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I'm going to give their ideas and my commentary.

Chapter 2: Further Proof

Last chapter I only hit the tip of the iceberg. The reviews and further proof that I completely forgot is testimony in itself.

The point of my ramble? The KakaSaku pairing is possible--the evidence is inumerable!


Just like Roguey-beaR pointed out, even in the movies Kakashi and Sakura are together.

In the third movie, Sakura checks on Kakashi first--when he opens his eye, he sees her. Even in his weakened state, a simple comment from her brings a smile to his face (or at least a crinkle to his eye...).

Also, in the third movie, when the caravan was attacked Kakashi rushed over to check on Sakura and back her up even though she coluld handle herself--after all, she had begun her training with Tsunade.

Over-protection is a sign of worry, which is a sign of care. Yes, some may argue, that she is Kakashi's student--of course he would care.

True. But so is Naruto. And Kakashi didn't even look his direction.

If you don't believe me, youtube has the third movie--watch it and see for yourself.

Furthermore, penginyasha points out another hint that was given in the manga: "there is a point where Kashi-kun is telling Sakura to not take the soldier pills, she takes them, and runs off. He stares at her (and her behind) as she runs off. Then Temari thinks to herself, 'Some people would consider that sexual harrasment'."

This statement is self-explanatory. Sure the line is humorous, but our beloved anime-ist has a reason behind everything that is said and thought.

He was forshadowing...

That one statement backs up the previous proof that Kakashi sees Sakura in a new light (see KakaSaku PROOF on youtube).

--If you want to read Naruto Manga without downloading or signing up for anything, go to

Naruto Manga Returns. (Just google it.)

Mokana-chan also had some great insight that supports my previous claim that Kakashi sees Sakura in a new light.

Kakashi thinks that Sakura will surpass Tsunade.

He used to see Sakura as foolish--always thinking about Sasuke--but now he sees how powerful she can become. And for a guy like Kakashi, the idea of a challange probably turns him on. Besides, what's better than a beautiful, strong Kunoichi with a wonderful heart who has gone through the loss of teammates just like he?

Mokana-chan also brings up another great point: Women like mature men.

Sakura is very mature for her age--and, as seen with Naruto, she doesn't handle inmaturity very well.

And, no, Sasuke isn't mature--at least, not emotionally. And that's what Sakura needs the most. Sasuke's a timebomb waiting to go off.

But Kakashi is mature--he is emotionally strong and sensitive at the same time. He understands loss, but he copes.

Naruto and Sasuke have problems with that.

Need more proof?

Fudgemuffins brought up more facts to solidify my point about the creator of Naruto and how it seems quite likely that the KakaSaku route would be a likely one to take:

Anyway, back on the topic, I think that in most anime/manga you find that there's always two characters who are ages apart or teacher and student, it's not uncommon. In some ways it's probably the most common form of romantisism because it stems from admiration and who the hell wouldn't admire the copy ninja. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they ended up together or had some form of an intimate relationship (SMUT ROX!) because throughout the series Masashi Kishimoto has toed the line between new ideas and perversity. I may be just imagining it but that Zabuza and Haku instance was a bit odd and some prudes kept calling it pedophilia but damn it, it worked!

True. Very, very true. The whole Haku thing wa extremely odd--but he did it didn't he? Alot of people probably complained but he ignored it and did what he thought was best--and it worked. He can make any pairing work, but based on precedence he likes the less common--and more interesting--ones.

Before I end this rambling piece of work, I have to add the two-cents of my wonderful friend, moodiful819.

Moodi-chan makes a great point. Kakashi has the patience of a saint.

Sakura, as everyone well knows, has a short and nasty temper. Only with Kakashi--a man who can wait around for hours and take being yelled at with out getting upset...or worse, lashing back--could a relationship work.

I'd one again like to thank everyone who reviewed--it really means alot to me.

My next one-shot, based of the theme of 'patience':


#2 Saint

Kakashi vaguely watched the young kunoichi as she continued her rant.




Huffing, Sakura glared at him--hands on hips--as she stomped her foot childishly.

"Do you have to read that stupid book--is it really more important than me?"

Looking at his wife-to-be, Kakashi's eyes--yes, eyes--softened.

Opening up his arms in a beckoning gesture, the viridian eyed woman rushed into his embrace as the tears spilled.

He knew it would come to this. On these days, she would come home angry and then yell for a good half hour about nothing, just to let of steam.

Then, the question, "Don't you love me?".

Immediantly following, the tears of guilt would come, and she would spend the rest of the night assuring her love for him.

Rubbing soothing circles on her back, he briefly wondered if "that time of the month" was to test his patience or prove it.

Luckily for Sakura, he had the patience of a saint--otherwise, how would they ever survive marriage, let alone a family!

One emotionally unstable person was enough in a household.

Idlely, Kakashi wondered if they would have children. And if so, Kakashi wondered how he would handle it if he was blessed--or was it cursed?--with a daughter.

It was then, Kakashi decided, that the apartment would need insurance. At least then, their home would be covered from the inevitable damage.