Rhett's Final Thoughts

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the rights to GWTW, okay?

As Rhett uttered his last words to Scarlett, he picked up his belongings and left in the mist. He was fed up with Scarlett, fed up with being played by her, and fed up with love. With his coat slung over his shoulder and a suitcase in his other hand, Rhett walked to the nearest train station. There, he was going to take a train to Charleston and start his life over again.

He felt a surge of anger running through his body. Why did Scarlett do this, he wondered as he reached the train station. I wanted to love her and Bonnie too, but it seems that she wouldn't let me, he continued to ponder as he bought a ticket to Charleston.

After finishing a cigar, Rhett boarded the train bound for Charleston. He sat in his seat and slumped. He was not only angry at Scarlett, but hurt. She was not at all like Melanie. "Usually Melly's niceness rubs off on people," said Rhett to himself. "But I guess it won't work with Scarlett."

He stared out of the window of the train as it passed by homes, some were still burned to the ground by the war between the states (a.k.a the American Civil War). One of the attendants offered him a cup of wine.

"Thank you sir," said Rhett, giving the young man a generous tip. "I'm going to be needing it."

"Thank you sir, thank you!" cried the young attendant. "If you want, you can have the rest of the bottle of wine. There's not much left."

"Thank you, young man," said Rhett. He poured himself a glass of wine and drank it rather slowly. The next glass of wine he drank rather quickly. After the third glass of wine, Rhett suddenly stopped drinking.

"I can't be doing this," he said to himself, his speech starting to slur. "I'll destroy myself by the time I get to Charleston." He called the attendant back to take away the wine and glass.

He continued to stare out of the window, wondering what his life would be like without Scarlett.