Hey, long time no see, ne? But fear not, I have an excuse! I have discovered the world of ...... ANIME! ("OH SHOCK AND DISBELIEF" - The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood) Hahaha, just kidding about that being my excuse. My priorities have been on school and my own original works.

BUT FEAR NOT! For I have a plan. A plan that will make you quiver in your very boots (unless you don't happen to be wearing boots.....in which case - you'll simply be in awe!) and go giddy with glee.

..........well, probably not............

I feel so bad for basically abandoning Spy On Ghosts, especially when it was so near the end. I loved this story so much, and now looking back on it, it makes me cringe at how poorly written it is (to my new refined standards of being an English Honors student) and how everything that happens is so random and doesn't tie together very well.

Now that I've explained my reasoning for this, BACK TO THE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel that there are three possible solutions to the situation here (three because the story is so close to its end, unlike School Can Be Anything But Ordinary, which is near the beginning).

Option 1: I can discontinue the story.

Option 2: I can rewrite the story.

Option 3: I can hold a contest for fan submitted endings of the story, in which the winner will end up with their chapter completing the story.

The decision is up to you! Though upon coming up with these decisions.....I guess I COULD do both options 2 and 3......

Okay.... Option 4: I do both options 2 and 3

So make sure you vote! Oh, and please don't send me submissions if you vote for option 3. I'm not actually opening the contest yet (if I do), I'm just asking if its a good idea. I'll post another author's note with the results and submission information soon!