Why do you do this to yourselves?

Are you that masochistic?

Why can't you just let yourself-

- let go, even just once?

- be happy?

We're both the best and worst possible matchups for each other, and because of that we'll always, always keep getting drawn back to one another. Almost like magnets, if that particular method of illustration wasn't so… ironic will do.

We understand each other in a way nobody else can. We're two halves… but we add up to something less than a whole, because we're both too damaged to ever be whole again. God knows we try, though… maybe it's stupidity, maybe we're just that masochistic, but I think we just can't not.

Touch and trust. They're such small things, to be such nigh- insurmountable obstacles for us.

But we are not Scott and Jean (thank God!), whose love could save the world, overcome death, change history.

We learned too early, too well that love ain't always enough.

Neither of us is that good.

But we're not entirely bad, either; neither of us wants to believe that we're beyond redemption, not yet, not really. We want to be saved as much as we want to drown…

We're royally fucked up, is what we are.

But we just can't not.

- X -

I should mention that I've never read the comics; the closest I've gotten is fanfiction and cartoons, but for some reason the Romy pairing reached out and grabbed me. -shrugs- This popped into my head after hearing/ reading another shipper wonder what it was that made the pairing so damn appealing.