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When little Fairies dance and sing,

Luna skipped down the street by her house. Her blue eyes were glowing in a way only hers could, and she was humming a song her mummy had taught her.

Make sure you don't step in their Fairy ring!

She twirled a little bit, making her new orange dress spin out behind her. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, the little girl bounced off the street, and danced across the grass toward a small creek .

Little Fairies like to play...

Sitting down on the bank, making sure not to be to loud, she chanted the words to herself.

" Little Fairy, Little Fey.

Tales of light and misty nights,

I shall twirl with all my might.

And we will dance all day to dawn!

But though I must leave..."

And Luna lowered her voice, so that is was only but a whisper...

" I wont be long. "

Leaning back after finishing her little rhyme, Luna sat very still. Smiling slightly to herself, she waited for her friends to come.

Before long, they were there, all around and already in motion. The little blue one with the shell in it's hair was prancing like she always did, and the one in all white was singing a tune only the birds could understand.

Laughing a little bit at finally being around her friends, Luna through herself in motion with them. Head back and laughing she spun round and round until she felt dizzy. Oh but she didn't fall! No, she just slowed down a bit and moved her hips in motion with the green and orange ones flute.

" Luna! Will you stay with us? " They asked her while they sang.

" I wish I could, but daddy and mommy will miss me. I'll have to go back. "

All the pretty little fairy faces drooped a little, and seeing this Luna said, " But I promised I'd come back didn't I? I'll dance with you tomorrow night! "

All the little fey gave great cheers, and there dancing became faster and faster, until Luna just had to sit down and take a little rest.

" I think its time for me to go, don't you worry though, I'll sing again tomorrows! " And with that Luna picked herself up, brushed the dirt from her new orange dress, danced up to the road, and skipped her way home.

She hummed to herself as she trotted back, blue eyes glittering in a way only hers could.

" And the Fairies will lend

helping hands to there friend,

Moonlight dancing with wings. "


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