A/N: What in the hell am I on? This is just some chotic idea put in the form of script. Heh heh, I'm so whacked. This is what happens after 5 hours of sleep, watching a yardsale for 3 hours, and a lot of caffine. You have been warned... BTW, this came out of bordom on waiting for my internet to connect. Please r/r
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Why Me?????

Steph: Every custormer welcome......ohhh damn that Jericho!!! Damnit Booker, why didn't you screw him up??

Booker: Screw who up?

Steph: *slaps Booker T* Jericho, dumbass!!!!

Booker: Oh that guy, cause he got me in the walls of Jericho and that hurts like hell!!!

Steph: ... Why in the hell does he put up with you??? How did you even make the damn best 5?? No, wait, don't answer that. I don't wanna know....

*Shane walks in*

Shane: Is she abusing you?

Booker: *whimpers* Yes, and she slapped me.

Shane: Now Steph, you know that Booker isn't really 'macho', but he puts on a damn good show for the idiots.

Steph: Shane, why in the hell do you stick up for him???

Shane: Cause' he's Booker T and no one can stop him!!!!

Steph: Well, your little Booker T got stopped by me....For gods sakes he's quivering behind you!!!!!

Booker: Can you be my daddy?

Steph: Alright, that's it....RHYNO!!!!!!!

*Rhyno appears out of no where*

Rhyno: Yes Stephanie??

Steph: Gore Booker T, he's annoying me!!!!!!

Booker: Heh, that rhymed....

*Booker is gored by Rhyno*

Rhyno: Disrespect not the boss.

*Suddenly, the authoress appears out of nowhere*

Mystic: Hiya!!! *Waves like crazy*

Shane/Steph/Rhyno/Barely concious Booker: Who the hell are you?!

Mystic: You dummys, I'm the authoress of course.

Shane: Ok, why'd you do it?

Mystic: *plays innocent* Do what?

Shane: *Puts hand on forehead* Don't play dumb....why'd you make Booker a wussy?

Mystic: Wuss isn't the word I would use. Maybe something along the lines of...well, it ryhmes with wussy and starts with a p.... But, for the sake of little kids, I'm not saying it.

Steph: Well, what do ya know. An authoress with a since of humor.....

Mystic: Steph, if you know whats good for you, would you....nevermind...

Steph: What?

Mystic: Well, I'll just let my buddy say it.....

Voice outta nowhere: PLEASE, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!

Steph: What the.... Jericho?!

Chris: Heh heh, just remember.....Every Custormer Welcome.

*Chris disappears leaving a pissed Steph*

Mystic: I warned ya, you know. Now, each of you may say one more line cause' this is getting to damn long and caffine buzzs only last a while.

Booker: *Acting like Perry Saturn* Puppies eat sponges to keep the ozone layer clean, your welcome!!!!!

Shane: *sweatdrop* Ehhh........ ok, umm...nevermind.

Steph: I hope that damn caffine buzz makes you have a headache....

Rhyno: Steph, it has been a pleasure goreing people for you.

Mystic: *Evil Smirk appears on face* Ok, Kane, Taker, you know what to do.

*Kane and Taker appear out of nowhere and begin to chokeslam all 4 of the idiots*

Mystic: Well, I better end this before it gets to out of control....*fireball flies by head* Oh crap...too late....WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!!!!!!!

*Mystic disappears leaving Kane and Taker to continue there 'fun'.*

Kane: Just end this damn thing already, Bokker is annoying the hell out of me....

Booker: Sponges make the world go round', your welcome!!!!


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