Note: I know it's been two years since I added anything to this anthology but this idea came to my mind. On another note, I apologize, but I have no idea what a pasta arm is, but kudos to anyone who knows what I was watching that got the image of one stuck in my head.
Warning: Sasuke's kind of… sweet.
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The entirety of their relationship was atypical, so Sasuke's way of proposing was hardly any different.

It all started with a rolled up set of blueprints that Sasuke brought over to her office one morning. Naturally, he opened the door without knocking and entered. Sakura smiled at him and he silently unrolled the massive sheet on her desk to show her the plans for his new house. After the destruction of Konoha all those years ago, all Sasuke really had left was a giant plot of land. He sold a fair portion of it out of practicality, but even then he still had much for himself. He looked at her expectantly and Sakura felt mildly uncomfortable under his stare.

"What is this?" would make her sound stupid, and to say something of "Oh, how lovely," wouldn't be that much better, so she settled with a combination of sorts:

"Oh. Blueprints."


Sakura refrained from pouting in confusion. He was clearly fishing for some sort of answer from her but Sakura had absolutely no idea what he was looking for. She looked at the aerial view of the first floor. There was a fairly large kitchen, a den, one larger room that she thought could function as a perfect library and/or office, a bathroom, and then a smaller laundry room. The second floor contained a master bedroom with its own en suite, three other bedrooms, another full bathroom, and a small room for storage.

She peeked up from behind her bangs and found Sasuke carefully examining her face. What on earth did he want from her?

She knew she had to be careful. When it came to Sasuke and anything Uchiha-related (e.g. what to do with the land that once belonged to them), he could be a little bit sensitive. She'd learned that the hard way, but after two years of dating she figured she'd gotten somewhat better at discerning his mood swings.

"I—" Sakura paused when she noticed him perk up at her voice. She frowned at him, not bothering to cover up her confusion. "Sasuke-kun, what is wrong with you?"

He immediately went on the offence. "Nothing's wrong with me."

"Are you sure?" she replied sarcastically, "Because you sort of just barged into my office with your new house plans and stared at me like I was supposed to say something significant."

The tips of his ears burned red. "I just…"

"You just?"

He scowled at her. "The contractor showed me these plans the other day. I wanted to show them to you."

Sakura fiddled with the pen in her hands uncomfortably. "Yes. Um, they're… very nice plans. Lots of bedrooms." She smiled at him. "Looks like you're going to have to hire a maid or something."

Sasuke nodded. "I don't think I'll be able to maintain the house on my own."

Against her better judgement, her eyes widened in surprise. Sasuke just admitted that he'd need help. What. Something was definitely going on, Sakura decided. She looked him up and down, trying to find any signs of sickness or depression or something that might be altering his overall Sasuke -ness.

"Right," she said eventually to cut the stifling silence. "Um." She looked back down at the blueprints, tracing the white lines with her finger. "That's a lot of bedrooms, Sasuke-kun…"

He moved around her desk to stand beside her, examining the blueprints at her side. He touched the page as well and his hand grazed hers. "I suppose I'll need to fill them up."

She leaned back and grinned up at him. "I'm sure Naruto would love to live with you."

He stared at her blankly and she figured she said the wrong thing.

She knew she said the wrong thing when he calmly rolled up the blueprints and exited her office, only to ignore her for a good three days.

A few months later, Sakura was standing among the freshly erected walls of the new Uchiha home. While the outside made the building look complete, the inside was really just a number of pieces of wood making boundaries between rooms. The electricity and the plumbing were all taken care of, but the inner walls still needed insulation and dry wall still needed to be put up. The place was dusty, full of stacks of dry wall, and just a mess of grey and brown – save for the few colour swatches Sakura deigned to tape in particular rooms.

She looked at the two paint swatches Sasuke had handed her, trying to pretend she actually thought they were different colours… but they weren't. Really, they were two shades of blue that were probably one drop of white away from each other in hue.

Sakura shifted, uncomfortable under Sasuke's imploring stare.

For whatever reason, he'd really kept her close during the building process of his new house. While she initially suspected that this was because her superior strength came in handy when it came to lugging heavier materials around, she knew it was more than that. He'd been asking her about window panels and tiles for the kitchen and what colour certain rooms should be. It wasn't until he took her with him to the furniture store and had her help him pick a bedroom suite that she understood what he was trying to say.

He obviously just wanted a woman's touch lest his humble abode turn into some dingy bachelor pad.

"I like this one," Sakura said, holding up celeste velato as opposed to sky blue. "What's it for again?"

Sasuke took the sample from her and held it against the wall. "This bedroom."

They were in one of the four bedrooms, a smaller one at the corner of the second floor. Sakura smiled, enjoying the sight of her oh so neurotic boyfriend carefully trying to decide what colour to paint the room he wouldn't even be inhabiting. She giggled and wrapped her arms around him.

"So what are you going to do with this room, Sasuke-kun?"

His hands covered hers. He glanced over his shoulder and smirked at the messy mop of pink hair. "Not sure yet."

"Is this going to be your Naruto room?"

"I will never have a Naruto room."

Sakura gaped. "What, you'd make him sleep in the living room instead?"

"That's not even funny."

Sakura laughed when he pulled away from her. He took one of her hands and pulled her through the pieces of wood into the next bedroom. Noting its larger size and the accompanying en suite, she realized it was the master bedroom. "You know," she drawled, walking the length of the room, "this room is just a little bit smaller than my current apartment."

He snorted. "I know."

"Oi!" She came beside him and poked his shoulder. "It's not okay when you agree, Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke shrugged. "It's true. Your apartment is barely livable."

"Not true!" she said. "And besides, I only really need it for sleeping."

"Which you don't even use it for," he pointed out. For the bulk of their relationship, he'd come to realize Sakura either slept in her office or at his apartment. Apparently he had a "comfier bed." Sasuke swallowed thickly before mumbling, "You should just live with me."

She laughed. "What, so you won't have to hire a maid?"

"Well who would want a maid when they could just have a wife?"

From her place by the window, Sakura stiffened. She looked over at Sasuke and he shrugged at her expectant look. When she showed no signs of accepting his words, Sasuke rolled his eyes and approached her. He pointed to the green swatch she'd taped onto the frame of the room a few days after having decided that particular room would be a lovely shade of green.

"Do you honestly think I would want a green bedroom?" Sasuke asked bluntly. "Of course not, but it's your favourite colour." He then dragged her to the en suite, where a rather large tub had been brought up by him and Naruto some time ago. "And why the heck would I need this? I'm not the one who likes to waste time soaking in her own filth."

Sakura reddened, displeased by his special way of saying 'taking a bubble bath.' "EXCUSE YOU BUT—"

But he cut her off and tugged her along to the room she'd chosen celeste velato for. "This one is for our son."

"We don't have a son."

"We will."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Awfully confident aren't you, Uchiha?"

"I've got good aim."

"You're ridiculous," Sakura said, slapping his arm playfully. But she decided to go along with his tour. "And what of the other rooms?"

He brought her to the second room. "This is for our other son."

Sakura couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Why are they both boys?"

"Calm down," he said, tugging her along to the last room. "This one can go to our daughters."

"Daughters? More than one?"


She laughed. "Now you're just being crazy."

Sasuke shrugged. "It's fine. We can just have them close together instead."

"I'm not having four babies, you idiot—"

"This house is for you," Sasuke interrupted, smirking when her eyes widened. "I've included you in every decision because this house is for us. I want to marry you. I want to start a family with you." She showed no signs of recovering from her shock. "The office is for you and your ridiculous number of bricks that you like to refer to as books. And the kitchen even has that stupid pasta arm thing that you were so insistent on having on day in your future home and that I know you probably won't even use." He squeezed her hands. "I want us to have kids and grow old together in this house." He grew nervous when her earlier smiles vanished and she bowed her head. Did she think that he was just joking around about the bedrooms? "Sakura?" She sniffled and he panicked. "I—"

But she cut him off with a kiss. She pulled away to laugh and wipe at the unrelenting stream of tears dripping down her face.

"You're such a sap," she mumbled, swatting at his arm another time.

Sasuke smirked. "Don't get used to it. I'm just trying to lure you into my house."

"Oh?" Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck and his hands fell to her hips. She grinned. "Because you need a maid?"

He kissed her softly and murmured against her lips, "Because I want a wife."