Sakura couldn't find it in her to pull out the kunai lodged in her thigh, although her instincts as a medic-nin were screaming at her that oh, my god, holy shit, Sasuke hit a bloody artery and she just might bleed to death.

She glanced at Sasuke, who was looking at the floor nervously with red cheeks, and then back to her thigh.

Her bloody thigh.

Her bloody thigh with a kunai sticking out of it.

Her bloody thigh with a kunai sticking out of it that had a ring tied to the freaking weapon.


Despite the monosyllabic… grunt, Sakura knew it meant an entire sentence that went along the lines of: 'You're an idiot. You were supposed to dodge that, not let yourself get stabbed. Now you might bleed to death because you're too busy acting shocked and I'm as nervous as hell so I won't be able to help you out, and then we won't get married because you died, and then my clan won't get restored because we both know you're only girl I'd be able to spend the rest of my life with even if you are so damn annoying. You're annoying me now, actually.'

Sakura blinked.

"Oh, right."

Ignoring the mild pain, she removed the kunai and brushed one palm over the wound to heal herself. She fell to her knees out of the blood loss and continued staring at the weapon. And what was dangling off of it.

"Is… Is that what I think it is?"

She poked the ring just to be sure.


Sakura chuckled light-headedly (because hey, she needed some blood here) and smiled at Sasuke.

"And you were trying to be romantic in your Sasuke kind of way by proposing to me while we were sparring?" Sakura inquired.

Sasuke nodded.

"But I got distracted when I noticed the ring on the kunai you threw at me so I forgot to dodge…" She sighed and rubbed her forehead. After a small moment of silence, she snapped at him. "Well would it kill you to put the ring on me at least?!" Sakura pouted childishly before answering her own question. "No, it wouldn't, you bastard!"

She paused.

"It would kill me!"

"Hn." That one meant something like "Well it's not my fault you were too distracted to remember that a kunai just so happens to be deadly and sharp you annoying woman."

Nevertheless, Sasuke gracefully dropped down into a squatting position and took Sakura's left hand and the ring that was dangling between the fingers in her right one. He slipped it on her and then got back up wordlessly. He turned away (because, Sakura concluded positively, he was blushing!).

"Hn," he said, translating to "Get up, we're not done sparring."

Sakura felt her lips twitch up into a smile. Slowly, (after he turned back to her, which happened after he fought off his evil, cursed blush) with Sasuke's help, Sakura got back up and onto her feet, completely leaning against him for support.


She kissed him on the cheek and felt too tired to take her lips off of him.

"I'll marry you."