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He did it again. Kagome thought sadly as he watched his quickly retreating figure until it was just a hazy silhouette on the horizon in the light of the sunset.

Inuyasha always ran off to see Kikyo as soon as he caught the scent of her death-ridden body within five miles of his current position, which, this time, happened to be when he and Kagome were walking back to a village that they were staying in for the night. He was even so bold as to gently hold her hand as they walked, the both of them enjoying the sounds of the evening. Then, without so much as a warning, he let go and took off into the distance. Kagome knew that he was after Kikyo; if it was anything else he would have told her what he was doing before he took off.

With a impatient stamp of her foot and sad sigh, Kagome turned on her heal and walked slowly back to the village, thinking about why Inuyasha always left her hanging like that. It was like he felt guilty about being with her because he still liked Kikyo, but then when he got back, he'd act like nothing happened and his usual pompous attitude will bring itself to the surface once more, sometimes even more rude than normal.

When Kagome arrived back into the hut, Sango looked at her saddened, yet slightly angry face sympathetically, knowing exactly what happened, and planned to have a talk with the hanyou about it later. But, for now, she beckoned Kagome to her and the two sat and chatted in the back of the room while the water for their ramen was boiling. Then, a young kitsune yawned and ambled slowly over to Kagome and curled up in her lap. "Stupid Inuyasha," he muttered, his eyes closed.

Kagome stared at him in question, wondering if he was even awake when he said it. Looking up at Sango curiously, she saw her mouth silently form the words, "Old habits."

Smiling slightly, Kagome began to gently stoke him, until a clap of thunder sounded and Shippo woke with a start. "It's okay, Shippo, it was... just... thunder..." She trailed off, seeing who was coming through the door to the rather large hut.

Inuyasha walked in, dripping rain everywhere, followed by a priestess that resembled Kagome. She handed Inuyasha his haori, which he had apparently given her to keep her out of the wet. "Hey, guys, Kikyo will be joining us from now on, she's helping us find the jewel shards now." Inuyasha said, giving everyone a look that dared anyone to object to that decision. His gaze lingered on Kagome, who gave him a reproachful look, but didn't say anything.

There was happy chattering in the room once food was passed around, but neither Kikyo, nor Kagome talked or ate very much, but for different reasons. Sango would look worriedly over at her friend, who was staring blankly at something every time, a sad glint in her eye.

Kagome was beginning to get irritated a few minutes later. She could feel Kikyo's cold gaze upon her and it was making her angry. "Kikyo," she said politely, but far from nicely, "If you have something to say to me, say it. Don't just look at me as if I'm some kind of insect."

That little statement stopped the staring, and then there was an awkward silence in which everyone was watching Inuyasha eat. It was quite amusing, actually, and almost everyone had a smile on their face, even Kagome. He stopped slurping and stared at them, his face as messy as a two-year-old's after eating spaghetti. Kikyo laughed--the dead, unenthusiastic laugh of someone trying to fit in when something really isn't that funny. "What?" he asked, "Why're you guys staring at me like that?! Man, that pisses me off!"

"You're one to talk!" Kagome snapped, "You're the one that has no manners!"

"Why are you so snippy with me?!"

Kagome didn't know how to answer, so she gave him a glare that plainly said, "None of you're business, you bastard."

Kagome and Inuyasha didn't look at each other for the rest of the night, and both looked absolutely livid. "They'll get over it," said Miroku to Sango, who was worried.

"But have you ever seen Kagome so upset before?"

The lecherous monk shook his head and looked distantly into the night, a sly smirk on his face, stroking the slayer's bottom. Blushing an angry shade of red, she growled and pounced on him, hitting his repeatedly with her Hiraikotsu. Kirara, the two-tailed demon cat and Sango's companion, watched and gave a small mew in amusement.

Kagome stared out the widow of their host's hut and sighed. She wouldn't get to sleep tonight, and she definitely would not speak to Inuyasha to pass time like she usually would. Instead, she looked at him briefly and saw that he was obviously thinking about something. His eyes were narrowed and a scowl was upon his face, apparently he was thinking hard about something.

Kagome scoffed silently. 'He's probably thinking about who to get rid of--Kikyo or me.' She thought bitterly, turning over and away from him.

She didn't see it, but after she turned away, he slowly looked at her and gave a silent sigh.

I know, so short, but I'm not good at writing long chapters. -'