A/N: I recently read a lot of manifestos about how certain pairings (i.e. NaruSaku and SasuSaku) are meant to be. However, as I googled Naruto Fandom online at about midnight last night, I realized that my favorite pairing, KakaSaku had no paper with written about it. Sure, people said they liked the risqué or hotness of it—but that's not going to convince hardcore Naruto fans. Hardcore Naruto fans want facts.

Therefore, I had an epiphany—I would show why I love (and believe) KakaSaku to be a great and possible pairing. So, I'm going write arguments for KakaSaku and reviewers can contribute with pro or con KakaSaku points. Heck, if you can put up a valid point for DeiSaku, I'll post it in a chapter and respond. Or, you can respond to another reviewers comment.

No, this isn't a forum—no more than those "Ask so and so fictions". Naruto is fiction—therefore writing about Naruto is fiction.

However, this is a debate—and the best argued pairing wins.

Let the blood bath begin.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto; if I did Kakshi Gaiden would already be in anime.

We all have are favorite pairings—either because we think they will end up together or they just fit. Either way, everyone is entitled to their opinion—and I have mine. I have to admit, at the beginning of my Naruto obsession, I was a hardcore NaruSaku pairing—but then I began to see SasuSaku as a more likely ending. However, I began to question if the beloved creator of our ninja show would go with something that seemed so obvious.

Really, how would authors—or artists—ever profit if the ending always was the way that seemed most likely. Creative people like to break the mold—they don't like to follow the crowd. SasuSaku and NaruSaku is the crowd.

Sure, you may argue that Masashi Kishimoto would go with popular pairings to maintain high audience rating and keep up production.

However, this isn't true—it's the polar opposite. Would hardcore Naruto fans—aka the ones who actually spend money on Naruto—stop watching it because a pairing came up that they didn't like? NO!

If a pairing like KakaSaku would appear…ratings would spike! People would be dying to see what happened.


People didn't want Sasuke to leave. But when he did, did the ratings plummet?

Did people stop reading the manga because they thought Gaara had died?

Do people not want to see the Naruto Shippuuden Movie because it appears as if Naruto will die?

No, it caused drama—and whether we like to admit it, we like drama.

This truth applies to a lot of arguments that the KakaSaku haters of the world use:

-Kakashi is fourteen years older!

-She's too young!

-He has no emotions!

-Their personalities would clash—it would be fighting!

-The only type of story with KakaSaku is smutty!

You get the picture. The point is, this will cause drama—but drama sells!

Furthermore, everyone likes smut—don't deny that you do. Whether we will admit to it or not, we all find ourselves reading it.

On the same note, Naruto is already a perverted show! Naruto's Sexy Jutsu? Yeah, real child-friendly. Teenagers and adults are the primary audience—and they like a little bit of naughty mixed into the awesome animation and action.

Also, Kakashi emotions. He's scarred because of his past—if you don't believe me read Kakashi Gaiden.

In reality, a KakaSaku relationship would be perfectly fitting. Sakura is a medic—she thrives on healing. Out of anybody in the show, Kakashi is hurting the most. No, it's not Sasuke—he's just bitter. Sasuke is like brittle, barren soil. Flowers—"sakuras"—don't thrive in that environment. Sasuke cares more about avenging than love. No, Naruto isn't hurting the most either—sure he was shunned, but that's nothing compared to what Kakashi went through.

Sasuke lost people and it wasn't his fault. He blames his brother. Naruto had no body, but he didn't feel loss. He may have been hurting—but he is getting fixed. The villagers are warming up to him—he has friends. He will heal.

Kakashi has guilt. He blames himself. He lost everybody. He was shamed by his father. He is Naruto and Sasuke's angst wrapped all up in one.

However, Kakashi has emotions. Why else would be stand in front of the memorial stone everyday if he didn't? He is fixable—unconditional love and support can fix him.

And Sakura is a passionate person.

No for the fun part:

Now that my rambling is over, I'm going to give you a straight list of arguments without my psycho-analysis.

Kakashi is like Sasuke. Rin is like Sakura. Kakashi and Rin were hinted to have a relationship. Wouldn't it make sense for KakaSaku, then?

Watch the first Naruto opening on youtube and pause at 00:55. Kakashi saves Sakura—he was focused on her. Hint. Was our dear japanese creator hinting at something?

Watch on youtube, KakaSaku PROOF; it's self-explanatory.

On the rooftop, Kakashi saves and comforts Sakura—he wouldn't have done that for Naruto or Sasuke (the comforting part). She's special to him.

At the chuunin exams, Kakashi appears in front of Sakura—he was watching her. Did he go after Sasuke or bother to check on the unconscious Naruto? No.


I've just received a review that exclaimed that I had broken the rules by not having "fiction". Though I did explain why it is fiction (she would have known this if she read the author's note). However, since it displeased her, I've decided that I'll remedy the situation. I'm not removing my posting. However, I'll add a fictional piece that goes hand in hand with the manifesto for each chapter.

If you think my manifesto is wrong and not fictional—just think of it as a really long authors note.

So, I'll start my first one-shot. However, I should have been clearer. If you wish to flame or report me, do it with tact. Then I won't care. And don't accuse me of not reading the rules—I always read rules. I'm anal about that.

End rant part 2.


Sakura lay on her soft pink bed, her viridian eyes boring holes into her white ceiling. Clutching the picture frame tighter in her hand, she looked at the object of her anger.

He always was like that—cold and insensitive. She loved him—really loved him. And he left her crying on a bench. And the worst part—because of him—Naruto left to get stronger. Sasuke not only took her heart, he took her best friend.

Closing her eyes and urging herself to relax, a thirteen year-old Haruno Sakura, left her thoughts drift to more pleasant memories.

Now that Naruto and Sasuke were gone, only she and Kakashi were left. They would train together—or rather she would help him do his pushups as he asked questions about her training with the hokage.

Clutching the picture frame tighter to her chest, she remembers telling Kakashi-sensei about being harassed everyday on her walk home by civilian ruffians.

She could have dealt with them, of course, had she not been completely exhausted from her training.

She remembers Kakashi stop his exercise. She remembers getting off his back and him telling her that he would walk her home from now on.

Opening her eyes, Sakura realized it was time to get up. She had to finish getting ready for training. After that, she had her shift at the hospital.

Heading out the door, bagel in hand, Sakura smiles slightly when she sees Kakashi strolling lazily toward her. Apparently, the idea of her being alone in the early morning and late evening bothered the normally stoic man.

Stopping so they could walk side by side, Sakura realized that even though she lost her best friend and the boy she loved, she still had Kakashi. And who said your savior can't be your caring—albeit perverted—sensei and friend.


Those are just the tip of the ice berg! Have any opinions? Send a review!

Note: To the readers of my story CTL, I will update tomorrow—I just couldn't let myself pass up the opportunity to spread the reality of KakaSaku to the world!

Thanks to everyone who read this—I look forward to your comments. Flames are welcome. Tell me I suck (but at least tell me why).