locked the door! Sasuke leaned up against the door with one hand and looked down at Naruto's adorable face.

Sasuke bent down to Naruto's ear and his breath tickled Naruto's ear which sent a shiver down Naruto's back. Sasuke licked at the base of it and nibbled on the bottom. Naruto flushed a deep red and put his hands on Sasuke's chest trying to push him off but he wouldn't budge.

"S-Sasuke-S-Senpai wha-?" Naruto was cut short as Sasuke whispered in his ear.

"I know your secret, Naruto-kun." Naruto froze and stopped trying to push Sasuke off. Did he just hear correctly, did Sasuke really know that Naruto was a boy?



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